Sun 28 May 2017 عربي | فارسى
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The Holy Month of Ramadan
The Month of Glory, Forbearance, Patience and Brotherhood

The Glorious and Holy Month of Ramadan has commenced. In this Month of Glory, Forbearance, Patience and Brotherhood we ask Allah the Almighty and Exalted to make us successful in fasting this holy month, rising during its days and nights, getting close to Him and humbly praying to Him, reciting the Holy Qur'an with pondering, and making use of its true guidance, clear signs, and criterion.
The Holy Prophet of Islam (S.A.W.) has said:
"O people the gates of paradise remain open in the month of Ramadan. Do pray that the gates may not be closed on you. While the gates of hell are closed, do pray to Allah that these gates may never be opened."
We wish all the success to the 1800 millions strong Muslim Ummah for attaining the Human Perfection, Spiritual Bliss and Happiness in this Holy Month.

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