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Central Organization of Astan Quds Razavi

The administrative organization of Astan Quds Razavi is considered as the oldest organization in Iran and since the martyrdom of Imam Reza (A.S.) 1200 years ago till now it has always possessed an organization. The administrative records Of Astan Quds Razavi reveals that this holy organization with the help of endowments and pious dedications and its first movable endowment which dates back to 385 A.H., consists of a copy of the Holy Qur'an dedicated to the holy shrine has organized its affairs and was always headed by custodians and superintendents and an executive body.
Since the Safavid era the custodianship of Astan Quds Razavi was held by the ruling monarch or the court nobles and most of the breach of its endowments took place during the Qajar and Pahlavi periods. After the victory of the Islamic revolution and the appointment of Ayatollah Waiz Tabasi as the chief custodian of Astan Quds Razavi, endowments are administered according to the Islamic canonical regulations. All the endowment deeds of Astan Quds Razavi have undergone complete reassessment and classified into twenty-five groups in order to implement the will of the bequeather as stated in the endowment deeds.
With the reorganization of the affairs and the proper utilization of the incomes from the endowments and pious dedications large scale investments has been made in the services, cultural, economic and industrial sectors. A great number of experts and associates have been recruited in the holy organization of Imam Reza (A.S.). At present more than 18000 personnel are working in the central organization and more than seventy institutions, organizations and foundations are affiliated to the Astan Quds Razavi. They with the help of scientific know how and proper utilization of modern systems are assisting this great organization to reach its pre-determined goals.
Astan Quds Razavi functions in accordance with the general policies of the government but is completely autonomous in its administrative set up and budget. The employees of Astan Quds Razavi are paid according to the government pay scale and avail other benefits and stipends according to the labour laws promulgated by the government of Iran.

Support and Planning Affairs Assistance Office
According to the classified duties for obtaining the holy goals of Astan Quds Razavi the below mentioned duties have been fixed for the support and planning affairs assistance office.
To carry out all the affairs regarding all the receipts and payments made by the central office of Astan Quds Razavi.
Codification: Formulating all the ratifications regarding the annual budget and communicating them to the concerned units and rendering necessary guidelines to them to act within the framework and maintain the ratified budgetery ceiling .
Vigilance in verifying the expenses in all the institutions affiliated to the central office of Astan Quds Razavi based on the financal rules and regulations and guiding all the financial affairs in this direction.
Obtaining all the claims and dues of Astan Quds Razavi.
Controlling all the affairs of the work force and vigilance in securing and safeguarding the organizational chart of all the sections.
Securing and acquiring all the necessary material and equipments for all the units under the supervision of the central office in the shortest possible period by keeping in view their professions and the interest of the endowments.
Supervising the warehouses, safeguarding the properties, office furniture and goods belonging to Astan Quds Razavi and securing the required reserves of the necessary goods needed by various units from the profits gained by them.
Supervisimg the affairs regarding the transport vehicles for providing better services in the transport of passengers and goods.
Evaluating the proposals and plans under implementation by Astan Quds Razavi and forwarding reformative proposals and supervising the affairs related to it according to the regulations and the related ratifications.
Carrying out the official works with the help of mechanical servicing systems and expanding the necessary and coordinated computer facilities.
Efforts in the collection and classification of informations and statistics from all the actual and potential activities and facilities of Astan Quds Razavi.
Evaluation and analyzing the collected information and utilizing it in the study and modification of the proposed plans.
Indepth and extensive studies in all the assigned affairs and utilizing the obtained results in formulating the present plans and proposals.
To create suitable conditions for formulating short range , medium range and long range schemes for the plans under going feasibility studies.
Engineer Sharbat Dar is the Under-Secretary of the Support and Planning Affairs Assistance Offce.

Technical and Endowments Development Assistance Office
This assistance office has two affiliated departments,a)the Buildings Department b)the Installations Department. These departments carry out classified duties to fruitify the holy goals of Astan Quds Razavi which are as follovs:
Planning, implementation and supervision of the construction and installation works according to the ratified directives and the approved annual budget.
Assisting some of the executive works of the institutions and companies affiliated to Astan Quds Razavi according to the directives of the executives in the planning, implementation and supervision.
Safeguarding and supervising the properties and buildings of Astan Quds Razavi and bringing about the necessary changes and innovations in appropriate periods.
Providing the necessary needs for the installations like water,electricity, cooling and heating in the buildings owned by the Astan Quds Razavi.
Engineer Ataee is the present Undersecretary for the Technical and Endownent Development Assistance Office.

The Properties and Estates Assistance Office
The Properties and Estates Assistance Office is one of the four assistance offices of Astan Quds Razavi which carry out the below mentioned classified responsibilities to implement the predetermined goals of Astan Quds Razavi.
Supervising all the the affairs related to urban estates and properties like protecting and safeguarding the estates. Ascertaining those estates which can be transferred according to the framework of the regulations and to obtain the endowment rights inherent in the estates located in the urban limits.
Identification and prosecution of the defaulters and the encroachment of endowment rights in various forms like forcible possession and occupation, non-payment of the due rents and other financial obligations.
To verify the duties regarding the documents annuling the construction and the cancellation of the deeds in selling the water units and endowment estates as per the ratification of the Parliament of the Islamic Republic of Iran(Majlis-i Shura-i Islami).
Dealing the necessary urban affairs of Astan Quds Razavi.
Providing different services to the tenants of estates and urban properties like the renewal of the tenancy, separation of the transfers, rectification of the documents and its transfer according to the new rules and regulations.
Safeguarding the limits and boundries of endowed properties and establishing the endowments of all the bequested properties like farms, orchards, pastures, water channels plants, canals, springs etc
Revivification of the endowed estates and to obtain suitable income in order to fulfil the vow of the bequeathers.
At present Engineer Mahdi Nejad is officiating as the Under-Secretary of the Properties and Estates Assistance Office of the Astan Quds Razavi.

The Sacred Places and Protocols Assistance Office
The sacred places and protocols assistance office is one of the assistance offices of Astan Quds Razavi established to attain the holy goals of Astan Quds Razavi and the duties assisgned to it are as follows:
Implementation of the ceremonial services in the sacred places.
Security of the its sacred places and maintaining hygiene and cleanliness.
Continuous examination of the sacred places and sites and discovering any faults and defects in the building and executing necessary repairs and renovation to rectify any defects.
Providing necessary aid to the Iranian and non–Iranian pilgrims so as to relieve their difficulties according to the policies of the Astan Quds Razavi.
Maintaining the necessary security in the holy shrine and sacred places.
Providing required services and guidance to the pilgrims.
Establishing necessary order and arrangement in the holy shrine and sacred places.
Accomplishing necessary arrangements and preparations for the performance of the Ghobar Rubi (Dust Sweeping) and other religious ceremonies and providing special protocols for the dignitaries and guests of Astan Quds Razavi according to the determined programmes and guidelines.
Catering for the food preparation in the inn and serving the pilgrims and guests of the Astan Quds Razavi.
Providing the illumination of the holy places and repairing chandeliers and candelabrums present in the holy places.
Repairing the clocks and the telephones of the sacred places.
Examining the cooling, heating and water supply in the sacred places and cooperation with the concerned departments to rectify any possible faults.
Mr Alavi is at present the Under Secretary of the Sacred Places and Protocols Assistance Office.

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