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Daily News Portals

1)http://www.muslimnews.co.uk News and Views of Muslims.
2)http://www.cair-net.org Daily News by the" Council on American Islamic Relations".
3)http://www.irna.com "Islamic Republic News Agency".
4)http://www.irib.com "Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting".
5) http://www.islam-online.net/english/index.shtml"Islam Online Net."
6) http://www.musalman.com "Musalman",The Islamic Portal.
7) http://www.islamicnews.org "International Islamic News Agency."
8) http://www.informationtimes.com "Information Times", America's DailyInternet Newspaper.
9) http://www.ianaradionet.com "IANA Radio Net".
10) http://www.muslims.org/webnews/webnews.html "Islamic Information & News Network".
11) http://www.palestinechronicle.com "Palestine Chronicle".
12) http://www.islamicvoice.com "Islamic Voice Monthly".
13) http://www.milligazette.com "The Milli Gazette", English Muslim Daily from India.
14) http://www.muslimedia.com "Muslim Media International", Toronto, Canada.
15) http://www.muslimobserver.com "The Muslim Observer."
16) http://www.mediareviewnet.com "Media Review Network.
17) http://www.icna.org "Islamic Circle of North America" (ICNA) News Chronicle.
18) http://www.almanar.com.lb "Almanar Television, Beirut, Lebanon.
19) http://www.shiaradio.com "Live Broadcasting Shia Channel".
20) http://www.jmcc.org/media/reportonline/report.html Palestine News Digest
21) http://www.radioislam.com/NewsSources/NewsDefault.asp
Islamic Information
22) http://www.islamicity.com/ The Global Muslim E Community
23) http://www.ibn.net/ Islamic Broadcasting Network
24) http://www.abbc.com/islam/ Radio Islam
25) http://www.alnour.net/english/news/newsindex_eng.htm Nour Radio
26) http://www.radioummah.com/ Radio Ummah
27) http://www.victorynews.net/ Victory News
28) http://irinn.irib.com Islamic Republic of Iran News Network(IRINN)
29) http://www.qods-newsagency.org/ Qods News Agency
30) http://www.mehrnews.com Mehr News Agency
31) http://www.sahartv.com/ Multi-Lingual Online Sahar TV from Iran
32) http://www.alalamnews.com/ Arabic Online News in Arabic from Iran
33) http://www.iribworld.com/ Multi-Lingual Radio Programmes From Iran
34) http://www.arktv.com/index.php Ark Television

Leading English Newspapers
1) http://www.dawn.com "Dawn", Pakistan's Leading English Newspaper.
2) http://www.pakobserver.com "Pakistan Observer", Daily News from Pakistan in English.
3) http://www.paktoday.com "Pakistan Today" Daily News from Pakistan in English.
4) http://www.jang.com.pk/thenews "The News", Daily News from Pakistan in nglish.
5) http://www.kashmirobserver.com "Kashmir Observer Online". Daily News from Srinagar, Kashmir.
6) http://www.paknews.com "Pakistan News Service', Daily News from Pakistan in English.
7) http://www.independent-bangladesh.com "The Independent Internet Edition", Daily News from Bangladesh.
8) http://www.jordantimes.com "Jordan Times" English Daily published in Amman, Jordan.

Leading Urdu Newspapers
1) http://www.siasat.com "Siasat Daily". The leading Urdu Newspaper from Hyderabad, India.
2) http://www.munsifdaily.com "Munsif Daily". The Leading Urdu Newspaper from Hyderabad, India.
3) http://www.dailyausaf.com "Daily Ausaf". The Urdu Newspaper from Islamabad, Pakistan.
4) http://www.jang-group.com/jang "Daily Jang", The Famous Urdu Newspaper from Pakistan.
5) http://www.jasarat.com "Daily Jasarat". The Leading Urdu Newspaper from Pakistan.
6) http://www.mashriq.com.pk "Daily Mahriq". The Urdu Newspaper from Peshawar, Pakistan.
7) http://www.nawaiwaqt.com.pk "Nawai Waqt",The Urdu Newspaper from Pakistan.
8) http://www.urdutimesdaily.com "The Urdu Times Daily", The Urdu Newspaper from Mumbai, India.
9) http://www.alephinc.net/urooj/welcome.asp "The Daily Urooj", The Urdu Newspaper from Pakistan.
10) http://akhbar.urdupoint.com "Urdu Point Network", News in Urdu and English from Pakistan.
11) http://www.inquilab.com "Daily Inquilab", The Leading Urdu Newspaper from Mumbai, India.
12) http://www.daily-pakistan.com "The Daily Pakistan". The Urdu Newspaper from Lahore, Pakistan.
13) "Millat On Line". Daily News from Pakistan in English and Urdu.
14) http://www.dailyaftab.com "Daily Aftab". Leading Urdu Newspaper from Srinagar, Kashmir.
15) www.nawa-e-islam.com "The Shia Urdu Newspaper Site"Leading Persian Newspapers
1) http://www.jomhourieslami.com "Jumhuri Islami"Iran's Leading Persian Newspaper
2) http://www.abrar.ws/abrar/index.asp "Abrar"The Morning Daily published from Tehran.
3) http://www.kayhannews.com "Kayhan"The famous Persian newspaper in Iran.
4) "Khorasan"The Persian newspaper publishes from Mashhad and Tehran.
5) http://www.qudsdaily.com/index_20020318.htm "Quds"The Newspaper published by the holy shrine of Imam Reza(A.S.) in Mashhad and Tehran.
6) http://www.resalat-news.com "Resalat"The leading Persian newspaper from Tehran.
7) http://www.hamshahri.net "Hamshahri"One of the largest circulating newspaper from Tehran.
8) http://www.iran-newspaper.com/index.htm "Iran"The Persian daily
newspaper published by Islamic Republic News Agency
9) http://www.jamejamdaily.net "Jame Jam"The Persian daily newspaper published by the Iranian Broadcasting Corporation.
10) "Ettelaat"The leading Persian daily in Iran.
11 ) http://www.entekhab-daily.com/ Entekhab Daily Newspaper Published From Tehran
12 ) http://www.ipna.ir Iran Sports News Agency

Kayhan International, English Daily, Tehran, Iran

Shia News

Wilayah News Network

Shia News Site in Urdu

Roshni TV, Karachi, Pakistan

Radio Fatima

Al-Kawthar TV

Bridges TV

Azadar News

The Voice

Muslim Community Radio, London

Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting News

Islam Channel


Shia TV

Press TV

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