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Wisdom and teachings revealed by the Almighty Allah to Hazrat Musa (A.S.)

Hayat Al-Qulub Vol. 1,
By: Allamah Muhammad Baqir Al-Majlisi

It is recorded in reliable sources from Imam ‘Ali al-Naqi that when Musa prayed to Allah, “My Lord! What is the reward of one who testifies that I am Your messenger and that you have conversed with me?” The Almighty replied, “O Musa! My angels approach him at the time of his death and give him good tidings of Paradise.” Musa inquired, “What is the reward of one who stands before You and prays?” He replied, “I feel proud of him along with my angels when that person is in the state of Ruku (bowing) or Sajdah (prostration) or he is standing or is sitting. I take pride in him and also my angels and I do not chastise him.” Musa asked, “What is the reward of one who feeds the poor only to please you?” Allah replied, “O Musa! I will order the announcer to proclaim loudly (so that the entire creation may hear) on the Day of Judgment that so and so man, the son of so and so has been freed from the fire of Hell.” Musa inquired, “My Lord! What is the reward of one who behaves nicely with his relatives?” Allah replied, “O Musa! I prolong his life and make the hour of his death easy for him and on the Day of the Resurrection Day the gatekeepers of Paradise will say to him, “Come towards us and enter from whichever gate you please.”
Musa asked, “My Lord! What is the reward of one who never hurts anyone but does good to all?” He replied, “On the Day of the Resurrection Day, Hell will say to him: Your path is not towards me.” Musa inquired, “What is the reward of one who remembers you both by his heart and his tongue?” Allah replied, “On the Resurrection Day I will keep him under the shade of My throne (the Holy Throne) and will protect him.” Musa asked, “My Lord! What is the reward of one who recites your book both openly and secretly?” He said, “O Musa! He will cross the most difficult bridge with lightning speed.” Musa asked, “My Lord! What is the reward of one who keeps patience just for Your pleasure when people hurt and abuse him?” Almighty Allah replied, “I will protect him from the terror of the Day of Judgment.” Musa inquired, “My Lord! What is the reward of one who weeps due to Your fear?” Allah Almighty replied, “O Musa! I will protect his face from the heat of hell fire and will also save him from the terror of the Day of Judgment.”
Musa asked, “My Lord! What is the reward of one who gives up a dishonest deal being ashamed of you?” Allah replied, “O Musa! I will give him security on the Day of the Resurrection Day.” Musa asked, “My Lord! What is the requital of one who kills a Mu’min intentionally?” Allah replied, “I will not be kind to him on the Day of the Resurrection Day and will not forgive any of his sins.”
Musa asked, “What is the reward of one who invites a disbeliever to Islam?” He responded, “I will permit him on the Day of Judgment to recommend the case of anyone of his choice.” Musa inquired, “My Lord! What is the reward of one who performs prayers in time?” He replied, “He will be granted whatever he asks and I will make My Paradise available to him.” Musa asked, “My Lord! What is the reward of one who performs ablution completely for fear of your chastisement?” Allah replied, “On the Resurrection Day I will raise him. There will be radiance between his eyes (on the forehead) that will light up the plains of gathering.”
Musa asked, “What will be the reward of one who fasts during the month of Ramadhan for your pleasure?” He replied, “I will station him on the Day of Judgment at such a place where he will feel no fear.” Musa asked, “What will be the recompense of the one who fasts during Ramadhan for showing it to others?” He responded, “His reward will be like that of the one who did not fast at all.”
It is mentioned in a reliable tradition from Imam al-Baqir that it is written in Torah: O Musa! I have created you for My Messengership and have strengthened you for My worship. I enjoined upon you My worship and prohibited you from sins (disobedience). If you obey me, I will assist you in my obedience but if you disobey me, I will not help you. O Musa! In obedience you will have My favor and in disobedience My Proof. O Musa! Fear Me regarding your hidden defects so that I may hide your shortcomings from public eyes and remember Me in solitude and in your desires and tastes so that I may remember you during your errors and may save you from slipping. Restrain your anger from those on whom I have given you control so that I may restrain My anger from you. Keep My secrets concealed in your heart and compromise with My enemies outwardly. Do not expose My disposition and secret to your enemy otherwise they will use unfair words for Me and you will be a partner in this evil of theirs.
Then Musa said, “Who will reside in the Holy Precinct?” He said, “Those men whose eyes did not look at stranger women, whose wealth did not get mixed up with usury and interest and who never took corrupt money while dealing with Divine commandments.”
It is recorded in reliable sources from Imam as-Sadiq that Almighty Allah said to Musa, “O Son of ‘Imran! Who claims to be my friend and yet remains asleep at nights is telling a lie. Is it not a fact that every friend wants to meet his friend in solitude? O son of ‘Imran! I am well aware of My friends when night encircles them. I turn their eyes away from others and attract them towards Me and I make my chastisement apparent before them. They address me like those who talk face to face. O Son of ‘Imran! Give the leniency of your heart and meekness of your body and the tears of your eyes to Me in the darkness of night and pray to Me and you will find that I answer you.”
It is narrated from Imam as-Sadiq that when Musa went to the mountain of Toor and spoke with his Lord, he said, “O My Nourisher! Show me Your treasures. The Lord replied, “O Musa! My treasures are that whenever I intend something I merely say ‘Be’ and it becomes. I need no treasures. Whatever I wish, I bring into existence from non-existence.”
In a reliable hadith it is recorded that Imam al-Baqir said, “When Musa prayed, “My Lord! Give me admonition.” The Almighty said, “I admonish you that you should (for your benefit) recognize My right and not disobey Me.” Musa made this request thrice and got the same response thrice. When Musa repeated it for the fourth time the Lord said, “I admonish you to take care of your mother’s right.” He got the same reply to his next request. When he repeated it the sixth time, the divine reply was, “I admonish you to recognize your father’s right.” Imam then said, “That is why it is said that two-third of beneficence is for mothers and one-third for fathers.”
It is recorded in reliable sources that one of the sayings of Almighty Allah to Musa is, “O Musa! Do not have high ambitions in the world otherwise your heart will become hard and a hard heart remains away from Me. O Musa! Be, as I want. I want that my servants should obey Me and that they must not disobey Me. Make your heart dead (empty) of worldly desires due to My fear. Be pleased with old clothes so that you may remain unknown in the world and well known with beneficence among the residents of heaven. Lighten the dark nights with the radiance of worship and recite prayer chanting like that of the patients with meekness before Me. Submit penitence for your sins and all your complaints before Me like a man who has after fleeing from his enemy takes shelter from the Omnipotent and Almighty Allah.
Also, seek My help in worship as I am the best helper. O Musa! I am the Lord who has full control over His slaves. All of my servants are within My might and all are subservient to me. So keep your heart indicted and do not be cheated by it. Let your children become fearless in the matter of religion when your son like you loves the righteous.
O Musa! Wash your clothes and bathe yourself and be in the company of My decent slaves. O Musa! Lead them in their prayers and adjudicate whenever they have any dispute and pass orders in the light of apparent evidence, clear argument and with the light of wisdom that I have bestowed on you. That light shows what has passed and what is to happen in the last age. O Musa! I give you an advice, which is like the advice of a kind friend about a great and noble son that is ‘Isa son of Maryam who will ride a donkey, wear a cap like slaves and possess olive oil, olive and altar. Thereafter I admonish you about the possessor of a red camel. He will have a holy, pious and virtuous nature and will be free of all evils. His virtues mentioned in your Book are that he will believe in all divine books and that he is the one who will give witness and will be bowing and prostrating (before Only One Allah). He will be inclining towards the divine reward and fearing divine chastisement. The poor and needy will be his brothers (in faith). People belonging to other (than his) tribes will be his helpers and companions. His time will face scarcities, hardships, troubles, corruption and dearth of money. His name is Ahmad, Muhammad and Ameen and he will be the epitome of all the past Prophets. He will believe in all the divine scriptures and will testify to all the Messengers of Allah. He will give witness with sincerity to all those messengers and his Ummah is the Ummah on which Allah has showered His mercy and bliss so that it may remain steadfast on the true religion and may not destroy his religion. They (followers of the last Prophet) know some such timings (hours) in which they will perform their prayers (prayers) like a slave who spends most of his time in serving his master. So testify to that Prophet and follow his ways because he is your brother. O Musa! He is Ummi. That is, he will not learn from anybody. He is a My virtuous slave. I will give affluence in whatever he does and I will also increase his knowledge as I myself have created him with bliss.
The Resurrection Day will take place in his time (of Prophethood). I will conclude the world with his followers. So command the oppressors of The Israelites that they should not erase his name from My Books, though I know that they will remove it. His love (love for Me) is a very big virtue (good) in My sight. I am with him and I am among his helpers. He belongs to My army and My army is above all armies. In short, My word and My plan have been perfected that surely I will make his religion win over all other religions so that people may be able to worship Me with integrity. I will descend on him such a Qur’an which will be a compendium of all sciences and which will separate wrong and untruth from truth and which will cure hearts from the mischief of the devil. So, O son of ‘Imran! Send Salawaat on him because I and My angels send Salawaat on him.
O Musa! You are My slave. I am your Lord. Do not consider any poor and troubled person lowly. Do not long for some of those things, which I have given to them from the worldly wealth. Adopt humility while remembering Me. Be hopeful of My mercy while reciting Torah and read out the Torah to me in a voice full of fear and worry. Keep your heart peaceful with My remembrance. I also remember the one whose heart inclines towards Me. Worship Me alone. Do not attribute any partner to Me and continue your efforts for pleasing Me. Verily I am your great Lord. I have created you from insignificant dirty water (semen) and built your foundation from the dust that was taken from various parts of the lowly earth. Then I blew spirit in it and made it a man. Thus I am the creator of the creation and Myself is affluent and My heart is holy and nothing is similar to Me and I am existent forever because non-existence has nothing to do with Me.
O Musa! Be fearful and frightened whenever you pray to Me and put your face on earth before Me and prostrate before Me with the best of your limbs. Adopt humility and meekness when you stand before Me and tell Me your secrets with a fearful heart whenever you submit your supplication to me and keep yourself alive by living with Torah. Teach My praise to the ignorant and remind them of My favors and tell them not to remain in so much disobedience and waywardness because when I will arrest, My arrest will be the severest of all and My chastisement is very painful.
O Musa! If your relation with Me will break off no other relation will be of any avail to you. So worship Me and stand like a lowly servant before Me and condemn your soul because it deserves more condemnation and do not become proud in front of The Israelites because of the Book which I have given you as the same Book is sufficient to admonish you and to enlighten your heart as it is the Word of the Lord of the Worlds.
O Musa! When you pray before Me be hopeful of My mercy. I will pardon you even if you have sinned. The heaven is hallowing me for my fear and the angels continue to tremble because of My terror. The earth goes on praising Me looking to My mercy. The entire creation glorifies Me and is meek before Me. The prayer must seem pleasant to you because it is great in My sight and it has a big covenant with Me because it presents before Me everyone as he should be presented and I forgive. Keep a deed always connected with prayers, which is one of the conditions for its acceptance and its sacrifice, and offer in My path the best of wealth and food because I do not accept anything unless it is legal and clean and is offered with the intention only of pleasing Me. In addition to giving them Zakat also, behave nicely to your relatives because I am Allah, the Beneficent and the Merciful and I have created relationships and have measured it with My mercy so that My slaves may behave mercifully with one another due to that. I will give a kingdom in the Hereafter to the one who maintains kind relations and I disconnect My mercy with the one who will cut off kindness I will deal kindly with the one who will have dealt kindly with others and who will have done good to his relatives and similarly I will do accordingly with the one who will have disobeyed my command.
O Musa! Give respect to the one who asks from you something and give him something when he approaches you, or give him a soft reply because no one comes to you from men or jinn but are angels who test you as desired by the Beneficent Lord. They ascertain as to how you spend from what I have given to you and how you thank Me and how you maintain equity between the faithful. Remain meek before Me with humility and weeping and raise your voice while reciting Torah and while weeping and know that I call you in My presence as a master calls his slave so that he may give him the top position and a high status near him. This is My bounty on you and on your forefathers who have passed away.
O Musa! Do not forget Me under any circumstances and do not feel happy over affluence of wealth as the heart becomes hard with the affluence in wealth and sins also increase with an increase in wealth. The land, sea and the heavens all are subservient to Me but disobedience has hardened the hearts of men and jinn. I am the Merciful and the Beneficent Lord. I am kind to all in every age. I cause ease after hardship and give bounty after scarcity. I bring kings after kings and My kingdom is intact and continuous which never end. Nothing in the earth and heavens is hidden from Me and how can it be hidden when it is I who created them. How can your heart not incline towards my pleasure and reward while your return is only to Me. O Musa! Make Me your shelter and reliance and deposit your treasure of good deeds with Me. Fear Me and do not be afraid of anyone else because your return is only to Me.
O Musa! Be kind to the one who among My creation is lower than you and do not envy those who are higher than you because jealousy consumes good deeds as fire consumes wood. O Musa! Two sons of Adam showed meekness before me and submitted their sacrifice that they may earn My grace and I accept the sacrifice offered by pious people. Hence, the offer of one is accepted and the other rejected. Thereafter to what extent their affair reached is known to you. Then how do you rely on and trust your viziers and companions when a brother did what he did with his own brother. O Musa! Give up pride and ego and remember that you will have to be a resident of the grave. This thought will restrain you from worldly desires.
O Musa make haste in repenting and postpone sinning. Prolong standing before Me during your prayer and attach no hope with anyone except Me. Make Me your shelter in warding off hardships and consider Me your forte for defending yourself against calamities. O Musa! How does a slave fear Me who considers My grace and bounties on him whereas he does not ponder over it and does not believe. How does he believe and hope for reward when he is satisfied with the worldly belongings and has made it his shelter and turns toward the world like oppressors. O Musa! Contest with the virtuous in virtues because virtue is as sweet as its name and leave the evil for the one who is mad after the world.
O Musa! Keep your tongue behind your heart so that you may be protected from the evil of the tongues, that is think before speaking anything and speak only after you understand that there is nothing wrong or bad in it. Remember Me more and more during the day and the night as long as you have the chance to do so and do not follow sins so that you may not have to repent. Surely, the reward of sins is hellfire. O Musa! Talk softly for those who have given up sinning and sit with them and take them as your brothers and try to worship Me with them so that they may also try (to do so) with you. O Musa! Certainly, you will face death, so advance a better provision for the Hereafter like the one who knows that he will get his provision.
O Musa! Whatever is done for My pleasure, its small is big, and whatever is done for other than Me its big is small. Verily your best day is which is to come that is the Day of the Resurrection Day so think how that day will be for you and be prepared for the answers you will have to give on that day because undoubtedly you will be made to stand to account for your deeds. Take admonition from the people of your times. Its secret is minute for the careless and wide open for the obedient. Everything will end, so perform your deeds as if you are seeing their reward so that you may remain inclined more towards the Hereafter because a worldly thing, which is existing, is just like the thing, which has passed away. From the things that have passed away like this, nothing has remained with you except your worship. It will be so in future also and everyone who does anything does it in his interest. So select as your aim everything that is better so that you may get Allah’s reward on the day when the wrongdoers (deniers) will be the losers.
O Musa! Do not feel degraded when standing before Me the degradation that a slave feels when he approaches his master for making some complaint. When you do so, you will find My mercy with you and I am the mightiest of the mighty. O Musa! Seek My grace and My mercy from only Me because both are in my control and none else has any power over grace and mercy. And whenever you seek anything from Me just think how much longing do you have for what is with me. There is a reward with Me for every performer of a deed and I give the reward of a good deed even to the deniers.
O Musa! Give up the world with a happy heart and keep away from it because you are not for the world nor are the world for you. What have you to do with the residence of oppressors. It is for the one who engages in deeds for the Hereafter while remaining here (in the world). The world is a better place for him. O Musa! Listen to what I command to you and keep in your heart whatever I see in your interest and also the truths of Torah, and remain awake with it during day and night without falling in the sleep of negligence. Do not give any room in your heart to the talks of the world-lovers or to their love because it builds its nest therein like the nest of a bird.
O Musa! The sons of the world and the residents of the world are the cause of trials for one another. The world is beautified for those who are in it and for the faithful is the beauty of the Hereafter. So he is always after the Hereafter and never looks at any other thing. The longing for the Hereafter has become a barrier between him and the tastes of this world. So he traverses forests for advancing his status in worship and nearness to his Lord, like a rider who races in a field to overtake others and may win the race and may reach his aim at the earliest but who remains gloomy during his daytime due to his worry for the Hereafter and who passes his nights in grief. What to say about his luck? How much he will he be able to see, if the cover is removed from his eyes, the things that will make him happy?
O Musa! The world is short and will not last nor is it vast enough to accommodate the reward of the faithful nor can it provide sufficient chastisement to the sinners. So the eternal loss and hurt is for the one who sells out his reward of the Hereafter in exchange of the worldly pleasures which won’t last and who sells it in exchange of the tastes of his tongue which goes away soon. So live as I command and whatever I order you will be for your growth and well being. O Musa! When you see that richness turns towards you imagine that you have erred and therefore you are getting its punishment in the world And when you see that distress advances towards you bravo, bravo for the righteous! Do not live like oppressors and tyrants nor approach them or sit with them. O Musa! Life is fleeting however long it may be. A thing that is taken away from you in the world causes you no loss when its end in the hereafter is everlasting bounty.
O Musa! My book calls out to you loudly and warns you of your return. So can the eyes become sleepy in such circumstances. And how can any group enjoy the worldly life. Had it not been so that they have lived in carelessness since long and have been captive of their hardheartedness and habituated to various kinds of desires and pleasures, the Truthful might have cried out in response to a few admonishments described by Me in My Book. O Musa! Ask My servants to confess about Me that I am the most merciful of all the merciful and I answer the supplications of the uneasy souls and I ward off the troubles and turn the conditions of time and I grant bounties after calamities and appreciate even small deeds and give reward generously and turn the needy into the affluent and that I am the everlasting mighty and omnipotent Lord and that they should pray to me. Thereafter if a sinner seeks shelter and approaches you tell him, “Well done! You have stepped in a wider environment and camped therein and have entered the vastness of Divine Might and Mercy of the Lord of the Worlds. Be happy, He will accept your penitence and (O Musa) seek pardon from Me for them and live with them like them and do not be proud of the bounty which I have bestowed on you and ask them to beseech My Mercy and Grace only from Me as none except Me owns My Mercy and Grace and that I possess the Greatest Grace and how lucky you are.
O Musa! You are a shelter for the misguided and a brother for the sinners and a companion of the troubled and the seeker of forgiveness for the sinners and you hold a desired status in My Sight. So pray to Me with a pure heart and a truthful tongue and live as I have commanded you to live. Obey my orders and do not behave with pride and excessiveness with my servants due to the few bounties that I have bestowed on you though they were not initiated from your side. And attain nearness to Me because I am near you. Verily I have not asked from you anything which is heavy for you. I only wish you to pray for me so that I may accept your prayer and then I will grant. And gain nearness to Me by conveying my messages which I have descended (revealed) to you and which I have explained to you.
O Musa look at the earth that will soon become your grave and raise your eyes towards the sky as the kingdom of your Lord is greater. Weep over your soul until you remain in the world and fear the fatalities. Let not the beauty of the world deceive you. Do not rest content on knowledge and do not become an oppressor because I am always aiming at the tyrants and I will make the oppressed overpower them. O Musa! I give a tenfold reward of every good deed but only an equal punishment for an evil. Then the sinners turn it into ten times bigger and got ruined. And do not involve anyone else in My worship and be moderate in every deal and pray like a candidate who is longing for My reward. Be repentant of your deeds because the day removes the darkness of the night. Similarly good deeds obliterate sins and sins darken good deeds just as the darkness of night obliterates daylight.”
It is mentioned in reliable tradition that Imam as-Sadiq said: Once Satan came to Musa when he was praying to his Lord. An angel asked him (Satan), “What do you expect from him (Musa) in this condition?” Satan said the same hope which he had entertained from his father Adam when he was in Paradise.
Imam said some of the admonitions given by Allah to Musa are these: O Musa! I accept the prayer of the one who adopts lowliness and humility for honoring My greatness and who fills his heart with My fear and spends his day in My remembrance and who passes his night confessing to his sins and recognizes the rights of My saints and friends. Musa asked: By your saints and friends do you mean Ibrahim, Isma‘il, and Ya‘qub? He replied, “O Musa! Of course they are such and are My friends but now what I mean is not they, what I mean is the one for whose sake I created Adam and Hawwa’ and created Paradise and Hell.” Musa asked: My Lord! Who is he? He replied, “Muhammad and his name is Ahmad. I gave him this name that is derived from My name because one of My names is Mahmud.”
Musa said, My Lord! Settle me in his Ummah (followers). The Lord replied, “O Musa! When you will recognize him and understand him and his progeny’s status in My sight, you will be in his Ummah. Surely, the example of him and his progeny among my entire creation is like the Garden of Firdaus among all gardens. Its leaves never dry up, its taste never changes. So whosoever will appreciate his and his progeny’s rights I will for him, bring wisdom near ignorance and light near darkness. I will accept his prayer before he prays and give him before he asks. O Musa! When you see that trouble is coming towards you, welcome it saying Bravo! I am glad to greet the condition of the good, and when you notice that wealth in turning towards you say that its cause is some sin the punishment for which has been hastened for me because this world is a field of punishment. When Adam erred, I sent him in the world as a punishment of his deed. And I have cursed the world and everything in it, except the thing which is for Me, and which involves My pleasure. O Musa! Verily My good slaves have kept themselves away from the world in proportion to their knowledge about Me and many in My creation have loved the world because of their ignorance and because they did not know Me and the eyes of the one who loved the world and considered it great were never brightened nor did they get any benefit from the world and the one who looked down at the world benefited from it.”
In a reliable hadith it is recorded from Imam al-Ridha that when Allah appointed Musa as His messenger and gave him honor and split the river for him and relieved The Israelites from the evil of the Pharaoh and granted him Torah and Commandments, Musa said, My Lord! You have given me an honor that You have not given to anyone before me. Allah said, O Musa! Probably you do not know that Muhammad is in My sight most honorable among all of My angels and the entire creation. Musa asked: If Muhammad is better than all of Your creation then is the progeny of any Prophet better than My progeny. Allah said, O Musa! Perhaps you do not know that the progeny of Muhammad is superior to the progenies of all Prophets just as Muhammad is superior to all Prophets. Musa inquired: My Lord! If the progeny of Muhammad is like that then is the Ummah (followers) of any of the Prophet superior to my followers as You made clouds give them shade and You rained manna and salwa on them and You parted the river for their sake? The Lord replied, “O Musa! Perhaps you do not know that the superiority of the Ummah of Muhammad to all other Ummahs is like the superiority of Muhammad to all other creation.”
Musa said, “My Lord! how good it would have been had I seen them?” The Lord replied, “O Musa! You will never see them because this is not the time of their appearance but you will see them before Muhammad in the High Heavens when they will be given the bounties of paradise and will be enjoying its pleasure. Do you like that I should tell you more about them?” Musa said, “Yes, My Lord.” Allah said, “Then stand up before Me like a lowly slave who stands meekly before a mighty king.” Musa complied. Allah pronounced: O Ummah of Muhammad! All responded from the bellies of their mothers and the loins of their fathers: Labbaik Allahumma labbaik laa shareeka laka labbaik innal hamda wan ne’mata laka wal mulk. Laa shareeka laka.
So the Almighty made it the thalbiya of hajj. Then He announced: O Ummah of Muhammad! My decision and My command about you is that My mercy precedes My anger and My pardon precedes My chastisement. I have accepted your asking before you ask and anyone of you who will come to Me in such a condition that he gives witness (testimony) that I am the Only One Allah and that Muhammad is My slave and messenger and that he is true in his words and deeds and testifies that ‘Ali bin Abi-Talib is his brother, legatee and Caliph and subjects himself to obedience of ‘Ali as he has subjected himself to the obedience of Muhammad and testifies that His selected and sinless friends and saints who are distinct with Divine miracles are the caliphs of Allah, I will admit him to Paradise even if his sins are equal in quantity to the foam of rivers. Imam said, “When Allah appointed our Prophet He revealed to him meaning: O Muhammad! You were on the Mount Toor when I called out to your community with this greatness and you were not on this side of the mountain when We called to him. Say that I praise and glorify the Lord Who is the Lord of the worlds because of the blessing whereby He granted me this grace exclusively and said to his Ummah: We praise the Allah who is the Lord of all worlds because He granted us these graces exclusively.”
And it is mentioned in other reliable traditions that Imam al-Ridha asked Raas al Jalut the greatest scholar among the Jews, “I challenge you with ten verses of Torah revealed to Moses, tell me does Torah not give the news about Muhammad in these words? When the people of the last Ummah will come who will be the followers of a camel-rider Prophet and who will glorify Allah in various ways in new places of worship, The Israelites will take the shelter of their Prophet until their souls will be satisfied (convinced) and surely the swords will be in their hands with which they will take revenge from the enemies of the Prophet in the world. Is this not written in Torah?”
Raas al Jalut said, “Yes.”
Then Imam said, “O Jew! Musa stated to The Israelites in his will that soon a Prophet from your brothers will come to you. So testify to him and obey him. Are there any brothers of The Israelites except the sons of Isma‘il?”
Raas al Jalut replied, “I cannot deny this statement of Musa but I want that it be pointed out to me from Torah.”
Imam said, “Do you deny that it is mentioned in Torah that light came from Mount Toor and gave us brightness from Mount Saaeer and appeared from Mount Paran. So the radiance on Mount Toor was revelation to Musa and Mount Paran is in Makkah and there is a distance of a day’s journey between them and it is the same revelation which was revealed to Muhammad.”
This hadith is very lengthy. We have quoted here in proportion to the need of this occasion.
It is mentioned in a reliable tradition from Imam as-Sadiq that The Israelites approached Musa and said, “Ask Allah for rain whenever we ask for it and may stop when we do not want it.” Musa conveyed this request to Allah and Allah accepted it. They tilled the land, sowed what they wanted to grow and then asked for rains and it rained as much as they wanted. It also stopped raining when they desired so. Thus it continued to rain when they wanted and stopped raining when they so desired until their agricultural products became sound and high. But when they harvested there was no seed in it at all. Everything had become grass. They went to Musa with this complaint and narrated what had happened. Allah revealed to Musa, “I did not decide for The Israelites but allowed what they desired. Since they were not agreeable with My decision, I left them to their planning. The result is what you see.”
In a reliable hadith it is recorded from Imam al-Baqir, Imam as-Sadiq and Imam al-Ridha that it is written in the unexpunged Torah that Musa asked his Lord, “Are you near to me with Whom I can talk softly or are You away from me with Whom I must talk loudly?” Allah revealed to him, “O Musa! I am the companion of the one who remembers Me.” Musa said, “My Lord! Who will be under Your shade when there will be no shade except the shade of Your Throne?” The Lord replied, “I remember those who remember Me and I befriend those who love one another for My sake. So whenever I propose to send My chastisement to earth I do not send it due to the auspiciousness of such people.” Musa requested, “My Lord! Sometimes I find myself in such a condition when I feel You too great to be remembered.” The Lord responded, “Remember Me under all circumstances as My remembrance is good in all conditions.”[1]
It is mentioned from Imam Ja‘far as-Sadiq that Allah revealed to Musa, “O Musa! What prevents you from praying to Me?” He replied, “My Lord! The awe of your greatness as to how I can call you with my dirty mouth?” The Almighty revealed, “The odor of the mouth of fasting people is dearer to Me than the fragrance of musk.”
It is mentioned with authentic evidence from Imam al-Ridha that wherever ‘O those who believe’ is mentioned in the Holy Qur’an, the Words in Torah are, O Group of the poor and the needy.
According to another narration, it is written in Torah that: If you are friends of Allah, desire death. So Almighty addressed the Jews in the Holy Qur’an, O Jews! If you imagine that you are friends of Allah and that others are not, then, if you are true, wish for death. (62:6)
It is narrated by Ibn ‘Abbas that the Holy Prophet said, “Allah discussed 1,24,000 things with Musa in three days and that Musa did not eat or drink anything during that time. When he returned to The Israelites and heard the voice of human beings he abhorred it as the sweetness of the Divine voice was still ringing in his ears.”
Amir al-Mu’minin said that Almighty Allah revealed to Musa bin ‘Imran, “O Musa! Learn My will by heart. Four things are for you: First do not be after the sins of others until you come to know that your sins have been forgiven, second do not become gloomy for your provision unless you know that My treasures have become empty, thirdly do not pin your hopes on others except me until you know that my kingdom has ended, fourthly do not feel yourself safe from the conspiracies of Satan until you know that he (devil) has died.”
It is mentioned with two authentic chains from Imam as-Sadiq that four words of wisdom are written in Torah together with four other words side by side. The first four words are: The one who gets up from bed with worldly worries shows anger against his Lord, the one who wakes up in the morning with complaints against what has befallen him complains against his Lord and the one who approaches a wealthy person with the intention of gaining some earthly gains from him destroys two-thirds of his religion and the one who reads Allah’s book and then indulges in deeds leading to Hell has ridiculed Allah and the other four words are: You will get the reward of what you do and the one who becomes a king or gets power wants that he should become the owner of everything and the one who does not consult others in his affairs repents and that restlessness and need is bigger than people.”
It is mentioned in another hadith that Almighty revealed to Musa, “O Musa! I have not created any creation which is dearer to Me than My faithful Mu’min slave and I do not put him into any trouble unless it is in his interest and I do not give him ease but for his betterment and I am more aware of what is in the interests of My slaves so he should be patient during the calamities sent by Me and should thank Me for My bounties and should rest content on My decisions so that I may note (place) him near Me among My truthful ones whenever he works for My pleasure and obeys My Commandments.”
It is narrated by Imam al-Baqir that some of the words given to Musa by Allah on Mount Toor are: O Musa! Tell your community that those who gain nearness to Me do not get the nearness but through weeping and fearing Me and the worshippers who worship me do not do so but by abstaining from the things prohibited by Me and the adorned ones do not gain adornment but by giving up some things in the world which they do not need. Then Musa said, “O Most Merciful One! What reward will you give to them for their good deeds? He said, O Musa! Those who seek my nearness through weeping due to My fear will be in the highest place in Paradise and none will be their partner in that position. And for those who worship Me while refraining from the things prohibited by Me, I will inquire into the deeds of people in the Resurrection Day but will overlook their conditions and for those who seek My nearness by giving up worldly desires I will make the entire Paradise admissible to them so that they may reside therein wherever they please.”
It is mentioned in a reliable tradition that one day Musa was sitting when Satan appeared before him wearing a multicolored cap. He took off his cap and approached Musa. Musa asked as to who he was? He said, “Iblis.” Musa said, “May Allah not give residence to anyone near your residence. Why have you donned this cap on your head?”
He said, “I attract the children of Adam through these colors.” Musa said, “Tell me the sin which if committed by the son of Adam you overpower him fully.”
“When he overestimates his deed and gets vain and then underestimates his sin.”
Then he said, O Musa! Never stay alone with a woman who is not permissible for you. Such people I do not leave to my companions but personally make efforts in misleading them and do not leave his side until he indulges in sin. Also never, give any promise to your God because whoever gives any promise to Allah I do not leave them to my companions but attend personally to him to endeavor that he may not fulfill his promise. And (O Musa)! Whenever you think of giving charity, make haste because whenever one intends to give charity I pay attention to him myself and do not leave him to my assistants. I make maximum efforts to make him regret it.”
It is mentioned in a reliable tradition from Imam as-Sadiq that there was a tyrant king in the times of Musa. At the same time, there was a pious man. He went to the king for fulfilling a need of a faithful man and recommended his case to the king. The king accepted his recommendation and fulfilled the need of that faithful man. That king and the believer died on the same day. People mourned the death of the king for three days and kept their bazaars closed but the corpse of that mo-min remained in his house unattended until the worms began to feed on it. After three days Musa saw it and prayed to Allah, “My Lord! That king was Your enemy yet people gave him a respectful burial while this mo-min is lying in this condition.” The Lord sent a revelation to him, “A friend of mine once recommended the case of one of my faithful slaves to the king and the latter fulfilled that need. So I gave honor to the king in this way. But I made the earth’s insects overpower that man because he made a request before a tyrant king.”
It is narrated from Imam Zayn al-‘abidin with authentic proofs that Musa prayed to Allah, “My Lord! Who are Your selected slaves? The ones whom You will keep under the shade of Your throne. For on that day there will be no other shade except that of the throne.” The Lord responded, “Those whose hearts are clean, empty of condemnable desires and habits and sinful desires and whose hearts are empty of worldly wealth. Whenever they remember Me, My Greatness and Awe is seen in their eyes and they are those who rest content in obeying Me just like a child rests content by suckling. They are the people who take refuge in My mosques just like vultures take shelter in their nests, when they see people disobeying Me they become fierce like an angry leopard.”
In a reliable hadith it is recorded from Imam as-Sadiq that Allah revealed to Musa, “O Musa! Thank Me as I deserve.” Musa asked, “My Lord! How can I thank You as You deserve for whatever thanksgiving I offer will only be a bounty from You because it is You who inclined me towards it.” The Lord replied, “O Musa! When you have understood that you are unable to thank Me fully and that thanksgiving is also My bounty then you have thanked Me as I deserve.”
It is mentioned in a reliable tradition from Imam al-Baqir that Allah revealed to Musa, “Befriend Me and make Me friend of My creation.” Musa asked, “My Lord! You know that none of your creations is dearer to me than You but what control do I have over the hearts of others.” Allah revealed to him, “Make them aware of my bounties so that they may befriend Me.”
According to the same source it is mentioned in this hadith that Musa asked Allah, “Let me know the time of early decline of the sun.” The Almighty ordained an angel to inform Musa everyday. So one day that angel told Musa that the time of decline of the sun has arrived.” Musa asked, “When?” The angel said, “Exactly when I told you, but by the time you made this inquiry the sun had already traveled a distance of five hundred years (westward).”
According to authentic hadith Imam as-Sadiq said, “Once Musa got a revelation from Allah that a certain person from among his friends was backbiting him and conveying his words to his enemies so he should keep away from him. Musa said, ‘My Lord! When I do not know him, how can I keep away from him? So let me know who he is.’ The Lord said, ‘I described the evil of his slander and now you want me to backbite about him too?’ Musa said, ‘My Lord! What should I do then?’ The Lord said, ‘Select ten persons from your companions, then make groups of ten from your men and draw lots. The lot will appear in the name of the group in which that person is. Then draw again a lot from among that group and it will expose that man. When that man saw that Musa was drawing lots and that he was about to be disgraced he arose and said, ‘O Messenger of Allah! It was I who did this deed. I will not do so again.’”
It is noted in another authentic hadith that Musa saw a man under the throne of Allah and asked, “My Lord! Who is this person whom you have kept so near to You? So near that you gave him a place under Your throne.” Allah replied, “This man was not cursed by his parents nor did he envy people because of the things I gave them by My Grace.”
According to a reliable narration Imam as-Sadiq said, “The Almighty conversed with Musa telling him that he should not incline towards the world like oppressors nor like the one who had made worldly things his parents. If I leave you, you will surely be attracted towards worldly adornments. O Musa! Leave those worldly things that you do not need and do not look at those who love the world. I have left them. And know that the seed of all troubles is the love of this world. Do you want to be like the one who is liked by masses until you know that I am also pleased with him? And do not long for the position of the man who is being obeyed by people unjustly because he is the cause of his followers’ destruction.”
It is narrated in another reliable tradition from Imam al-Baqir that Musa prayed to Allah, “My Lord! Who among Your slaves is most disliked by you and who you consider your worst enemy? The Lord replied, “The one who drops down in his bed at night like a dead body and passes his day in senseless things.” Musa asked: What is the reward of one who visits a sick fellow? Allah replied, “I appoint an angel to give him company in his grave until he is resurrected.” He asked: My Lord! What is the reward of one who bathes a dead body? Allah replied, “I make him as clean of sins as he was at birth.” He asked: My Lord! What is the reward of one who attends a funeral procession? Allah replied, “I appoint some angels for him bearing flags so that they will escort him in the Field of Reckoning (Mahshar).” Musa asked: My Lord! What is the reward of one who condoles the death of a child? Allah replied, “I will give him a place under the Divine Throne on the day when there will be no shade except that of the Divine Throne.”
According to a reliable tradition Imam as-Sadiq said, “Once on his way to work Musa passed by a man praying to Allah with raised hands towards the sky. When he returned by the same way after seven days he saw that that man was still in the same position, praying and weeping.” Allah said, “O Musa! Even if this man goes on praying until his tongue drops down, I will not accept his supplication until and unless he does not come to Me the way I want him to come. That is, he must love and follow you.” That man wanted to worship Allah in a way other than following the teachings of Musa.
It is mentioned in a reliable tradition through the same source that once when Musa went to Mount Toor he took with him one of his pious companions. He made him sit at the foot of the mountain and he proceeded to the top and began talking with his Lord. When he returned he saw that that man was torn into pieces by a wild beast which had eaten up his face. Allah revealed to Musa that that man had committed a sin against Me and I desired that when he returns to Me no sin should remain with him so I took him thus from the world.
It is mentioned in a reliable tradition of Imam al-Baqir that Allah revealed to Musa, “Sometimes it so happens that a slave of mine seeks My nearness with a single good deed and I issue orders that he may be given a place of his choice in Paradise.” Musa inquired about that good deed. Allah replied, “To undertake a journey for the sake of his brother in faith.”
Reliable sources quote Imam al-Baqir that once Musa asked his Lord, “My Lord! Who among your creations do you consider as your worst enemy?” The Almighty said, “The one who makes allegations against Me.” Musa asked, “My Lord! Is there anyone among Your creation who makes allegations against You?” The Lord replied, “Yes, the man who asks something from Me and I decide only that which is in his interest, but as he is not pleased with it he makes allegations against Me.”
It is mentioned in a true hadith that Imam as-Sadiq said, “It is written in Torah that: O Son of Adam! Make yourself available for My worship setting aside your worldly affairs so that I may fill up your heart with My fear. Otherwise, I will fill up your heart with worldly engagements and will leave you to run after the world and then your need will never be satisfied.
It is recorded in reliable sources that Imam al-Baqir said, “Divine Revelation was stopped for thirty days for Musa bin ‘Imran. So one evening he went to Mount Areeha and said, My Lord! Why have you stopped talking with me and discontinued your revelation? Is it because of any sin that I have committed? So now, I am standing before You. Punish me until You become pleased with me. If you have stopped your revelations due to the sins of The Israelites then I beseech pardon for them. Almighty revealed to him: O Musa! Do you know why I have selected you from among My entire creation for My talks and revelations? Musa said, “My Lord! I do not know it.” Allah said, “O Musa! My knowledge has covered the entire creation. I did not find among them anyone whose humility before Me was more than yours. So I reserved you for My talks and Revelations.” Thereafter whenever Musa prayed he did not rise from the prayer mat until he rubbed the right and left of his face on the ground.
It is reported from the holy Prophet that it was written on the tablets: Thank Me and your parents so that I may protect you from calamities and troubles which cause your destruction and so that I may lengthen your life and keep you alive with a better living and may grant you a life which will be much better after this earthly life.
It is mentioned with authentic evidences that The Grand Names consists of seventy-three letters out of which Allah sent four letters on Musa.
It is mentioned in an authentic hadith from Imam as-Sadiq that it is written in Torah: O Son of Adam! Remember Me whenever you are angry with anyone so that I may remember you when I am angry. Then I may not destroy you with those people who I want to destroy. Whenever someone oppresses you leave its retaliation thinking of Me because My revenge is better than yours.
In another hadith the Prophet of Allah said that Allah revealed to Musa, “O Son of ‘Imran! Do not envy what I have given from My Grace to others and do not look at it with a tempting eye because he who does not remain pleased with what I have distributed among my slaves and becomes envious of it does not remain happy, rather it comes in the way of the right distribution which I have made. Such a person is not Mine nor am I his.”
It is recorded from Imam al-Baqir that The Israelites complained to Musa that many among us have become lepers. The Almighty revealed to Musa: Ask them to eat cow’s meat with beetroot.
It is mentioned in a reliable tradition from Imam as-Sadiq that it is mentioned in Torah
: Thank the one who gives you good things and reward the one who thanks you because there is no decline of bounties when they are thanked for. And they do not last when not thanked for and an increase in thanksgiving causes protection from calamities. It is mentioned in authentic hadith from the same Imam that it is written in Torah that if anyone sells any land with water and in exchange does not purchase land and water then its price becomes unlawful and it gives no profit.
It is mentioned in another narration that Musa visited a city of The Israelites where he saw that rich men wearing clothes made of canvas (sackcloth) were standing and throwing dust on their heads and weeping profusely. Tears were rolling down their cheeks. Musa felt pity on them. He himself also wept in sympathy and prayed to Allah, “O My Lord! These people are in the progeny of Ya‘qub who has taken shelter in You like a dove takes shelter in its nest and are crying like the sheep and are barking like dogs.” The Lord revealed, “Why are they doing this; perhaps in their view the treasure of My mercy has emptied or My wealth has ended or I am not the Most Merciful! Tell them that I know what is in their hearts. Though they are calling Me their hearts are not inclined towards Me but towards the world.”
It is mentioned in another authentic hadith that one day Musa was giving a sermon to his companions when suddenly a man got up and tore his clothes. Allah revealed to Musa, “Ask him to tear his heart and weed out from it whatever I do not like. What is the use of tearing his clothes?” One day Musa passed by one of his companions in Sajdah. When Musa returned after finishing his business he saw that that man was still prostrating. Musa told him, “Had it been in my power I would have fulfilled your demand.” Allah revealed, “O Musa! Even if this man prolongs his prostration until his neck breaks, I will not accept his prayer unless he gives up what I do not like and inclines towards what I like.”[2]
[1] Perhaps what Musa meant to convey was that He might inform him about the etiquette of calling Him, that is, whether he should call him in a low voice like those who are near or in a loud voice like those who are far away. The Lord responded: Consider Me your companion and pray in a low voice. Otherwise Musa did know that the Lord Almighty is, from the viewpoint of knowledge and greatness near to everything and maybe he asked this question also like the question on behalf of his community.
[2] Maybe this was about his wrong beliefs which Allah knew better.

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