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The Battle of Ohad

On 15th of the Islamic month of Shawwal in 3 AH, the Battle of Ohad was imposed on Prophet Mohammad (SAWA) by the pagan Arabs of Mecca led by Abu Sufyan, at a place outside Medina near Mount Ohad, for avenging the decisive defeat they had suffered a year earlier at Badr. Ohad turned out to be a setback for the Muslims, whose ranks were infiltrated by hypocrites.
In the initial encounter, the Muslims managed to repel the heavily-armed Arab pagans, but ignoring the instructions of the Prophet the guards posted at the mountain pass left their positions to join in the seizing of the camp baggage of the fleeing Meccans. At this juncture, one of the infidel commanders, named Khaled bin Waleed, who lay in ambush, burst upon the Muslims, martyring several of them and forcing most of the companions of the Prophet to flee the battlefield.
The Holy Prophet himself was injured and lost some of his teeth. However, thanks to the valour of the Commander of the Faithful, Imam Ali (AS), the day was saved for the Prophet and for Islam, although in the process the Prophet's brave uncle, Hazrat Hamza (AS), was martyred by the Abyssinian Wahshi, who was ordered by his mistress, Hend the wife of Abu Sufyan, to tear out his victim's liver and bring it to her for chewing.
Thus, without the least doubt, Islam is indebted to the valour of Imam Ali (AS), in whose praise on the Day of the Battle of Ohad the angels were heard chanting: "There is no braver youth than Ali, and no sharper sword than Zu'l-Feqar."

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