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Holy City of Makkah Liberated by Muslims

Compiled by: Syed Ali Shahbaz
On 20th of the Islamic month of Ramadhan in 8 AH, Mecca, the then centre of paganism, peacefully surrendered to Muslims at the approach of Prophet Mohammad (SAWA) without notice with some 10,000 believers, following the breach of the Treaty of Hodaibiyyah signed two years earlier by the Arabs. The Prophet declared general amnesty to his bitter foes and even did not retaliate against the killers of his dear uncle, Hamza, that is, the Abyssinian slave Wahshi and his masters who had ordered him to commit the savagery at Ohad five years earlier – Hend and her husband Abu Sufyan.
He spared them by using the Arabic term “tulaqa” (freed slaves). This display of the clemency of Islam had a profound effect and multitudes of Qoreish started embracing the truth of Islam, as borne out by Surah Nasr revealed by God on this day. The Prophet ordered demolishment of temples and the holy Ka’ba was cleansed of the idols the polytheists had installed at Abraham’s edifice of monotheism.
One of the chief idols atop the Ka’ba was pulled down by Imam Ali (AS), who was lifted by the Prophet on his shoulders to deliver the coup de grace to idolatry.

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