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The AhlulBayt Academy

The AhlulBayt Academy – the Official Islamic Academy of The Awaited One Foundation. Created and implemented by actual classroom teachers with years of experience in both public school classroom and Islamic school experience.
Overseen by highly qualified and esteemed scholars.
Based on incorporating technology, leadership, Islamic values, Arabic language education, and student centered learning.
Designed to meet the needs of students and their families.
Founded upon an advanced curriculum of Arabic, Holy Quran, Basic Islamic Beliefs, Ethics, and Islamic Enrichment activities.
Facilitates strong leaders in our community both at the level of our teachers and students.
AhlulBayt Academy is founded on a very basic principle: Imparting (Islamic) Knowledge and Instilling Islamic values in our community. We are thinking ahead and firmly believe that Islamic upbringing begins at an early age for children. Let us be your partner in helping your family achieve its goal in having their children embrace and become proficient in Islam! Our highly qualified and trained staff and administration has been working in the community for many years and is proud to invite you to join us in changing the way Islam and the Arabic Language is taught to the youngest Muslims! AhlulBayt Academy emphasizes the values and knowledge of the AhlulBayt (peace be upon them) and we couldn’t find more outstanding role models to base our program on!
AhlulBayt Academy is a weekend Islamic school that was launched in 2011. For the 2012-2012 year the program runs Saturdays beginning September 29, 2012 and ends May 11, 2013.
Our motto is simple: Instilling Knowledge and Imparting Values. We’ve chosen the Prophet and His Household (peace be upon them) as our role models, hence the name of our program. The program begins at 10 a.m. and ends at 3:15 p.m. During these hours students will be taught Holy Quran, Arabic, Creed (Aqaed), General Religion, Morals (Akhlaaq), Jurisprudence (Fiqh), and Islamic Enrichment (arts, poetry, writing, student created presentations and so on). Our program is extra special because it is created, implemented, and taught by professional teachers and scholars who have years of experience teaching children!
Every part of AhlulBayt Academy is special and unique. Our staff is highly qualified and undergoes training and professional development to ensure their instruction is top notch. There is also an Islamic dress code and code of conduct that must be followed in order to provide your child with Islamic role models they can look up to. When creating this program, we looked at child development theories and worked extra hard to make sure your child has a fulfilling and age-appropriate curriculum and experience in the classroom. There are many other qualities of our program that distinguish it, the complete list can be found here: http://www.abacademy.org/aboutus/
There is a positive behavior reward system where academic and social achievement is rewarded and praised at AhlulBayt Academy! We also seek to create Islamically aware students and leaders and this includes celebrating and observing important Islamic events and holidays. Parent-teacher conferences are scheduled so that you can connect with your child’s teacher and work together to allow them to achieve their greatest potential as a young Muslim! There are also committees and events where you can volunteer and share in the process of bringing happiness and joy to your child’s Islamic education!
You can register your child at the following link: http://www.abacademy.org/register-now/ and we will be in contact with you shortly! If you still have questions, please email us at: registration@abacademy.org
AhlulBayt Academy is indeed hiring! Would you like to join a great team of teachers and administrators and make a difference in the lives of the children in our community? Teachers, office managers, and administrators will be paid for their hard work! AhlulBayt Academy’s team members are part of a unique and special educational program. Please take a look at this page to get an idea of what we are looking for in employees: http://www.abacademy.org/employment/ and submit your application. We thank you for your interest in our program!
Contact Information:
AhlulBayt Academy
PO Box 1936,
Dearborn, MI 48121
Phone313-799-BAYT [2298]
Email: admin@abacademy.org

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