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Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAWA), the best example for humanity to follow

By: Zeenat Fatima Kazmi
Imam Ali (A.S.) Islamic Seminary,
Sanford, Florida, USA

When Allah intended to create the creations, he first created Noor and that noor was the light of Mohammad(SAWA). Imaam Ali a.s said: When Allah created the noor, he said "You are my guided one and my trusted. Itís because of you that I have created earth and the sky, fire and gardens, hell and heavens. Then he spoke about the family of Mohammad(SAWA), the creation of angels, then souls. Before our body was created our souls were created and covenent was taken by the souls. It was asked: Do you believe in oneness of Allah? We said yes. Do you believe in the Prophethood? We said yes. Its we who came on this earth and started disobeying Allah. Our Holy Prophet(SAWA) has said: I was the prophet before Adam was between his soul and body. Fourteen thousand years before Adam was created the light of Mohammad(SAWA) was created. That light was put in the forehead of Hazrat Adam and was passed from generation to generation to Ibrahim to Ismael. Gabriel (A.S.) said: I saw the entire earth from the east to the west but did not find any man superior than Mohammad(SAWA). I saw the entire earth from the east to the west but did not find any family superior than the family of Mohammad(SAWA).
Innaka laallah khulukin azeem
You are on the heights of akhlaq
The divine guides are always charged with great responsibilities linked with embarrassment and deprivations, torture and calamities, murder and death. Patience is the face of all the calamities. Prophet Noah lived for more than 2000 years and 950 years he was a prophet. After which he asked to destroy the disobeying people. Only 80 board the ship. But the patience of our Holy Prophet (SAWA) was such no matter how much the infidels tortured him he never asked Allah to destroy the generation. This is one of the examples that he was higher than rest of the Prophets. This is guidance first for myself than others that when we donít ask for death for anyone.
When Holy Prophet (SAWA) started propagation of Islam he was falsely accused and his character was assassinated. Letís think what we would do if we were at his place? If one of our friend who we are thinking good and help all the time changes and falsely accuses us. What would we do? We would break all our ties with her, stop helping her, backbite, gossip at her back, and become her enemy. Itís all because of our ego. Hubb al-Dunya. We feed our ego, anger, revenge behaviors rather than adopting the behavior of our Holy Prophet (SAWA).
When our Holy Prophet (SAWA) used to pass from an area there was a Jew who used to throw garbage at him every time. One day when he passed from the same area he noticed no one has thrown anything on him, so he enquired about that Jew.
In Islam if someone slaps our face we have the right to slap him once but the best of he is who do not slap him back but looks with a smile.
But we all can try from the life of the Holy Ahlul Bayt (A.S.) because they are the practical examples of the Holy Quran. Our Holy Prophet (SAWA) has said that he is leaving behind two weighty things which are connected to each other, the Holy Quran and the Holy Ahlul Bayt (A.S.). The quality of forbearance and patience develops gradually in man. It is necessary that he should face unpleasant events so that his soul should become fully acquainted with hardship and sufferings.

The Five Purified Ones (Ahlul-Kisa')
Allah only desires to keep away the uncleanliness from you, O People of the House! and purify you a (thorough) purifying. (Surah Ahzab, 33:33)
The Five Purified Ones Ė Muhammad (SAWA), Ali (A.S.), Fatimah (A.S.), and their two sons Hasan(A.S.) and Husayn(A.S.) - became perfect examples of human conduct. They lived a life of extreme devotion, loyalty, utility, goodness, trust and charity, giving a standard of human values to every action of humanity. Their record of life is that of a work nobly and faithfully done, preaching the Unity of God, the equality of men and obliterating the tyranny of oppressive rulers, breaking the shackles of wrangling creeds, oppressive rituals, and soul crushing dogmas; he broke down the barriers of caste, exclusive privileges and tyranny of vested interest. He proclaimed the importance of knowledge learning and hard work.
Though the Holy Prophet (SAWA) was occupied in looking after the affairs of people, but he used to pay special attention to his family too. Some believers, requested him to allow them to buy lands and build houses for him. The reply was revealed by God: Say: "I do not ask of you any reward, but love for my family (Ahlul Bayt)...; surely Allah is Forgiving, Grateful." (Surah ash-Shura 42:23)
Thereupon, the believers asked the Holy Prophet (SAWA) whose love was made incumbent on them? Holy Prophet Muhammad(SAWA) answered "Love for `Ali(A.S.), Fatimah(A.S.), Hasan(A.S.) and Husayn(A.S.)."
Before attaining the prophethood he used to spend a part of their life as shepherd and spend time in desert in upbringing up flocks and herds and this become patience for educating the humans. When a man is able to bear the hardships of animals who cannot be compared with the intellect and wisdom of human, then guidance of humans become easy.
When we face little calamities and problems we start complaining Allah that why only me and start comparing. Letís look at our Holy Prophet (SAWA) who faced problems and took it as his training to become a better person in order to help others. But when we receive few taunts from non- Muslims living in this country we start sacrificing our faith. Itís okay to shake hands its okay to be without hijaab or else we wonít get job. Who else will earn for us. I am ambitious, if I donít wear hijaab or donít shake hands then I wonít achieve successful career.
Our Holy Prophet (SAWA) used to observe the beautiful sky, shape of stars and became acquainted with hundred of signs of divine and scientific proof of monotheism. Now a day our mind is so much involved with daily stress that we donít understand how our day goes. We donít observe the beauty around us. We see that it is beautiful but we donít enjoy, from years we are watching starts but donít observe the Power (Khudrad) of Allah in it. Can anyone else create any such beauty like it? We see the moon but donít enjoy the beauty of the moon. SO many months and years have passed, but the stress has taken away our life and time and youth. In every thing there is a sign of Allah. Even every humans being is representative of Allah in his own ways. Even a homeless is a representative of Allah. Itís a sign of Allah. Insha Allah everyday we take out at least 15 minute and observe Allahís signs and praise him.
Holy Prophetís (SAWA) uncle Hazrat Abu Talib told him that Bibi Khadija is looking for send proposal to marry the Holy Prophet (SAWA). Bibi Khadija married our Holy Prophet (SAWA) because she was humble, pious and virtuous.
What is the reason behind the richest women marrying a poor man who has no degree but honesty and faith? What is the reason for a rich wife to spend her entire money for the sake of Allah? What is the reason for a house which was full of Indian Silk and Iranian carpet becoming the asylum for the Muslims? All these qualities that we see was in Bibi Khadija who saw faith as the degree of the man instead of his money. Is this not an example for us to follow Bibi Khadija.
Bibi Khadija has spend her entire wealth for the sake of Allah only and now that Islam is throughout the world. This is Sawaab-e-Jariya (Incessant Reward). She lived for the sake of Islam and died for the sake of Islam.
The Holy Prophet (SAWA) said ďBibi Khadija is one of the honorable woman of the paradise. The first lady who accepted Islam and mother of Fatima Zehra (S.A.).
Islam says marriage protects half of our faith. If we wait for a guy to follow up with all the task and then get married then off coarse his doors of wisdom will get dim and he get the pressure to commit sin in privacy or openly. The 21st century culture that we have made obligatory for a mans profile to have certain qualities have increased the marriage age for boys as well we girls. Itís the parentsí responsibility to marry his son or daughter early. When a boy comes to know that he would be committing sin and no one would be able to watch him accept Allah and his two angels. Its time for marriage, to protect his faith. We donít follow cultures that goes against the shariah but we follow our Ahlul Bayt (A.S.) practically. Let people do whatever they want to do, let not compare our life with anyone except our Ahlul Bayt (A.S.).
Our Holy Prophet (SAWA) was always taunted by the enemies that being a prophet he does not have children. When Surah Kawsar descended from heaven. Inna Atayna kal kawsarÖ..
Allah gave her only one daughter and people used to make fun of him saying that the prophet has no sons. That taunt is based on cultural views that family heritage is taken by a son. But when see the family of our Holy Prophet (SAWA) and Imam Ali (A.S.) continued with Fatima Zahra(S.A.). All our eleven Imams are the children of Fatima Zehra(S.A.) the only daughter of our beloved Holy Prophet (SAWA). Now today there are millions children of Fatima Zahra (S.A.) and Imam Ali (A.S.). Unfortunately even being called as Muslims even now we give more importance to our sons than our daughters. This is an example of ignorance (Jahalat) and not understanding our own Holy Prophet (SAWA). We are supposed to live like our Ahlul Bayt (A.S.) in day to day life.
Holy Prophet (SAWA) loved her daughter so much that every morning he used to first see the face of her daughter. But we prefer son over daughter because son can earn and take care of their parents when he grows old. We all know how much girls take care of their parents.
Holy Prophet (SAWA) said: I have been sent to raise to perfect the noble character. Even the lowest of people can transform himself to better person. Good character is half of religion and on Judgment day it will stand as our witness. Imam Ali (A.S.) said: Live in this world as such when you live people crave for your company and when you die people cry remembering of you. Holy Prophet (SAWA) said: If we donít have three qualities we are not one of them: Good character, Tolerance and Piety. Good character is equal to fasting and prayers and bad character eradicates all our fasting and prayers. The person who has piety in his heart forgives others as he is constantly remembering Allah. We all are dependant on Allah for Rizq (sustenance). When a husband comes home with good nature and sits with his family his deed is equal to doing Ehtekaf in a mosque. If father educated and disciplines her daughter on the judgment day she stands as shield between hell and her father. When she marries she protects half of the religion of her husband. When she becomes a mother heaven lies under her feet. Daughter brings blessings in the house. When buying gift, father must first buy it for her daughter then son. Unfortunately even today when we see ultra sound or a baby boy is born a sign of relief comes out.
Our Holy Prophet (SAWA) had wealthy beautiful wife Bibi Khadija. How did he utilize his wealth, did he show off, show pride, become racist, walk in a way which showed takkabur (pride) in him or satisfied his passion and desires. He lived the life of a wise and experienced man. We always experience that when someone comes to this country he is truly struggling, has less money, relatives has broken ties as they donít want to help. He struggles and struggles and then in few or more years settles down. Now he has money, comes in a Mercedes so he starts getting proposals. Now his relatives start contact with him, call him home. This time he gets takkabur. Itís all because of me, my hard work and my patience that I have money. But look at the life of our Holy Prophet (SAWA). We did not live at the time of Holy Prophet (SAWA) but we know he did not have all these qualities.
Allah says in Holy Quran: He does not like people walking on earth with Takkabur. Allah dislikes proud people.
Having wealth, more kids and good career does not makes a man better but the faith.
Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAWA) is the founder of the great religion of Islam, meaning submitting (oneself or one's person to Allah).
The word `Islam' means, submission to the will of Allah, and a `Muslim', is he who submits to the will of Allah. Islam is a religion, which can be followed easily by everyone, everywhere, in a day-to-day life.
It is the religion of every prophet of Allah from Adam to Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAWA), and is as old as humanity. In fact, every child that is born, is a Muslim. It is the parents that make him a Jew, Christian or Hindu, etc.
ďThere is no compulsion in religionĒ (Surah al-Baqarah 2:256); and there is no harsh and hard rituals or unreasonable dogmas in Islam.
Among many reforms, which the Holy Prophet (SAWA), gave to the world, he taught, that all human beings whether brown, black, red, white or yellow, are sons of Adam, and no man has any superiority over another man, because of his colour, rank or riches. He taught: The most honourable man, in the sight of Allah, is he, who is most careful of his duty to Allah and that man has rights only to the extent of the duties, he performs.
Who is the most favoured of Allah? He from whom the greatest good comes to His creatures.
Whoever suppresses his anger, when he has in his power to show it, Allah will give him a great reward?
The person is most esteemed in the sight of Allah who pardons when he has the power.
He is not strong and powerful, who throws people down, but he is strong who withholds himself from anger.
Thus said Allah: Verily, those who exercise patience under trials and forgive wrongs are righteous.
Salvation saves us from punishment, evil, distress and grief. We need to have five qualities: taqwa, intercession, supplication, trust in Allah and thanking Allah only then we receive salvation.
Jews had been waiting for Holy Prophet (SAWA) for years. They were preparing themselves but when he appeared they rejected him except twelve Jews. One of the reasons they gave that he was poor. Even after giving allegiance (bai'at) to Imam Ali(A.S.) people abandoned him. Why? Because of fear of the present zalimeen. Even after calling Imam Hussain (A.S.) why was he abandoned? Why? Because of the love of dunya and fear of zalimeen. One by one all our Ahlul Bayt (A.S.) were abandoned. We all are waiting for Imam Mehdi (A.S.). We al know the hadith that people who are waiting for him, they will be some people or more who will reject him. Why it is that Imam is still invisible? He can see us but we cannot see him. He reads our deeds and prays for us. There will be Momin people born from unbelievers and Kafir born from believers. Imam Mehdi (A.S.) will unite the entire world and bring justice. Then what is the day to day role of a woman/girl to help our Imam and become true companions. Bibi Khadija helped the leader of her time and our leader is Imam Mehdi (A.S.). The Seerat of our Holy Prophet (SAWA) and the example given in this lecture are few ways where we can change our 21st century cultures and become the companion of our Imam Mehdi (A.S.) in day to day life. For which we have to change our ways, mentality, strive hard for the sake of Allah Subhanahutala.
To reform the society is by Jihad-e-Nafs, first we reform ourselves and then we can reform the society.

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