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The famous Iranian Arabic scholar and poet, Abiwardi

Compiled By: Syed Ali Shahbaz
On 20th of the Islamic month of Rabi al-Awwal in 507 AH, the famous Iranian Arabic scholar and poet, Abu'l-Muzaffar Mohammad bin Ahmad Abiwardi, died in Isfahan. In addition to poetry, he was an expert in Arabic and Persian languages, and was well-versed in history, hadith, lexicography, and calligraphy.
He wrote on various topics, and among his famous books are "Tabaqat al-Ilm", "Tarikh Abiward", and a critical work on genealogy titled "Qabsat al-Ajlan fi-Nasab Aal-e Abi Sufiyan", which deals with the dubious parentage of Abu Sufyan, Mu'awiyya and others . His poetry includes a moving ode in Arabic on the plight of Muslims in Syria and Palestine during the occupation of these lands by the Crusader invaders from Europe who had unleashed a bloody holocaust on the people. Here are a few verses from this elegy.
"We have mingled blood with flowing tears, And there is no room left for pity To shed tears is a man's worst weapon When the swords stir up the embers of war, Sons of Islam, behind you are battles in which heads rolled at your feet.
Dare you slumber in the blessed shade of safety!
Where life is soft as an orchard flower?
How can the eye sleep between the lids?
At a time of disasters that would awaken any sleeper!
While your Syrian brothers can only sleep, On the backs of their chargers or in vultures' bellies!
Must the foreigners feed on our ignominy, while you trail behind! The train of a pleasant life, like men whose world is at peace?
When blood has been spilt, when sweet girls must for shame Hide their lovely faces in their hands!
When the white swords' points are red with blood, and the iron Of the brown lances is stained with gore!
At the sound of sword hammering on lance Young children's hair turn white, This is war, and the infidel's sword is naked in his hand, Ready to be sheathed in men's necks and skulls, This is war, and he who lies in the tomb at Medina seems To raise his voice and cry:"O sons of Hashem!
I see my people slow to raise the lance against the enemy: I see the Faith resting on feeble pillars.
For fear of death the Muslims are evading the fire of battle, Refusing to believe that death will surely strike them."
Must the Arab champions then suffer with resignation?
While the gallant Persians shut their eyes to their dishonor!

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