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The pagan origin of Sunday as a weekend holiday in the Christian World

Compiled By: Syed Ali Shahbaz
On March 7, 321 AD, Roman Emperor Constantine I issued a decree imposing upon the whole empire – in Europe, Asia Minor, Levant, Egypt and North Africa – the day of the pagan god, Solis Invicti (Unconquered Sun), as the weekly day of rest. His decree read: “On the venerable day of the Sun (Sunday) let the magistrates and people residing in cities rest, and let all workshops be closed.”
This is the pagan origin of Sunday as a weekend holiday in the Christian World and in countries still following the ways of their former European colonial masters, although this day has nothing to do with the mission of Prophet Jesus (AS).
The Sun was worshipped as one of the official gods and as a patron of soldiers in the Roman Empire. Constantine, even after his conversion to Christianity – not the monotheistic message of Jesus (AS) but the weird concept of Trinity coined by Paul the Hellenized Jew – had the symbols of the Sun engraved on his coinage. When Christianity was imposed on the Roman Empire, December 25, the date of festival of the Sun god, was named Christmas to give the impression that Prophet Jesus (AS) was born on this date.
On February 27, 380 AD, the Edict of Thessalonica was issued by Roman Emperor Theodosius I, with co-emperors Gratian and Valentinian II, forcing all Roman citizens to convert to Trinitarian form of Christianity, or else be branded as heretics, subject to punishment. This weird concept of Godfather, Godson and the Holy Spirit – an invention of Paul the Hellenized Jew who was a staunch opponent of Prophet Jesus (PBUH) during his mission on earth – was designed to suit the polytheist beliefs of European pagans, in opposition to the monotheist message of the Virgin-born Messiah. This tainted belief became known as Catholicism.

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