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Recalling a Modern-Day Miracle

Surah al-Feel, the 105th Surah of the holy Qur’an which refers to a miraculous event.
“Have you not considered how your Lord dealt with the possessors of the elephant?
“Did he not cause their conspiracy to end in confusion?
“And send down upon them (to prey) birds in flocks;
“Casting against them stones of baked clay;
“So He rendered them like eaten straw.”
After pondering upon the Words of God that we recited to you, isn't it a great blessing to live in peace and stability in Iran under the benign laws of Islam, despite sanctions, pressures and threats, when the whole region is in turmoil against the puppet regimes ruling repressively ruling countries in our neighbourhood? Indeed, it is, and without the least doubt. And we all owe this divine grace to the Islamic spirit of the nation, which under the enlightened leadership of that Sage of the Age, Imam SeyyedRuhollahMusavi Khomeini (RA) strove with bare fists to throw into the dustbin of history not just the despotic regime of the Pahlavi potentate, but also the hegemony of his masters, the British and the Americans.Thus it was this deep faith is Islam and its dynamic laws that made GodAlmighty reward the Iranian Muslim nation with a miraculous victory against a very intricate plot of which they were not even the least aware.
Yes, of course, we are referring to the incident of Tabasthat happened exactly 33 years ago in the dead of the night on April 25, 1980, while the whole nation was asleep, except for a few traitors and conspirators in Tehran whose satanic expectations were dealt the death blow by unseen hands, when the well-equipped and heavily-armed invasion by the US Delta Force perished in desert sands.The next morning the nation woke up and realized what a grave calamity had been averted by Divine Decree, as reward for the deep faith in Islam of the Iranian people.Thus, the 25th of April is a day of thanksgiving in Iran, and whoever does not express his/her gratitude to God for this favour is definitely an ungrateful wretch who does not deserve the benefits the Iranian society is enjoying today. Just visualize, what, if God had not helped us, what would have been the fate of Iran?
The answer is simple: Catastrophic without the least doubt. There would have been no peace, stability, honour, dignity, independence, self-sufficiency, industrial progress, scientific breakthrough, technological development, and above all, moral and ethical advancement in Iran.God forbid!We would have been living like slaves in an American client state with the Zionists tightening their tentacles on the economy and political life of the country. The situation would have been worse than what Egypt was under the dictatorial regime of Hosni Mubarak's Egypt, or perhaps as miserable as that of the West Bank under Mahmoud Abbas.There would have no revolutions today in Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Yemen, Bahrain etc, or for that matter no Infefadha in Palestine, no independent government in Iraq, and no anti-terrorist movement like the Hezbollah in Lebanon, because there would not have been any role model to inspire uprisings and freedom movements.Moreover, Iran would have turned into a gigantic den of vice with no hijab or concept of chastity for most women, no virtue and the dignified basiji spirit among the youth, and no peace of mind for the virtuous and the Godwary.
The mission of the US airborne force was to storm Tehran andfree the 53 American spies as well as to strike at key government centres in the hope that the Islamic Republic would collapse and pave the way for takeover of Iran by US stooges.On Operation Eagle Claw, as the invasion was code-named, hinged US president Jimmy Carter’s hopes for re-election, and for this reason, the commando force had undergone three months of rigorous training in similar conditions as in Iran, in the US, in Egypt and in Oman. However, to the utter astonishment of the aggressors, God Almighty made the sands of Tabas whirl furiously in the face of the Americans, and in a matter of moments the well-planned operation ended in total failure with helicopters and the huge Hercules aircraft developing technical problems and crashing into one another. In the twinkling of an eye, several American soldiers were turned into charred corpses while their sophisticated aircraft were reduced to ashes, filling the hearts of the US commandos with fear and forcing them to retreat from Iranian soil.
Tabas thus stands out as a divine slap on the face of history’s most evil power – a power that was dubbed the ‘Great Satan’ by the Father of the Islamic Revolution, Imam Khomeini (may his soul rest in peace) It refreshed the minds of the believers about what the Holy Qur’an has narrated of the wiping out of the Elephant-led force of the Ethiopian governor of Yemen, Abraha in 570 AD when that arrogant unbeliever attempted to storm the symbolic house of the One and Only Lord in Mecca, the holy Ka’ba.For the past three decades Uncle Sam has spared no efforts, whether political, economic, cultural, industrial, technological etc, to try to check the progress of the Iranian nation. But it has failed miserably. That explains why a frustrated US president, Barak Obama, has implicitly threatened Iran with atomic weapons in his misconstrued belief that the Islamic Republic will bow to his dictates and forego all its God-given legitimate rights. It is clear that Obama has lost his senses. He ought to remember that humiliating fate suffered by American soldiers and their sophisticated arms and equipment at Tabas, which was only a sampling of Divine Wrath.
So dear friends, never ever neglect commemoration of the Miracle of Tabas, which was indeed divine help for the selfless efforts of your countrymen, and a promise from God that as long as the Iranian people stick to the path of Prophet Muhammad (SAWA) and his Infallible Household, no supposedly mighty military or economic power will be able to threaten Iran. Thus, in view of these undeniable facts, April 25 will remain a red-letter day in the annals of the Islamic Revolution long after the US ceases to exist on the map of the world. The message is loud and clear. God is the Best of planners.

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