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The materialistic atheistic godless system wants to remove God through Darwinism

By: Dr. Hyder Reza Zabeth
In the contemporary world in the name of science, the freedom of scientists to express their research enquiries and know-how is suppressed in the societies. These scientists have touched the most important question that certain features of the universe and of living things are best explained by an intelligent cause, not an undirected process such as natural selection.
Professor Sternberg of the famous Smithsonian Institution in USA was sacked recently for supporting the scientific discovery called “Intelligent Design”. Intelligent Design scientific discovery affirms that the universe was created by a “Supreme Intelligent Being” which the scientists have named it as “Intelligent Design”.
But in USA, European and other countries which are encapsulated by the materialistic atheistic godless system, the renowned scientists affirming the scientific discovery of “Intelligent Design” are considered as outlaws and are excommunicated from their societies. Affirming the scientific discovery of “Intelligent Design” is considered as an unpardonable crime and all the scientists reaching this conclusion are severely punished and purged from the universities and scientific institutions. If God is proven by any of these discoveries then the western media and political system will lose the grip of society because people will follow the supreme authority rather than media. That crime is intolerable.
Prof .Carocline Crocker of George Mason University in USA was fired from the University for supporting the scientific discovery of ‘Intelligent Design’ in the creation of the universe.
Other leading scientists of USA who in recent years were purged from universities and excommunicated for affirming the scientific discovery of “Intelligent Design” are as follows: Professor Michael Egnor, Professor Robert Marks of Iowa State University, Professor Guillermo Gonzalez and Professor Jonathan Wells.
The scientific discovery of Intelligent Design closely links modern science to theology and religion and for this reason this discovery is opposed at all levels in the Western secular godless societies which are directly or indirectly controlled by Zionist bankers and capitalists.
Discovery Institute in USA has expounded the Intelligent Design discovery in a rational and scientific way and for this reason this organization is condemned by the Zionist controlled media, universities and Judiciary in USA.
But today Darwinism is considered as sacred Dogma, religion and philosophy of the materialistic atheistic Western capitalist system which Leeds some of the scientists and people to turn to atheism and skepticism. Then these Godless people can be led by media for any values.
Charles Darwin, who was a Zionist stressed on the origin of species and misinterpreted the concept of evolution. All the scientific experiments carried out to proof the claims of Darwin have so that far utterly failed. Darwin believed that the first living cells in the earth originated from mud and considered crystals and alien objects to be responsible for creation of the earth and universe. But most of the modern and contemporary scientists firmly affirm that an Intelligent Being is the creator of the universe.
Darwinism which is considered as a foundational theory of the modern western culture, Media and educationist are afraid of any free speech against the concepts of Darwinism. In the old days people used to worship Idols and thus turn away from God now modern idol is Darwin theory. If any scientist in any scientific institution or university affirm or express the fact of the scientific discovery called Intelligent Design is opposed and combated first by scientific academies and institutions aided by Zionists in the Western societies. The Zionist bankers and capitalists have created watchdog institutions like the ‘National Center of Science Education’ in USA which carry out the slandering campaign of the scientists through the Zionist controlled media. The scientific academies, institutions, watchdog institutions and the media have obtained many rulings and orders from courts in USA and many European countries that any scientist not believing in Darwinism can be purged form the universities and scientific institutions.
But the believers in the concepts of Darwinism are legally allowed to carry out defamation of religion and ethical values and they declare openly that they are waging a full-scale war with all the religions who believe in God.
Since God through prophets is source of all moral, family and ethical values in the world. Thus If you remove God any value system in the society can be introduced and people will follow it because they have nothing to follow, all movements like homosexuality, Zionism, Mercantilism, Imperialism, Colonialism, Nazism and Fascism are directly connected to Darwinist ideology. The supporters of Darwinism firmly believe and practice ‘Eugenics’ in which unfit people are not allowed to bear children and abortion is legalized.
Darwinism has rationalized all forms of evil in the name of science and Darwinism in the materialistic Western societies has successfully curbed the freedom of enquiry in modern sciences.
It is to be noted that scientists supporting Darwinism theory express their utter ignorance when and how the first living cell came into existence on earth and when these hard core Darwinist are refuted by scholars they accept that there is a Superior Higher Intelligent Being which created the universe and which now controls it.
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