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Noor-e-Hidayat Foundation, Lucknow, India

Noor-e-Hidayat Foundation was established by Maulana Syed Kalbe Jawad in Lucknow, UP, India in the memory of Ghufran Ma’ab Maulana S. Dildar Ali Naqavi (1753-1820), the distinguished religious scholar reformer leader.

The thought-provoking writings and the fruit-bearing efforts of the first and the foremost Mujtahid (the scholar-researcher of Islamic Jurisprudence) of South Asia, Ghufran Ma’ab has undertaken tirade of presenting Islam and its’ commandments in the real perspective, carried out the gratifying act of illuminating each and every corner of South Asia with the light of guidance (noor-e-hidayat) and given religious leadership to Shia society. An extension of his mission is Noor-e-Hidayat Foundation. His immortal foot-steps are our guiding force.
In this age of IT advancement, when human mind is overburdened with the rush of both positive and negative types of informations, there is dire need of presenting Islam in its real perspective in contemporary languages and in modern lexicon. Keeping this in view, we have organized our Publication Division. NHF is bringing out a monthly magazine of standard, ‘Shua-e-Amal’ in an eye-cathing get-up. Through the magazine, we are publishing fresh articles of high academic value and reproducing ever-blooming type of works of our past literary icons. Moreover, ‘Khandan-e-Ijtehad’ Number is also published as an annual journal, coinciding with the occasion of yearly religious gathering, Majalis-e-Azeem.
Education is also a sister concern of IT. Our special attention is towards it too. Islamic Studies Centre and Maktabatuz-Zahra have already been established and are active in imparting religious education respectively to the boy and girl students.
IT and education become purposeless if their benifits are not able to reach each and every section of the society, especially if the weaker, helpless and down-troden people are not helped to their upliftment and if their evils and defects are not rectified. So the social welfare & reform of the society’s irrational & improper rites and customs, help to poor and helpless and arrangement of medical treatment of patients to the possible extent are on our foremost agenda.
The social welfare and reform also cover the security and maintenance of waqf properties. These waqfs established by our past generations out of their pious intentions are our valuable wealth. Hence we always evdeavour for their proper maintenance and development.


To create atmosphere conducive to national integeration and fraternity.
To develop sense of patriotism in masses.
To act for upliftment of the nation.

To establish, manage and maintain educational institutions.
To arrange for education, right from primary to higher level.
To establish technical institutions and religious educational institutions and to manage and maintain them.
To arrange library and reading room(s)

Free education and training to the children of poor section of the nation and to develop employment opportunities for the handicapped, orphans, widows, helpless and older to the possible extent.
To arrange for employment to poor and destitute ladies after giving them proper training.

To publish books and periodicals to bring NHF’s thoughts to the people.

To work for removal of evils and of wrongs and useless customs and rites, prevalent in the society. To arrange dowryless marriages and to arrange marriages of poor girls and widows on our own expenses.
To oppose evils, characterlessness and orthodox behaviours in the society and to work for their removal.

To establish charitable Hospital(s) and Medical College(s), after proper permission and approval from the Government, for better treatment of the poor, and to arrange therein for the treatment through latest techniques and to provide free medicines.


Pulished regularly since July 2004.
Decorated with eye-caching cover, charming getup and incorporated with intrinsic qualities.
Trying consistantly for the religious awareness of the community through quality articles of high academic and research value.
Particular attention towards special Numbers.
Annual Subscription: Rs. 200/- (Rupees two hundred only)

Estd: 15th Jamadiul Awwal 1427/June, 2006
Arrangement for education of theology, Quranic phonetics, Arabic and Persian for school/college-going boy students.
Special attention towards article-writing and research works.

In fact, a revival of special maktab established by Maulana S. Kalbe Abid (Rahmat Ma’ab) as early as in 1984
Arrangement for education of theology, Quranic phonetics, Arabic and Persian exclusively for the girl students of the community.

A collection of thousands of valuable books on Islamic studies.
Devoted to public, particularly for academic and research work.
Timing: From: 9.00 AM to 2.00 PM (Friday closed)

Special arrangement of sale of publications of NHF and other publishers.

Publication of books and booklets in conformity with the demands of the time.

Some Titles (already published)
‘Imam Zainul Aabideen a.s. ki zindagi’

Urdu translation of book penned by the leader of Islamic Revolution, Syed Ali Khamenai
Tasawwur-e-Mahdi a.f. (Urdu version of the work) by Shaheed Baqir as-Sadr.
Insan-e-Azam (A biography of Ameerul Momineen a.s. in Urdu) by Allama Hindi (Late) Syed Ahmad Naqavi.
Ameer-e-Mukhtar (Urdu) by Maulana S. Hasan Zafar Naqavi
Nishan-e-Raah (Hindi translation of collection of essays by Maulana S. Hasan Zafar Naqavi.)
Alamdar-e-Karbala (Hindi) by ‘Shakeel’ Shamsi
History of Sheeiyat in India (Urdu) by S. M. Baqir ‘Shams’ Lucknowi
Gulkada-e-Manaqib (Collection of poems by) ‘Fakhir’, ‘Zakhir’, ‘Fatir’ and ‘Kamil’.
Shia-Sunni Pact presented by Noor-e-Hidayat Foundation
Muhkam Aayat (Urdu) by Dr. Raza Husain ‘Ramz’, Lucknow
Saheefat-us-Sajideen compiled by Prince Sartaj Mirza
Sahyooni Dahshatgardi (Urdu) by Journalist ‘Shakeel’ Shamsi
Israil ka Aatankwad (Hindi) by Journalist Shakeel Shamsi
Kalam-e-Zaira (Urdu) by Marziya Shamsi ‘Zaira’
Imam Husain (A.s.) ka Sandesh Manavta ke Nam (Hindi) by Maulana S. Ali Naqi Naqavi
Islami Aqeede (Hindi Version of Person work of) S. Mujtaba Moosvi Lari Trans. By ‘Tazheeb’ Nagrauri
Dua-e-Kumail (Urdu) Trans. By Maulana Mohsin Ali Najafi
Aasra (Urdu Poems) by ‘Tanveer’ Nagrauri
Durr-e-Nayab (Urdu Poems) by ‘Yawar’ Bahraichi
Sirat-e-Sukoon (Urdu) by Dr. S. Raza Husain ‘Ramz’
Anwar-e-Masumeen (Holy Biography of the fourteen infallible in Urdu) by Dr. Noor-un-Nisa.
Khandan-e-Ijtihad Numbers (published annually.)

Writing, compiling and translating first into Urdu, then in Hindi and English and thereafter in other Indian languages:
Biographies of 14 Masooms and other distinguished religious personalities.
Publication of distinguished works of scholors belonging to Khandan-e-Ijtehad and other scholar-writers, after proper editing and formating.
History of Shias and Shiaism.
Biographical sketches of Shia scholors, litterateurs and intellectuals with special reference to their acadamic & literary works.
General utility literature on Ethics and social reform.
Inventory of Shia holy places and waqfs in India.
Summarizing, formating and translating the reference work of high standard such as ‘Tuhafa-e-Isna Asharia, Imadul Islam, Nuzha-e-Isna Asharia, Hadeeqa-e-Sultaniya, Abaqatul Anwar etc.
N. B. Other useful projects would be included according to availability of resources and man-power.
[To encourage research synchronized with needs of the hour is our motto]

To extend your valuable help and support to us
To contact us in your religious problems
To help us through sahm-e-Imam (Khums) [We have kind permission from our marjas, to receive a sum of one million Rupees a year out of Sahm-e-Imam] or other religious amounts such as Sadqa, Fitra, Price of hides of Qurbani, Imam Zamin etc.
To sponsor publication of any selected book/booklet of the organization or an issue of the monthly Shua-e-Amal, in Isal-e-Sawab to your beloved deceased relatives.
To subscribe regularly the monthly ‘Shua-e-Amal’ and extend your help to the monthly and other books/booklets of Noor-e-Hidayat foundation in their publication
To donate published/unpublished religious book, manuscript, marsia, collection of marsias, nuahas, or Qaseedas to our library for better use.
Syed Mustafa Husain Naqvi (Aseef Jaisi)
Noor-e-Hidayat Foundation
Imambara Ghufranmaab,
Maulana Kalbe Husain Road,
Chowk, Lucknow-3 (INDIA)
Website: http://www.noorehidayatfoundation.com

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