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Yazid ibn Mu'awiyya

Compiled By: Syed Ali Shahbaz
On July 23, 645 AD, Yazid, the accursed perpetrator of the heartrending tragedy of Karbala, was born out of wedlock to an immoral Arab Bedouin Syrian woman, named Maysun bint Bajdal al-Kulaibi al-Nasrania (the Christian), who was ravished and abandoned by the then governor of Syria, Mu’awiyyah ibn Abu Sufyan. He was suckled by many other women of immoral character, and years later brought to Damascus by Mu’awiyya, who not having any other male issue, named him his successor to the caliphate against the terms of the Treaty by which he had usurped rule of the Islamic realm from Imam Hasan (AS), the elder grandson of Prophet Mohammad (SAWA). An infidel, who did not believe in any religion, although a crucifix given by his Christian mother used to dangle from his neck, Yazid was a drunkard and frequently asked his slaves to sodomize him. In the three years that he illegally ruled the Islamic realm, before his sudden death at the age of 36, he committed three unpardonable crimes against humanity.
The first was the cruel martyrdom of the Prophet’s younger grandson, Imam Husain (AS), and its equally cruel aftermath when the noble ladies and children of the Ahl al-Bayt were brought to his court in Damascus along with the heads of martyrs, at whose sight he exultantly declared that neither revelation had come from heaven nor there is any day of resurrection. His second cardinal sin was the incident of Harrah when his forces slaughtered hundreds of companions of the Prophet and then for three days butchered as many as 10,000 people of the holy city of Medina, where the Prophet's Mosque was desecrated and thousands of women raped. His third blasphemous crime was the storming of the holy Ka’ba in Mecca with fire and brimstone that ended with his sudden death in Damascus as a result of divine wrath while on a hunting trip. Only the charred leg of Yazid was found, and today there is no trace of his grave.

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