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Accounts of Prophet Moses (A.S.)

Compiled By: Syed Ali Shahbaz
On 4th of the Islamic month of Zil-Hijjah 3,300 lunar years ago, on this day, Prophet Moses (AS) triumphed over the magicians assembled by the Pharaoh of Egypt at a public gathering on a day of feast to try to humiliate him through sorcery and trickery in front of the masses. Before start of the contest, Moses, addressing the magicians and the Pharaoh, renewed the invitation to monotheism, and warned them of the consequences of polytheism.
He told them that their acts of sorcery, in comparison to his miracles, are nothing but attempts to forge lies against God. Prophet Moses first invited them to the worship of the One and Only God and called on them to give up the sordid practice of idol-worship. Next, when the magicians asked him as to who would start the contest, he politely told them to begin first.
The magicians resorted to their tricks by casting down their special sticks and ropes in such a mesmerizing way as to deceive the people and make them think that lifeless objects have suddenly become animated creatures moving on the ground. On God\'s command, Moses cast down his rod and it took the form of a huge python which swallowed the tools of magic.
When the magicians saw this manifest miracle, they realized that this was not some trick to deceive the eyes but a reality and a divine miracle that turn a lifeless stick into an actual animal. They thus fell down before Moses recognizing him as a Prophet of God, and openly declared their faith in the One and Only God, despite the threats of the Pharaoh to cut off their hands and feet, and nail them on trees.
The holy Qur\'an has mentioned these facts, and other accounts of Prophet Moses, who is considered as one of the five great Prophets the others being: Noah, Abraham, Jesus, and the Last and Greatest of them all, Prophet Mohammad (SAWA).

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