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Three of the most sacrilegious acts committed by Yazid ibn Muawiya

Compiled By: Syed Ali Shahbaz
On 27th of the Islamic month of Moharram in 64 AH, the holy city of Mecca was besieged by the Omayyad forces of the Godless Yazid under the leadership of Haseen bin Numayr, one of the notorious culprits of the tragedy of Karbala, who desecrated the sanctity of the sacred Ka\'ba the symbolic house of the Unseen but Omnipresent Creator by hurling blazing naphthalene balls on Islam\'s most holiest site.
A month earlier on the 28th of Zilhijja, this very same Omayyad army led by the blasphemous general, Muslim bin Uqba al-Marri, had pillaged Medina, desecrated the Prophet\'s shrine, massacred some 10,000 persons in the Battle of Harrah including several hundred companions of the Prophet, and for three days mass-raped the women of the city, resulting in the birth of thousands of illegitimate children who had no clue about their fathers.
Ibn Numayr took command of the ungodly Omayyad army when, while proceeding for the attack on Mecca, Muslim bin Uqba suddenly died and ended up in the bowels of hell. The main target of the Omayyad army was the crafty Abdullah ibn Zubayr. The siege of Mecca ended and bloodshed in the sacred precincts of Masjid al-Haraam halted, over a month-and-a-half later when news reached of the ignominious death in Syria of the tyrant Yazid.
During his 3-and-a-half-year reign the ungodly Yazid committed three of the most sacrilegious acts the killing of the Prophet\'s grandson Imam Husain (AS) at Karbala, the sack of Medina, and the storming of the holy Ka\'ba.

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