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Martyrdom of Ammar Yasser

Compiled By: Syed Ali Shahbaz
On 9th of the Islamic month of Safar in 37 AH, Ammar Yasser, one of the close disciples of Prophet Mohammad (SAWA), attained martyrdom at the age of 93 during a battle in the War of Siffin, in defence of Islam, while fighting hypocrisy and sedition in the company of the Prophet ’s First Infallible Successor, Imam Ali (AS).
He was killed in cowardly manner from behind by one of the commanders of the Omayyad rebel, Mu’awiyah ibn Abu Sufyan, and thus the Prophet’s prediction that Ammar will be martyred by a heretical group came true.
His parents, Yaser and Somayyah, were the first martyrs of Islam. They were tortured to death by the pagan Arabs of Mecca, such as Abu Sufyan, for believing in the monotheist message of Prophet Mohammad (SAWA). Ammar stood firm against the persecutions of disbelievers and on several occasions accompanied the Prophet in the expeditions against the pagan Arabs.
After the passing away of the Prophet, he stood firmly beside Imam Ali (AS) and refused to accept the regime in Medina that had usurped political power through the coup at Saqifa Bani Sa\'da. Ammar’s mausoleum situated in Reqqa, Syria, at the site of his martyrdom, has sadly been desecrated by the Takfiri terrorists.

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