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Confirmation of the Mission of the Holy Prophet (S.A.W.A.)

Source: Ain-al-Hayat, By: Allama Muhammad Baqir Majlisi

Miad-The Resurrection, is one of the most important aspects of Faith
The meaning of Miad is returning again or resurrection. This will be the day when Allah will bring back Jinn and Men to life after death and an account, or balance sheet of their good and bad deeds, would be drawn.
Miad is one of the most important aspects of Faith that has been mentioned in the Traditions many times over. In fact, one who doesnt believe in Miad and believe that on the Day of Judgment men will not be raised in their earthly bodies is an infidel.
Interpreting the verses of the Quran that the reward and retribution will only be for the spirits and the bodies would not be raised for the purpose is infidelity. One must believe that on Doomsday there will be a great upheaval. The mountains would shatter into smithereens. The dust of the bodies of the dead would be reassembled into full with Allahs Orders. The spirit would enter every individuals body and then the accounting of the deeds would take place!
The other aspects of Qiyamat, viz, the Bridge of Sirat, Meezan (the Balance of Justice) will follow and the deeds would be measured. According to the Promise made by Allah, everyone shall pass through all the steps to be judged deserving of the Heaven or the Hell. In the Heaven there will be Houris, Ghilmaan, canals of sweet honey and milk, garden with fruits. The Hell for the evil will have fire, snakes, vermin, thorny trees and boiling hot water. One must believe that all these are true and definite to happen to every human being and the jinns.
Now, from the scion of Adam (as), the first to be called will be Muhammad bin Abd Allah (S) for questioning. On that day, the Prophet (S) will be placed at the most prominent place. Now, Allah will ask the Prophet (S), Has Jibrael communicated all Our Revelations to you? The Prophet (S) will reply, O my Creator! Yes. Jibrael has communicated to me the Book, the Knowledge and the Erudition sent by You! Allah will ask, Have you given my Orders and Testaments to my people?
The Prophet (S) replied, I have communicated all Your Orders and Testaments to the people, had done Jihad (struggle) in your way! Allah will then ask the Prophet (S), Who is your Witness? The Prophet (S) will reply, O Allah! You are Yourself my Witness! Your angels and the selected people amongst my followers too are my witnesses! But only Your Witness is enough for me! Then the angels would bear witness to the Prophet hood of Muhammad (S). Then the Prophet (S)s Ummah would be called upon to bear witness to his prophet hood. Every believer will bear witness that, Muhammad bin Abd Allah (S) communicated to us Your Book and Knowledge to us! The Prophet (S) will then be asked, Whom did you appoint your Vicegerent to guide the Ummah after you? The Vicegerent (s) who would keep the people on the Right Path and teach them about our Book? The Prophet (S) would reply, I have appointed the Khair-il-Bashar, the best of the ummah, my brother, Ali bin abi Talib (as), as my vicegerent, successor and Caliph. I exhorted my people to obey him after me. Then Ali bin Abi Talib (as) will be called for interrogation.
Allah will ask him, O Ali (as)! Muhammad bin Abdallah, Our Prophet (S), appointed you his Caliph. Did you discharge the duties of Imama of the people after him? Amirul-Mumineen Ali (as) would say, O Creator, Allah! Your Prophet (S) nominated me his Caliph! When You called away Your Habib, the Prophet (S), from the world, his ummah recanted from my Khilafa and Imama and weakened me with stealth and stratagem. They conspired to assassinate me, did not heed my advice and gave preference to the incompetent over me and imposed them as caliph and imam, one after another! Then I took to the sword, did Jihad in Your way and I was Martyred! Then Amirul-Mumineen Ali (as) will be asked, Whom did you appoint as you Naib (Successor)? Thus, every Imam (as) would be called for interrogation along with the people of his own time. Allah will then say:

﴿ .﴾

Today the Truthful would get benefit for their truthfulness. (5:119)
Reliable sources narrate from Imam Jafar As-Sadiq (as) that when Allah will gather the people for interrogation, He will ask prophet Noah (as), the Prophet, about the discharge of his duties of prophet hood. Prophet Nooh (as) will say, O Allah! I implicitly conveyed your Testament to the people! Allah will ask him, Who will be your witness? Prophet Nooh (as) will reply, Prophet Muhammad bin Abd Allah (as) will be my witness!
Saying this, Prophet Nooh (as) will come near to the Prophet, Muhammad (S), and will say, O Muhammad (S)! Allah has demanded a witness about my discharge of duties as His Prophet! The Prophet (S) will call Hamza (r.a.) and Jafar(r.a.) at that point and tell them to give witness to Allah about Propagation of Allahs Word to his people by prophet Noah (as). Then these two Companions of the Prophet (S) bear witness for Prophet Nooh (as) and other Prophets (S). The Narrator says, I asked the Imam (as), why the Prophet (S) will not send Amirul-Mumineen Ali (as) for this purpose? The Imam (as) said, It was because of Amirul-Mumineen Ali (as)s superior status!
It is narrated that Imam Jafar As-Sadiq (as) said, Before you are asked to present the account of your deeds by Allah, you must do your own audit! Because on the Day of Judgment people will be made to wait at fifty places for giving account of their deeds and at every stage one will have to linger for a thousand years, as Allah Himself says
﴿ .﴾

The Day will be such that its stretch will be of fifty thousand years! (32:5)

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