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Lies Condemned

Source: Ain-al-Hayat, By: Allama Muhammad Baqir Majlisi

It is evident from innumerable traditions that a lie, whether told in jest or in seriousness, is taboo act. But in certain special circusstances telling the bare truth is not good. Similarly there are circumstances when one must perforce uphold a lie. For example, telling a truth is haram when there is the likelihood of harming a Mu知in through its utterence. Conversely, if one has to tell a lie to save the life of a Mu知in, he must do it. Suppose a Mu知in has kept with someone an amount in trust. If a tyrant claims that amount from the person who has been entrusted the safekeeping, then the person can go to the extreme extent of making a false oath that the money is not with him.
It is narrated from Imam Ja断ar As-Sadiq (as) that when a person speaks the truth, his acts too will be pure and popular.
Amir置l-Mu知ineen (as) was once sitting under a dilapidated, leaning wall giving a sermon. One person said, 典he wall near which you are seated is dilapidated. It might collapse. The Imam (as) replied, 泥eath is the keeper! When the Imam (as) rose and moved from there, the wall collapsed.
Imam Ja断ar As-Sadiq (as) said, 典he first to bear witness of the truthful person will be Allah! Then He will bear witness that what He says is always the truth!
Amir置l-Mu知ineen (as) says: The adornment of words is the truth. Tell the truth. The truthful persons are remembered by Allah with the sobriquet of As-Sadiqeen! He is always with the truthful. Save yourselves from falsehood. Falsehood takes one away from the Faith. The truthful is at the threshold of deliverence. The one who lies will be in the abyss of shame and destruction.
It is narrated from Imam Muhammad Al-Baqir (as) that Allah has provided locks for sins and hypocricy is their key. Telling lies is worst than consuming alcohols.
Then the Imam (as) said, 典elling lies is tantamount to spoiling one痴 faith!
Imam Ja断ar As-Sadiq (as) says that telling lies about Allah and his Prophet (S) is a major sin.
It is narrated from Imam Muhammad Al-Baqir (as) that the first to bear witness about a lier will be Allah. Then will follow the witness of the two angels who keep a record of the words and deeds of every person. In the end the person himself will confess to his lying.
It is narrated from Imam Ja断ar As-Sadiq (as) that Prophet 選sa (as) said, 典he face of a liar will lose its radiance and good looks!

Contentment and Opulence
The Prophet of Allah (S) said, 徹 Abu Dharr! Adopt contentment that you raise yourself in the consideration of Allah! Abu Dharr asked, 添a Imam! What is Ghina or contentment? The Prophet (S) replied, 典he contented person is one who has two square meals for the day and the night!
The Prophet of Allah (S) said, 徹 Abu Dharr! One who is happy with the frugal sustenance provided by Allah, Allah will be satisfied with his small acts!

Abstain From Untruths
The Prophet of Allah (S) has said, 徹ne who protects that which lies between his two jaws and that which is between the two loins, Allah will give him a place in the Heaven! Protection of the tongue consists in abstaining from telling lies. There should be thruth both in the words and deeds of a person.
A man who prays regularly, atleast repeats the following words ten times a day: 展e only worship You and seek help ony from You. As a matter of fact they are not telling the truth because whatever they do, they seek help of persons other than Allah. When they perpetuate any wrong acts, they register the help of the Satan.
Allah curses the liars and befriends the truthful. He exhorts people to join ranks with the truthful. Telling lies is not only an abhorrent act but is also a major sin. Telling a lie even in jest is a sin. But certain times telling lies is permissible. If one can save an innocent person from execution by telling a lie is considered a noble act. In a similar situation, if someone tells the truth and becomes the cause of the killing of an innocent person, then he has committed a major sin. If a rapprochement can be arranged between two litigant Mu知ins by telling a lie, it can be done.
The Prophet of Islam (S) has said that telling lies in three circumstances is not a sin: In the war breaking a covenant with the enemy, lying to one痴 own spouse for the purpose of peace at home and trying to establish amicability between two friends who have been fighting.
The Prophet (S) also said: The biographies of kings (Shah-nameh), tales of the Fire Worshippers, stories of Laila Majnoon etc, although true, should not be read or retold.
Imam Muhammad Al-Baqir (as) narrates from the Prophet of Islam (S) that 奏alking of 羨li (as) is prayer. This, because talking of him is like talking of me; and talking of me is like talking of Allah. And talking of Allah is prayer in itself!
Someone asked Imam Ja断ar As-Sadiq about the stories told by the mendicants. The Imam (as) replied, 展hen one gives ears to the teller of the tales, he is in a way worshipping him! If the person is talking about Allah, then it will be the worship of Allah. If the person talks about the Satan or false things, then the listener would be worshipping the Satan!

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