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Battle of Khandaq (Trench), a great milestone in the history of Islam

On the occasion of the anniversary of a great milestone in the history of Islam, that is, the Battle of Khandaq or the Trench, Let us now present you a fine piece of poetry on this great epic composed by Iran’s English language poet, Dr. Hassan Najafi: Trench to the Arabs was a new device It was done upon Salman the Iranian’s advice.
Amar Abdawud, a pagan warrior of renown His presence in the Arab-Israelite force made Muslims moan, Leapt his horse to the other side
Started calling Muslims in pride: Why are you reluctant Kill me and enter heaven; Or get killed to enter heaven.
All heard, the voice was loud enough; But cowardice, made them dumb and deaf.
None rose – Every time only Ali rose.
The Prophet gave leave and Ali went to fight; Some companions were happy Ali would die in the fight.
Dust rose and the scene remained invisible; Who killed and by whom was unpredictable.
Anxiety ruled the Muslim camp All in darkness short of informing lamp.
Ali emerged triumphant The cry of Allah-o Akbar became resonant All asked Ali to tell what occurred The son of Abdawud was a brave one, how he surrendered?
The adversary fell and Ali sat on his chest, The pagan Arab spat at the Imam the best, The insult could provoke anger Since became personal, a holy war it was no more.
To keep alive the jihad for the sake of the Lord Most High, Ali withdrew from the fallen foe to make his wrath cool and dry.
Then the life-and-death combat restarted, Ali soon dealt the decisive blow and to hell the pagan departed;
The Prophet was pleased and said with a smile: “Stroke of Ali worthier than the worship of the world and afterlife, The Prophet clasped Ali to his breast, It was Ali’s self that prest, Let me hold you to my heart, And shall we never part.
My life – my all that is mine To you, only to you, resign.
Such the Prophet received Ali after the battle
And in these words introduced Ali before the battle: “The Faith in full marches against the whole paganhood;"
In these prophetic words Ali can be well understood.
In his whole life the Prophet never referred to any By ‘Faith’ which was only the lot of Ali.
Hence, the envy crept in pagan hearts; Saqifa the aftermath where faith departs, Might of Ali, Majesty of Ali, Magnanimity of Ali,
Moral of Ali See in this Battle Saqifa will sound like prattle!

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