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Encyclopedia of Qur anology:

The subject-based encyclopedia of Qur'anology includes two major parts, Outside Quran topics (Quran Knowledge) and Inside Quran topics (Quran Sciences) being prepared with around 850 main entries.

□ Giving a true and exact definition of Quran and presenting its evidences and truth
□ Elaborating practical and perfect aspects of Quran
□ Analyzing Quran aspects due to a systematic and up-to-date attitude and current issues ad necessities
□ Criticizing opponent and wrong ideas and responding to questions and dubieties in Quran sciences

The first part of this encyclopedia, Quran topics (Quran Knowledge) is divided into two chapters. "The logic of comprehending Quran", the first one, covers the principles and methodology of comprehending Quran and examining interpretational comprehension of divine word, Quran. The second chapter, "Knowing Quran", is on Quran history and sciences.
The second part, Inside Quran topics (Quran Sciences), is divided into thirteen chapters each one being produced by certain research groups of IICT.
Certain experts and scholars work on each part and chapter of this project and a scientific council supervises the activity and decides on the essays.

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