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Hazrat Zahra (S.A.) Academy, Karachi, Pakistan

Our Vision:
To pave the way for Zahoor of Imam-e-Zamana (a.s.)

Our Mission:
Our mission is to encourage and enable people to acquire Islamic knowledge as per teachings of Ahlul Bait (a.s.) by promoting Islamic approach through the studies of various disciplines towards perfection of human civilization.

Our Objectives:
1. To seek to preserve the Islamic perspective according to the Quran and Sunnah.
2. To conduct social, cultural, religious and educational activities in the best tradition of Islam.
3. To enhance the Islamic identity.
4. To promote programs for the youth to contribute positively to society.
5. To develop capable young people loving, creative minds, souls and bodies to further justice and peace.
6. To cooperate and work with other institutions to achieve common objectives.
7. To practically apply the teachings of Ahl-ul-Bait (a.s.) by engaging in poverty eradication and other social upliftment programs.
8. Working with the Local Community to spread the right message of Islam and establish long lasting relationships that work in the interest of everyone.

Our activities started after a heavy spadework of 20 years by the founder of Zahra (S.A.) Academy, Ayatullah Dr.Syed Hussain Murtaza Naqvi, in the professional institutions of Karachi like Dow Medical College , Sind Medical College , N.E.D. Engineering Universities , and University of Karachi , where he himself was doing Ph.D. on Allama Hilly (R.A.).
He collected a team of students from these institutions and made them understand the importance of going to Hawza-e-Ilmiyah of Qum and acquiring the Islamic knowledge, in the meanwhile he managed to get the doors of Hawza open for such students as there was a big controversy among some of the learned Ulema regarding the students of colleges and universities. Later, he succeeded in opening the doors and thus more then 200 boys only from Karachi managed to enter the Hawza. At a later stage with the understanding of some of these students he pioneered the starting of girls madrasah, which also faced a lot of opposition from many directions. He managed to bring more then 100 girls to Hawza and later on the Hawza authorities understanding the need of such an institution started Jamia'-tuz-Zahra, now famous for girls students, intending to learn the teachings of Masumeen (A.S.).
25 years back the official opening of our Qum branch was done in which many of the learned scholars and Mujtahideen of Hawza-e-Ilmiyah of Qum attended.
From there our activities started in an organized manner. It was registered in Pakistan as a trust and an office was opened for the regular activities in Karachi, which is still working.
Words of Wisdom"He who travels in the search of knowledge, to him Allah shows the way of Paradise".

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