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The Holy Prophet (S.A.W.A.) s Behavior and Temperament

Compiled by: Ahmad Ahmadi Birjandi
God says about His Holy Messenger, Muhammad b. ‘Abdullah (S): ﴾And indeed you possess a great character﴿ (68:4).
What can a man with a little knowledge say about a Messenger who is all piety, mercy and a source of benevolence and magnanimity? What I say here is a single drop out of an ocean.
The Prophet (S)'s temperament, behavior, and conduct are indeed a model for all Muslims and a paradigm for all human beings and are in fact manifestations of Islam. The Prophet (S) regarded all Muslims as brothers and treated them extremely kindly and lovingly.
He would be dressed so simply and would sit on the ground so humbly among the companions that if a stranger arrived, he could not realize which one of them was the Prophet (S).
Although always wearing simple clothes, he considered cleanliness of garment and body as very important. His performing ablution (wudhu) was always accompanied by brushing teeth. He would not exclude using perfume. He was always polite to the old and the young. He would always surpass others in saying salam. There was always a sweet smile on his face; however, he would avoid laughing loudly. He would frequently visit the sick and attend the Muslims’ funerals. He was hospitable.
He would specially favor the orphans and the distressed, and affectionately caress the heads of the orphans. He avoided sleeping on a soft bed, saying: “In the world, I am like a rider who is resting for a while in the shade of a tree and then leaving.” Although he was kind and gentle toward the subordinates, he was strongly harsh to the enemies and hypocrites.
He was never frightened in the wars and was closer in battle field to the enemy than all other soldiers. He pardoned stubborn enemies such as the Quraysh infidels in the conquest of Mecca, who, in turn, were attracted by the Prophet (S)'s character and converted to Islam in scores.
He would avoid worldly riches. He distributed public property among people as quickly as possible, and although he was a commander and the messenger of God, he would never take a bigger share for himself. His holiness was truly an example and a paradigm for all people.

Some Sayings of His Holiness Prophet Muhammad (S):
1. “The best things given to a person are a thanking tongue, a tolerant and patient body, and a God remembering heart.”
2. “It is true that you cannot attend to people by your wealth and satisfy them. Then try to attend to them with your good temper and speak kindly to them”.
3. “The worst people are those who do not accept an excuse and do not forgive a slip.”
B 4. “Imparting knowledge to the unfit is like hanging jewelry and pearls round the neck of a swine.”
5. “The best and the most valuable things that a person acquires are forbearance and knowledge.”
6. “Hope is a source of mercy for my followers; if there were no light of hope in the hearts, no mother would feed her baby, and no gardener would plant a young tree.”
7. “The one who goes shopping and buys gifts for his family is like the one who wants to help the needy; and when he wants to distribute the gifts among the family members he should first hand one to his daughter and then to his son.”
8. “Shall I not inform you of the things that if you do, the Satan will get as far away from you as the distance between west and east?” Prophet (S) asked. Those who were present replied: “Yes by all means.” The Prophet (S) said: “Fasting makes the Satan black-faced, giving alms breaks his back, and friendship only for God's sake and perseverance in good deeds eradicates his root. Asking for Divine pardon and repentance cuts off Satan's artery. For everything, there's a zakat, and the zakat of the body is fasting.”

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