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Prophecies made by Isa (A.S.) about the advent of Holy Prophet Muhammad Mustafa (S.A.W.)

Source: Shaykh Saduq, Kamaaluddin wa Tamaamun Ni’ma Vol. 1
Perfection of Faith and Completion of Divine Favor

1 - Narrated to us Muhammad bin Ibrahim bin Ishaq Taliqani (r.a.): Narrated to us Abu Ahmad Abdul Aziz bin Yahya bin Ahmad bin Isa al-Jaludi al-Basri in Basra: Narrated to us Muhammad bin Atiya ash-Shami: Narrated to us Abdullah bin Amr bin Saeed al-Basri: Narrated to us Hisham bin Ja’far from Hammad bin Abdullah bin Sulaiman - scholar of divine books - that: “I have read in Injeel that: O Isa, struggle in My matter and work and do not be shortcoming in it. And listen and obey, O son of the chaste and virgin lady, you have not been created with the union of sexes. I have created you as a sign for the worlds. Therefore serve only Me and trust Me only. Take up the book strongly. Explain to the Syrian people in the Syriac language and convey My message to them that indeed only I am that God Who is eternal and permanent and there is no decline for Me.
Accept the truth of the prophet who will be the owner of the camel, coat of mail, crown (turban), shoes and the staff. He would have large eyes and a wide forehead. His cheeks will be chubby and his nose will be raised from the middle and have small nostrils. His upper and lower front teeth will be wide and his neck will be shinning like a silver pitcher as if light is coming out of it. He will have hair on his body from the chest upto the navel. His belly and chest will not have any hair.
He would be wheat-complexioned. From the chest upto his belly he will be having soft delicate hair. His palms and feet will be hard and short. If his steps turn they will turn both together and if he walks he would do so with very firm steps. If he is with a group of people he would be the most prominent among them. His perspiration on his face will shine like pearls and the fragrance of musk will be emanating out of it. There is none like him neither before him nor after.
His purified body will be fragrant and he will have many wives. His progeny shall be less but it will be through Mubareka (Lady Zahra) who is having a special house in Paradise, in which there shall neither be any sorrow nor pain. In the last age this Mubareka will be under a guardian like your mother was under the guardianship of Zakariya. She would have two sons who shall be martyred.
The speech of this prophet is Quran and his religion is Islam and I am the one who grants peace and security. Thus Tooba shall be for one who witness his time, see the period of his prophethood and listen to his words. Isa (a.s.) said: O Lord, what is Tooba? He was told, “It is a tree I have myself planted in Paradise and which provides shade to all the gardens. Its roots are from Rizwan and its source is from the water of Tasneem spring. The coolness of this spring is like coolness of camphor and its taste is that of wine. One who drinks a mouthful of it will never feel thirsty again.
Isa (a.s.) said: O Lord, give me to drink from it. He was told: It is prohibited for all till that prophet does not drink from it and it is prohibited for all nations till the nation of that prophet does not drink from it. O Isa, I am going to raise you towards Myself and in the last period of time I will make you descend to the earth so that you may witness the strange phenomena of this Ummah and you shall see that they would be around that accursed Dajjal. I shall make you descend at the time of prayer so that you may pray with them. This Ummah is the one that is eligible for mercy.
The Christ had also gone into occultation from his community a number of times and during those times he used to travel in the land. In that period his followers and community did not have any information about him. When he came out of the occultation he appointed Shamoon bin Hamoon as his legatee and when Shamoon also departed from the world the divine proofs that came after him remained in occultation.
People became anxious to meet him and their hardships increased. Religion was being destroyed, rights were trespassed, obligatory and recommended practices were eliminated. People became deviated and leaving the straight path began to go astray without realizing what the truth is and what the falsehood is. This occultation lasted for two hundred and fifty years.”
2 - Narrated to us Muhammad bin Hasan bin Ahmad bin Walid (r.a.) that: Narrated to us Muhammad bin Hasan as-Saffar; and Saad bin Abdullah, all of them from Ayyub bin Nuh from Abdullah bin al-Mughairah from Saad bin Abi Khalaf from Muawiyah bin Ammar that he said: Abu Abdullah (a.s.) said: “People remained without an apparent divine proof for two hundred and fifty years after Isa Ibne Maryam (a.s.).”
3 - Narrated to us my father (r.a.): Narrated to us Muhammad bin Yahya al-Attar from Yaqoob bin Yazid from Muhammad bin Abi Umair from Saad bin Abi Khalaf from Yaqoob bin Shuaib from Abi Abdullah (a.s.) that he said: “Between Isa (a.s.) and Muhammad (S) there was a gap of five hundred years out of which for two hundred and fifty years there was neither a prophet nor any learned one from Allah who was apparent. I (the narrator) asked: What did the people follow? The Imam replied: They followed the religion of Isa (a.s.). I asked: What was their actual condition? He replied: They were believers. Then he said: The earth never remains devoid of a learned one.”
Among those who roamed in the lands in search of divine proof was Salman Farsi (r.a.). He continued to move from one learned to another and moved from one jurisprudent to another and remained in the pursuit of divine secrets. He gained guidance through narrations. He awaited for the Qaim, the Qaim and the chief of the formers and the latters, Muhammad (S) for four hundred years till he received the glad tidings of his birth. When he became certain of deliverance he set out for Tahama and he was taken a captive there.

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