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Responding to greetings and salutations

By: Ayatullah Shaheed Sayyid Muhammad Baqir al-Hakim
Imam al-Sadiq (a) is reported to have said: Replying to messages is as obligatory as responding to greetings and salutations. He who takes the initiative of offering salutation is more favorable in the view of Almighty Allah and His Messenger.46
He (a) is also reported as saying: In homelands, exchanging visits is a means of association. In travel, correspondence is the means of association.47

Fulfilling promises, even if it takes a whole year
Imam al-Sadiq (a) has reported the Holy Prophet (S) as saying:

He who believes in Almighty Allah and in the Day of Resurrection must fulfill his promise.48

Specific restrictions while choosing trustworthy friends
Imam al-Sadiq (a) is reported to have said: Friendship is restricted to certain qualifications. Whoever does not have these qualifications completely cannot be a perfect friend, and whoever lacks all of these qualifications cannot be a friend. The first of these qualifications is that the friends inward and outward appearances must be the same. The second is that he must consider that which benefits his friend is also to his own benefit and that which harms his friend is harmful for him, also. The third is that neither wealth nor position must cause him to change his relationship with his friend. The fourth is that he must not prevent his friend from enjoying anything that is under his control. The fifth is that he must not let his friend down in misfortunes.49

Maintenance of equilibrium in relations
In the coming discussion of control over passions, we will mention some traditions recommending maintenance of equilibrium in social relations so that mutual decorum and respect remains intact and relations do not disintegrate. For example, confiding excessively in one another can lead to disappointment on both sides. Additional instructions and recommendations come under the title of Laws of Social Association.
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