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Hadiths on Dua

There are many hadiths which recommend Dua but here we bring only a few examples:
Hanan Ibn Sodair says: I asked Imam Baqer (A.S.) which prayer is more virtuous? The Imam said:
“Nothing is more praiseworthy to God than a servant’s requests and no one is more detested than one who refrains from obeying God and asking something from Him.”
Zararah quotes Imam Baqer (A.S.) as saying:“God says: those who refrain from worshipping Me will enter the Hell with disgrace. Prayer, here, means Dua which is the best form of prayer.”
Zararah says I asked Imam Baqer (A.S.) about the meaning of the Quranic verse:
“Surely Ibrahim was very tender-hearted, forbearing.” The Imam said tender hearted, here means one who frequently recites Dua.
Ibn Ghaddah quotes Imam Sadeq (A.S.) as saying:
“Imam Ali says: The most praiseworthy deed on the earth to God is Dua, the best from of prayer is chastity. Then Imam Sadeq said Imam Ali was a man of abundant Dua.
Quoting his father, Obeid Ibn Zararah narrates that Imam Sadeq (A.S.) said:
“Dua is the same prayer that has been mentioned in the Quranic verse those who refrain from obeying Me.... call upon God and do not say the die is cast.”
Abdullah Ibne Meymoon Ghaddah quotes Imam Sadeq (A.S.) as saying: “Dua brings answer with it in the same way that cloud brings rain.”
Hesham Ibn Salem quoting Imam Sadeq (A.S.) says: “Can you distinguish between long-term and short-term affliction? They said no. He said whenever one of you was inspired with Dua, know that the affliction will not last long.”
Abu Valad has quoted Imam Musa al-Kazim (A.S.) as saying: “The affliction of a believer who succeeds in Dua will be soon removed whereas the affliction of a believer who stops Dua will last long. Therefore whenever an affliction befalls you, supplicate to God.”
The Holy Prophet of Islam (SAW) has been quoted as saying: “Seek help from God when in need, seek refuge with Him during afflictions, supplicate, and call upon Him, for Dua is the gist of prayer. No believer calls upon God unless his call is answered in the following ways:
-Either his request is granted in this world
-Or he will receive it in the Hereafter
-Or his sins will be concealed to the extent of his Dua, providing that he has not asked for a sinful act.”
The Holy Prophet of Islam (SAW) also says: “The weakest person is one who forgets Dua and the most mean person is one who is miser in greeting others.”
Shall I introduce to you the most miser, the most sluggish, the most stealing person, the most oppressing and the most weak person? They said: Yea, O Messenger of Allah. He said: The most miser person is one who visits a Muslim but does not say Salam to him. The most sluggish person is one who is in good health but does not praise God with his lips and tongue during leisure times. The most stealing person is one who does not perform his prayer perfectly. Such prayer is twisted and thrown at his face like an old piece of cloth. The most wrong doing person is one before whom my name is said, but he does not send Allah’s greeting to me. The weakest person is one who has forgotten Dua.”
The Holy Prophet (SAW) of God has been quoted as saying: “The best prayer is Dua. When God inspires someone with Dua, He opens the door of Mercy to him. A man of Dua will never become wretched.”
Moavieh Ibne Ammar says: I said to Imam Sadeq (A.S.): Two worshippers begin their prayer at the same time. One of them recites more verses from the Holy Quran and the other has more Dua. They complete their prayer at the same time. Which one is more virtuous?
The Imam (A.S.) said: “Both are good and virtuous.”
I said I know both are good but I would like to know which one is better?
He said: “Dua is better. Have you not heard God saying: Call upon Me; I will answer you. I will make enter into the Hell with disgrace those who refrain from worshipping Me.
By God, Dua is as prayer. By God Dua is as the most profound prayer.”
Yaqub Ibn Shuaib says I heard Imam Sadeq (A.S.) saying: “God inspired Adam saying: I have collected everything for you in four words. He said: My Lord! What are those four words? God said: The first is due to Me, the second is due to you, the third is between you and Me, and the fourth is between you and people.
Adam (A.S.) said: My Lord, Make them clear for me . God said: What is due to Me, is your being a servant of Me and not associate anything with Me.
What is due to you is that I will reward your deeds with what you badly need.
And what concerns you and Me is that you recite Dua and I will answer you. As for what concerns you and people, wish for others what you wish for yourself.
Muhammad Ibn Hasan Saffar in his book of supplications quotes the Holy Prophet of Islam (SAW) as saying: “Two persons whose deeds were the same entered paradise. But one of the two sees the other superior. Hence, he says: My Lord! We have done the same deeds. What is his superior position for? God said: He requested from Me but you did not. Then the Holy Prophet of Islam (SAW) said: Request from God as much as you can, for your request is not great for God.”
In the same book, the Holy Prophet of Islam (SAW) has been quoted as saying: “Request from God so that He will grant it. God bestows blessings upon a group of His servants in return for their deeds and to another group in return for their sincere Dua. Then He will gather both groups in paradise. The first group will say: Our Lord! We were men of good deeds and You granted our requests but how about these people? God will say: These are My servants. I gave you your rewards fully. These people too requested from Me and I gave them a share of My abundant Grace and Mercy. I will give to anyone I wish.”

Oddatatol Daee
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