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Allah's Confidential Talk To Prophet Jesus (A.S.)

The following are Allah's confidential talks to Jesus (A.S.) the prophet son of Mary (A.S.).
1- O Jesus, I am your Lord and the Lord of your forefathers. My name is One, and I am the Unique Who created everything individually. Everything is My made and everything will be returned to Me.
2- O Jesus, you are the Christ according to My order. You create (things) from mud out of My permission and enliven the dead out of My words. Desire for Me and fear Me. You will not find anyone that protects you from Me except Me.
3- O Jesus, I offer to you the advice of the tender for you out of mercy. It has become binding for Me to care for you because you are seeking My satisfaction. You are blessed as you are mature, blessed when you were child, and blessed wherever you are. I declare that you are My servant and the son of My she-servant. Offer to Me the nafilas ( recommended prayers). Trust in Me and I will protect you. Do not follow anyone other than Me lest, I will disappoint you.
4 - O Jesus, be steadfast against misfortunes, satisfy yourself with the act (of Allah), and do only what pleases Me, for I am pleased when I am obeyed, not disobeyed.
5 - O Jesus, spend your times with mentioning Me with words and situate the fondness of Me in your heart.
6 - O Jesus, be awake in hours of inadvertence and provide for My sake the nice words of wisdom
7 - O Jesus, be desirous (for My rewards ) and fearful (of My punishment). Deaden your heart with fear (of Me).
8 - O Jesus, pass nights with hunting for My satisfaction, and be thirsty in days for the sake of the day on which you will be needy.
9 - O Jesus, you will be interrogated. Compassionate the weak as same as I compassionate you and do not distress the orphans.
10 - O Jesus, weep for yourself in seclusions, move your feet to the places of offering prayers, and let Me hear the delight of your pronouncing My Name, for I have done you good.
11 - O Jesus, many were the nations that I destructed for their committing the sins from which I have protected you.
12 - O Jesus, be kind to the weak, raise your shameful sight to the heavens, for I am close to you. When you want to refer to Me, you should do so submissively with pure intention. If you do so, I will respond to you.
13 - O Jesus, do not be deceived by him who shows mutiny to Me by committing acts of disobedience (to Me), while he eats from My sustenance and he serves someone other than Me. I answer him when he prays to Me, but he returns to his previous disobedience. Is he rebelling against Me? Or is he challenging My wrath? I swear by My Essence, I will take hold of him so intensely that he will not find anything that protects him from Me or accepts to shelter him. How will he escape? Will he leave My earth or My heavens?
14 - O Jesus, say to the unjust Israelites not to pray to Me while they keep their ill-gotten property under their laps and preserve the idols in their houses, for I took a pledge on Myself that I will answer him whoever prays to Me, but, for those ones, I will substitute My cursing them until they depart each other for the answers of their prayers.
15 - O Jesus, what is the pleasure of a transitory passion and what is the delight of a temporal life?
16 - O son of Mary, if you see what I have prepared for my virtuous saints, your heart will melt and you will give up your ghost out of your desire to have it. No abode like the abode to come (namely Paradise) where the good people are next to each other and the intimate angels visit them frequently. Furthermore, they will be secured against the horrors of the Doomsday. The bliss of the abode to come is unchangeable and intransient from its owners.
17 - O son of Mary, join those who work for gaining the abode to come competitively, for it is surely the wish of the wishful. It is, beyond limits, handsome. You, son of Mary, will be highly delighted if you work for it ___Paradise ___ pursing your fathers Adam and Abraham in gardens and bliss where you will not desire for any change or substitute. Thus is My rewarding the God-fearing ones.
18 - O Jesus, run toward Me with those who are fleeing from the blazing fire (of Hell). It contains manacles and fetters. No rest comes in there and no grief goes out of it. It is just like a gloomy moonless night. He who can escape it will surely win. It is the (eternal) abode of the tyrants, the despots, and the oppressors as well as every coarse and rude one.
19 - O Jesus, how an evil refuge the world is for those who lean to it! What an evil the abode of the unjust ones is ! I warn you against yourself. Have full acquaintance with Me.
20 - O Jesus, you should take Me in consideration in every act that you carry out. Declare that I created you and you are My servant, I made you, and I descended you to the earth.
21 - O Jesus, wean yourself from the destructive passions as well as every lust that takes you away from Me. You should realize that I regard you as the honest messenger, therefore, be careful.
22 - O Jesus, I have created you from My words, and Mary gave birth of you according to My order. I sent to her Gabriel; My spirit and the honest among My angels. Thus, you could walk on this earth lively. All that was recorded in My eternal knowledge.
23 - O Jesus, if I become angry with you, the satisfaction of anyone else will not be useful for you, and if I am satisfied with you, the dissatisfaction of anyone else will not harm you.
24 - O Jesus, mention Me secretly. Refer to me among your people and I will refer to you among groups that are better than human beings.
25 - O Jesus, pray to Me as if you are helpless drowned.
26 - O Jesus, do not swear by Me falsely lest, My (Divine) Throne will be shaken. This worldly life is short in period and long in (false) hope. I have an abode that is more favorable than whatever they collect.
27 - O Jesus, what will you do when I will take out a record of only truth and you will confess of your secrets that you were concealing and deeds that you were doing?
28 - O Jesus, say to the unjust Israelites: You have cleaned your faces but sullied your hearts. Are you deceived against Me? Or are you challenging Me? You are odorizing yourselves for people of this world while your interiors are same as stinky carrions, as if you are dead people!
29 - O Jesus, tell them: clip your nails against having ill-gotten property and shut your hearings against listening to obscenity. Come to Me with your hearts; I do not want your appearances.
30 - O Jesus, be happy for the good deed (that you act), for it pleases Me. Weep for the evildoing (that you commit), for it is vice. Do not do to others the things that you hate to be done to you. If one slaps your right cheek, give him the left one. Curry favor with Me as much as possible. Neglect the ignorant ones.
31 - O Jesus, be the guide of the good - doers, take part in their deeds, and be their witness. Say to the unjust Israelites: O comrades of evil keep on doing so and I will metamorphose you into apes and pigs.
32 - O Jesus, say to the unjust Israelites: wisdom weeps from its fear of Me while you are guffawing openly? Have you received a pledge of acquittal from Me? Do you enjoy immunity against My agony? Or do you take no notice of My punishment? I swear by Myself, I will make you the best lesson for the coming (generations).
33 - O son of Mary the Virgin, I command you to adhere to the master of the Messengers; My dear Ahmed, the rider of the red camel, the brilliant-faced, the pure-hearted, the powerful, the modest, and the bountiful. He is surely the mercy for people and the master of sons of Adam when he will meet Me (on the Day of Resurrection). He is the most honorable of the forerunners to me and the closest of the submissive to Me. He is the Arab, the Makkan the embracer of My religion, and the steadfast for My sake, who will fight the polytheists for protecting My religion. You should foretell the Israelites of his coming and order them to have faith in him, believe him, follow him, and support him." O Lord," asked Jesus, "who is that one, so that I will please him as properly as You have told." The Lord answered: He is Muhammad (S.A.W.); the messenger of Allah to all the people completely. He is the owner of the closest standing to Me and he is the foremost intercessor. Blessed be him. What a prophet he is! Blessed be his nation who will keep on pursuing his path until they meet Me. All inhabitants of this earth praise him Muhammad (S.A.W.) and all inhabitants of the heavens are seeking (My) forgiveness to him. He is trustworthy, blessed, and clean. For Me, he is the best of the coming generations. He will come in the last of time. When he comes out, the heavens will provide its rain, the land will take out its boons, and people will see the blessings. I will bless anything on which he will put his hand.
34 - O Jesus, I have shown you everything that brings you near to Me and I have warned you against everything that takes you away from Me. Now you have the choice.
35 - O Jesus, this world is sweet and I have employed you in it; therefore, avoid committing that against which I have warned you and take only what I have given to you out of My favors.
36 - O Jesus, look in your deeds like a guilty slave, and do not look in others' deeds (like their lord). Abstain from receiving the worldly pleasures. Do not be acquisitive for it lest, you will be perishing.
37 - O Jesus, be intelligent, ponder over things, and find out about the fate of the unjust ones.
38 - O Jesus, all My explanations are advice for you and all My sayings are true. I am the clear Right. Truly I say to you: If you disobey Me after what I have told you, you will not find against Me any custodian or protector.
39 - O Jesus, discipline your heart by fear (of Allah). Look at those who are lowlier than you and do not look at those who are higher. You should do not be fond of it, for I do not like it.
40 - O Jesus, clean your heart for Me and mention Me very much in situations of seclusion. You should know that I am pleased if you wag to Me lively, not soullessly.
41 - O Jesus, do not associate anyone with Me and beware of Me. Do not be deceived by your enjoying good health and do not please yourself (by enjoying the worldly pleasures). This world is surely like a transient shadow. The coming matters of this world are as same as the bygone. Exert all efforts for the sake of the good deeds and adhere to the right even if this causes you to be rent asunder and burnt in fire. Never disbelieve Me after you acknowledgment (of Me) and do not be with the ignorant ones, because similar things match each other.
42 - O Jesus, pour the tears of your eyes for My sake and fear Me with your heart.
43 - O Jesus, seek My succor in situations of hardship, for I help the distressed ones and answer the downhearted ones. I am the most merciful of the merciful ones.

Source: Tuhaf al-Uqoul

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