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Allama Sayyid Arif Husain al Husaini

Sayyid Arif Hussain Al-Hussaini was born in Paewar, a small village near Parachinar (NWFP, Pakistan) in September 1946. His father Syed Fazal Hussain belonged to a renowned Syed family. Syed Arif was initially taught at home and in 1964 he joined the Madressah Jaffariah at Parachinar.
After learning the Islamic teachings at Madresah Jaffariah, the Shaheed went to Najaf Al-Asharaf in 1966, to pursue higher religious education. There Shaheed had the opportunity to learn from great Islamic scholars like Hazrat Sheikh Mohammad Ali, Ayattuallah Syed Madani Shaheed , Ayattullah Syed Murtudha and Syed Asad Madani.
In 1974, Syed Arif went to Qum Iran, where he studied religion at Islamic Seminary. His teachers were renowned Islamic scholars like Ayatullah Nasir Makarim Shirazi and Ayatullah Mohsin Haram Panahi.
He retuned to his home town of Parachinar in 1978 and started teaching at Madrassah Jaffariah. When Late Mufti Jaffer, established Tahreek Nifas Fiqh Jafferia(TNFJ), to fight for the rights of the Jafri community in Pakistan, Shaheed Quaid was counted as one of the most trusted leaders.
After the demise of Mufti Jaffer Hussain , Syed Arif was elected as the leader of TNFJ on Febuary 10, 1984. This was a start of a golden chapter in the history of the Jafri community of Pakistan.
Allama Arif was a leader in the truest sense.He traveled extensively throughout Pakistan, spreading the message of Muslim unity and urging the Shia community to unite against the tyrant government of the time.
On 6th July 1987 at the Quran and Sunnat Conference in Lahore, Shaheed presented the revolutionary concept of a modern Islamic state.
On August 5th 1988, at the time of dawn, Syed Arif Hussaini was martyred by the anti-Islamic forces at the medressah(Islamic Seminary) founded by him.

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