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Ayatollah al-Uzma Nasir Makarem Shirazi

His holiness was born in a well known religious family in the city of Shiraz-Iran, in the year 1345 A.H. (cir.1927 A.D.)
A great inclination and a tender love for Islamic know ledge directed him towards theological studies. He began his formal religious studies when he was fourteen years old, by officially joining the Theological Seminary at Shiraz, called the AGHABABA THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY.
Due to his remarkable genius, he accomplished his basic, intermediate, and advanced studies in no more than 4 years!
By approximately the end of his teenage, his holiness entered the theological schools of Qom and attended the lectures of the greatest Doctors of the Law, like, AYATULLAH ALOZMA BORUJERDI and other remarkable scholars. (MAY ALLAH BE PLEASED WITH THEM ALL)
For further studies he joined the theological schools of Najaf in Iraq, and attended the classes of the most important teachers of the law, such as Ayatullah ALOZMA Sayyid Mohsin HAKIM, Ayatullah ALOZMA Khoie, and Ayatullah ALOZMA Sayyid ABD.HADI Shirazi and other renowned Doctors of the Law. He received his degree of Religious jurisprudence which is termed MOJTAHID, when he was only 23 years old!
After his return to Iran he undertook the teaching of advanced religious courses at Qom Theological schools. Later on, he began to teach the most advanced principles and tenets termed "Osul Alfeghh", and also the higher lessons which are technically termed; "DARUS ALKHARIJ". He has continually been teaching the said lessons so far, for forty years.
Now his lectures in Qom have the highest attendance of students from all the Shiite theological Schools, and more than two thousands students and distinguished scholars attend his classes regularly.
From the pen of his holiness, more than a hundred books have been published so far, that some were among the best sellers, and some reached up to 30 prints! Many of the books have been translated to many of active international languages. Several of his book on Islamic Doctrine have turned to references for the students and researchers, particularly in the challenge with the materialists, and those who call themselves intellectuals, but are otherwise.

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