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Allamah Muhammad Taqi J'afari

Ustad Allame Muhammad Taqi J'afari was born in Tabriz in 1925 and completed his higher education in Islamic sciences in Tabriz, Tehran, Qom and Najaf by attending and benefiting from the classes of grand Ayatollahs (Clergies): Mirza Fattah Shahidi,Sheikh Mohammad Reza Tonekaboni, Sheikh Kazem Shirazi, Sayyed Abulghasem Khoei and sayyed Mohsen Hakim. While he was still very young, he acquired Ijtihad and attended the classes of the Philosopher of the East, Mirza Mehdi Ashtiani in Tehran and teacher in mysticism sheikh Morteza Taleghani in Najaf.
So far, more than eighty works have been published from Ustad, some of them such as "Commentary of Masnavi Molavi (Rumi)" in fifteen volumes have been published in a number of editions. Meanwhile, under his supervision during 12 years, the most comprehensive "Kashf-Al-Abyat" (Index of the Masnavi rumi) has been published in 4 volumes under the title of "From one Sea to another".
Among his outstanding work is a Comprehensive Description and Interpretation of "Nahj-Al-Balagha", published in 27 volumes in Persian.
Another outstanding work of Ustad J'afari in the field of analysis and comparison of the thoughts of Molavi (Rumi) with the Eastern and Western philosophies and ideologies, has been published under the title of "Molavi and World-insights".
In the field of western human rights and its comparison with human rights in Islam, a comprehensive book written by him has been published whose new ideas have been raised and used in the different Islamic Conferences.
The said book has also been translated in English. Meanwhile, a professor of Nagoya University is translating it to the Japanese.
Other than these, there are more than sixty books and articles which have not been published yet and will be published in future. Therefore, the numbers of his published and non-published works amount to more than 150.
His books, in the field of Figh (jurisprudence), Social Sciences, Psychology,
Education, Islamic Learning, Aesthetic and Art in Islam, Philosophical and mystical topics, contain many new and innovative ideas.
Also, a number of authors, professors, researches, and intellectuals have had scientific discussions with him which the transcripts of more than fifty of these discussions have been published in two volumes under the title of "Exploration of Thoughts".
It is worth mentioning that the many correspondences between Allame J'afari and Bertrand Russell, the famouse English philosopher, in which Ustad J'afari has criticized some of his books such as;
1- Explanation and Researching about "Bertrand Russell - Wyatt dialouge".
2- Researching and criticism of "Selected Thoughts of Bertrand Russell " (By: R. Egner).
Also, a book under the title of "Critical Review of Adventures of Ideas" containing the analysis and criticism of the thoughts of Alfred North Whitehead, the founder of Mathematical Logic and one of the greatest European philosophers of 20th century, has been printed and published.
Furthermore, many books written by Allame J'afari on criticism and analysis of western contemporary positivism and neo-positivism philosophies have been published.
Among them, we refer to the interpretation and criticism of the ideas of Kant, Hegel, Descarte and David Hume.
Late Ustad Muhammad Taqi J'afari passed away on November 15, 1998
after an acute disease (May god bless his soul).

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