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Iran's Free Special Economic Zones

Kish Island Free Area
Kish Island measuring 91.5 kilometers in area is situated 18 kilometers south of Iran's southern coast and about 300 kilometers away from the port city of Bandar Abbas.
Kish is almost elliptical with an east-west length of 13 kilometers , and a 7 kilometer width running north-south . the Island's highest point is its eastern part which rises about 45 meters above the sea level. And , its relative heigh is 32 meters which means only 13 meters difference from its highest point.
The Shores of Kish
Kish Island has a calm sea and beautiful coast . The coast in the northeast , west and south wings is made of rock where the sea is also wavy due to the wings blowing from the sea. Kish soil made of coral with a silvery color dazzlingly shining under the sunlight . Such specification may not be seen in many other coasts in the world covered with gray sand .The sea water in Kish island is bright and clear in a way that the bottom of the sea can be easily seen from a very far distance . Kish coast is one of the least dangerous coasts in the world .
Coast of Kish
Since there is no dangerous shark in the sea , people can enjoy the water without any danger threatening them . It should be noted that the sharks which are some times seen in the Kish coasts , feed on small fishes and are therefore no threat to people swimming there . Kish coast is one of the exceptional coasts suitable for aquatics both in winter and summer .
The Aquarium
Aquatic life in the Persian Gulf is diverse. The clear water along the beach gives tourists an easy view of the variety of fish species, some of which are very interesting. You can even take a ride in a glass-bottom boat and see the fish that swim a little further away from the shore.
The Kish aquarium is located within the Art Center displaying a variety of unique marine species of the Persian Gulf. If you don't scuba dive to get a first hand view of the natural habitat of the colorful fish, a visit to the aquarium will be the alternative. We recommend that all tourists, especially children and the youth, take the time to visit the aquarium.
The Hoor Hut
The Hoor Hut, meaning 'the Sun Hut', is a complex within which re-utilization of outdated sources of energy is demonstrated. Here, solar energy is utilized to desalinate the saline water wind-pumped from the depths of the earth.
A variety of solar appliances are on display here and visitors can even use them. The Hoor Hut is situated in the western part of the island.
The topography o the Island is such that the surface water flows to a certain part in the north called the Portuguese Valley . Therefore , the area is naturally vegetated and one of the Island's oldest lour trees is there . Around this tree the Derakht-e-Sabz Park has been created.
The verdant area, the buildings and wooden pavements and fences remind one of the Caspian Sea coast . But what attracts tourists to this spot is the size of this mythical tree.
The cloths tied to this tree give it a sacred aura and that is the exactly what some people believe .No one knows how this belief was formed and who were the first people to tie the first knots around the branches . Its interesting to know that the native people do not believe in the sacredness of this very old tree and say that , most probably , visitors and the new residents of the Island are the ones who promoted this idea.
The Derakht-e-Sabz Park adjacent to the historical town of Harireh, Providing a pleasant atmosphere for the visitors to Harireh to relax and rest.
Business Hours
Business hours of the international shopping malls:
The malls are open from 09:00 to 13:00 and in the afternoons from 17:00 to 23:00(all days of the week).
Kish International Airport
Kish international airport is open round the clock. One can fly from Kish Island to capital city Tehran and almost to all centers of the provinces of the Islamic Rep. Of Iran, including, Isfahan, Shiraz, Mash'hand, and Bander Abbas, every day. There are daily regular flights from Kish international airport to UAE and visa versa.
Drinking Water and Electricity Voltage
1-Drinking water of the Island is produced by desalinizators through RO and MED systems. Therefore, one can take water from water tabs for drinking. However, mineral and natural waters are sold in bottles, too. One should be careful that water for irrigation is not potable.
2-Kish Island power generators are generating 220 volts with 60Hz.
Medical Treatment and Medicine on Kish Island
There are one general hospital, 2 clinics and several pharmacies on Kish Island. Kish General Hospital, with general practitioners and specialists in different fields, is working day and night
Education on Kish Island
Kish Island with 26 primary, secondary and high school, and with Kish International University, has a sound educational system.
Kish University was established in 1996, and at present has 250 students at the following 4 B .Sc . degree, and one post-graduate courses:
1)Business Administration
3)Computer Engineering
4)Marine Physics
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Qeshm Free Area
Qeshm, the largest Island in the Persian Gulf is located in the southern coast of Iran and north of Straight of Hormuz. This Island is within 220 Km. of UAE and in the vicinity of oil rich countries, it is near international waters and accessible by commercial shipping. Qeshm has an eye catching potential for growth both industrially and commercially, and it is fast growing. The proper infrastructure and facilities, has provided good grounds for investment.
So far, there are many reputable American, Asian and European companies that are conducting business beside their Iranian counterparts, investors and industrialists. Meanwhile, the Island of Qeshm is a very attractive tourist destination. Qeshm's tourist attraction is mostly due to its fabulous sunny and diverse beaches, its historical past, and the culture and traditions of its native people.
The island is accessible by sea and air. The Island's Hotels, restaurants, cultural centers, sports complex, and recreational facilities are ready to serve you. You would also find the 12 shopping complexes and 2 traditional bazaars as ideal places for all of your shopping.

The Chabahar Free Zone Organization
The Chabahar Free Zone Organization (C.F.Z) is administered by an authority organized as a company, with autonomous legal status, whose capital belongs to the government of I.R.Iran. The authority is administered by a Board of Directors, consisting of three (or five persons). Members of the Board of Directors are appointed by the Council of Ministers.
The Managing Director who is also the Chairman of the board, is appointed by presidential decree from the members of the Board of Directors and is the highest executive authority in the economic and infrastructural affairs of the Zone. The Managing Director and the members of the Board of Ddirectors are appointed for a tenure of three years.
Combination of High Council of Iranian Free Zones
In order to bring about coordination among the authorities of the Free Zones of Iran, a council chaired by the President and composed of the following persons, is established : The Ministers of: Finance and Economic Affairs, Commerce, Interior, Labor and Social Affairs, Industries, Mines and Metals, Road and Transportation, Petroleum, Energy, Housing and Urban Planning, and the Head of the Plan and Budget Organization, the President's Economic Deputy, The Governor of the Central Bank of Iran and the Secretary of the High Council of Free Trade and Industrial Zones.
Four Springs in Chabahar
The beautiful province of Chabahar, originally called "Char-bahar", meaning four springs, is part of the Sistan & Balouchestan province in the south east of the Islamic Republic of Iran, by the azure waters of the Oman sea. Chabahar stretches from the north to the Nikshahr province, from the west to Kerman and Hormozgan, from the south to the Sea of Oman, and from the east to Pakistan. The port of Chabahar is the largest oceanic port of Iran which leads out to the Persian Gulf.
Chabahar Free Trade-Industrial Zone is located in the eastern part of the Chabahar Gulf. Its exact coordinates are 25o 20' north latitude and 60o 27' east longitude. It covers a total area of 140 Km2 , of which 100 Km2 are allocated to industrial activities and 40 Km2 to trade, transit, tourism and services.
The establishment of the Zone was proposed by the Council of Architecture and Urban Planning, in accordance with item 19 of the First Social and Economic Development Plan. The project was fully studied by the government and the Zone boundaries were designated and approved in August 1993.
Modern transport facilities (by air, sea and land) have allowed the Chabahar Free Zone to be linked from the north to the Middle Eastern countries and Afghanistan, from the east to Pakistan, from the south to the waters of the Indian Ocean and the Suez Canal, and from the west, via the Gulf of Adan, to the Mediterranean sea. Chabahar Free Zone plays an undeniable role as a connecting bridge between the countries situated on the southern coast of the Sea of Oman, the Persian Gulf, ASEAN and ECO states.
Chabahar Free Zone is strategically positioned to provide a communications corridor between the countries of the Middle East and the other countries of the world. Its location in the peaceful area in the South East of Iran, its direct access to the world's free waters, its access to vast energy resources especially in connection with Pakistan and Afghanistan, and its numerous port and fishing facilities are just some of the benefits of this Free Zone.
The calm Sea of Oman, picturesque heights and the mesmerizing sunrise and sunset, are among the memorable characteristics of Chabahar Free Zone.
Located by the sea, adjacent to the tropic of cancer, yet influenced by the winds from the Indian subcontinent, Chabahar enjoys a pleasant warm climate, with moderate humidity. The mild breeze from the Oman sea makes Chabahar the coolest region of southern Iran.
Mean maximum temperature (in June) 31oC
Mean minimum temperature (in December) 19oC
Annual average temperature 27oC
Minimum relative humidity (in winter) 54%
Maximum relative humidity (in summer) 67%
Annual average rainfall 105 mm, of which 64% is in winter.
Population and Language
Chabahar's population is currently at 65,000, and there is a 25-year development master plan to reside 300,000 people in this area. Persian (Farsi) is the official language used, although the native people of Chabahar speak mainly " Baluchi" which is derived from Hindi languages.
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Iran's Free Special Economic Zones
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