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The Islamic Centre of England (ICE)
The Islamic Centre of England (ICE) is based in London, a city of immense cultural heritage, a place of knowledge & learning and a nucleus of Information and media. It was founded in December 1995, under the supervision of Ayatullah Mohsen Araki who is the Centre's Director. During this brief period of three years it has rendered phenomenal service towards propagation of Islam. Its distinguished scholars, teachers and researchers have performed anchor role in advancement of religious education. The Centre is fully equipped with extensive library material—including books, journals and magazines laden with the knowledge of Islamic ideology, philosophy and jurisprudence.
The Centre consists of various sections dealing with research, teaching, public relations, publications and consultancy in issues concerning all religious aspects. A detailed list of the various activities/functions run and organized by the ICE, is given below.

The Centre offers consultancy service for religious inquiries on all aspects of Islamic life. The people from all over the world send their questions through letters, fax, phone-calls and the Internet. These inquiries are forwarded to Ayatullah Araki, who replies them accordingly.
The Centre also offers services for various social occasions like, wedding, funeral, divorce and writing/interpretation of wills. The counseling service is offered on large number of religious, social and economic issues.

The ICE caters for a variety of social functions. It holds conferences and seminars on the varied aspects of human life. It also organizes workshops, colloquia and discussions on the contemporary issues of significance. It makes special arrangements for prayers and dua. Whether it is an occasion of celebration or a day of commemoration, ICE is always willing to offer people not only advice but also the practical help.

ICE running multidimensional programmes on education and training. The section dealing with education offers courses on computer training, language learning (English, Arabic, Persian etc), photography, calligraphy and fine arts.
The students have wide-range of subject to opt. The Centre offers facilities to all who are interested to learn Qur'an and Fiqh. Educational discussions are arranged where ethics, philosophy, logic and divinity are the subjects of common interest.
Address: 140 MAIDA VALE, LONDON, W9 1QB, P.O. BOX 8148, LONDON NW6 7ZS, UK
TEL: + (44) 20 7604 5500 FAX: + (44) 20 7604 4898 E-MAIL: icel@icel.org>

The Islamic Education Center of Houston
The Islamic Education Center of Houston serves the community as a center for the Friday congregation, Islamic celebrations, community programs, and above all – a center for imparting knowledge about Islam and promoting Islamic values. We have a large two-storey facility with a four level parking garage. A large part of the premises is occupied by the Al-Hadi School of Accelerative Learning. The IEC thrives under the guidance of our resident scholar Maulana Nasser Biria, diligence of our board members, hard work from our volunteers and generosity of our selfless members. Visit IEC and learn about Islam.

Islamisches Zentrum Hamburg Islamic Centre Hamburg
Contact Information Telefon : 040-221220/221240, Fax: 040-2204340, Adresse : Islamisches Zentrum Hamburg, Sch?ne Aussicht 36, D-22085 Hamburg,
E-Mail: : info@islamisches-zentrum-hamburg.de

The International Colleges of Islamic Science (ICIS)
The International Colleges of Islamic Science (ICIS) was established in 1989 as an educational charitable organization (Charity Registration No 802651), the aim of which is to uplift the standard of Islamic teachings and provide affordable high quality courses to people all over the world.
Although our educational resources are based on the divine teachings of Islam through the holy Qur'an, the prophet Mohammad and his infallible progeny, we do not believe in imposing predetermined set of ideas. Our policy is to listen and analyze all points of view and ideologies in order to reach the best conclusion in line with teachings of the holy Qur'an: Give good news to My servants. Those who listen to the word, then follow the best of it. 39:17-18 The first college of ICIS was established in London and other branches are scheduled to be operational in the following countries: Syria Bahrain UAE USA Denmark
Central office address
289 Cricklewood Broadway, London NW2 6NN Tel: +44 20 8450 8383 Fax: +44 20 8452 3366

Jafria Association of North America
is always there for the community both in good times and in bad. To make it easier for the community to get in contact with the organization, Jafria Association of North America has provided a toll free number, 1-800-273-1201.
Jafria Association of North America purchased the Shah-E-Najaf Center in 1991. This was only possible with the help of its members. At that time the Pakistani community, in particular, were labeled as being 'beggars and trouble makers.' It was the vision of the President of Jafria Association of North America to buy their own center and run in such a manner that it will not discriminate among racial and/or ethnic grounds. Seminars are held on a regular basis concerning various socioeconomic issues of the community. Jafria Association of North America holds Majalis, Mehfil-E-Millad, and various other functions to celebrate and commemorate the days of the Masoomeen and important Muslim leaders. Jafria Association of North America holds four Majalis every week in months of Muharram and Safar, not including the twelve day Ashra.
In the month of Ramadhan-Ul-Mubarak the center is open every day. A daily program is conducted each day as well as the serving of Iftar and dinner (every program is conducted by an Alim). The most important day in the Islamic calendar is the day of Ashura. Imam Husain (a.s.), our third Imam, where he saved the religion of Islam from the clutches of Yazid and his supporters. Imam Husain, gave not only his life but the lives of his friends and relatives.

Mahdieh is a non-profit Islamic educational center, established in February 2000. It serves the Iranian American Moslem community of the Philadelphia, New Jersey and Delaware area and is founded and run by it's members.
Our Mission
Mahdieh is:
· a place of worship,
· a center of Islamic learning,
· a resource for Muslim parents trying to raise their children in an Islamic manner
· a location for the celebration of Muslim holy days,

a provider of Islamic services
Telephone: (215) 871-7656
Postal address: P.O. Box 1485 Havertown, PA 19083 U.S.A.
e-mail: Question@mahdieh.org

MASOM(Midwest Association of Shia Organized Muslims)
As-salaamu`alaikum brothers and sisters, and welcome to our site. By the grace of almighty Allah, and the 14 Infallibles, we have organized this site to provide and update you with information regarding our activities conducted here at MASOM(Midwest Association of Shia Organized Muslims) located in Chicago. Some of our main goals are:
To organize and promote religious and Educational activities pursuant to Shia faith of Islam as preached by Prophet Mohammed (S.A.W) and Aale-Mohammed (A.S.).
To provide religious services and education, social ceremonies, such as majalis, jashns, marriages and funerals and to promote Shia Islamic fundamentals and codes.
To promote and enhance mutual understanding, cooperation and unity among the Shia Muslims here and throughout the world.
To facilitate the observation of Islamic and religious occasions such as daily congregation prayers, Friday prayers, Eid reunions, Majalis, religious procession, jashans, deliberations, and other special services.
Everyone is invited to join in our discussions, and learn more about Islam. So please feel free to browse our site, and the other Islamic links.

West Lawrence Ave Chicago, IL, 60630
P.O. Box 59916 Chicago, IL 60659

Karvan-e-Hujjat is a dedicated team of members who arrange Umra, Hajj and Ziyarat trips throughout the year. Their reputation is built on excellent service and reliability. They have many years of experience to their credit and they have served mo'mineen and mo'minaat who are residents of several countries to perform their Hajj, Umrah or Ziyarat.
The group is led by Maulana Seyed Mohamed Naqvi, who has many years of Hajj , Ziyarat and Umrah experience who guides the group in all religious matters including recitation of Duas, Ziyarat, lectures in English and Majalis, together with a team of dedicated volunteers. The aim of this very experienced team is to assist the Hujjaj & the zuwwar in completing their Wajibaat (Obligations) correctly and comfortably.
Alternatively, email us at naqvibrothers@aol.com

North American Shia Ithna-Asheri Muslim Communities Organization (NASIMCO)
It has been established since 1986 to be a service organization and a unifying force for our communities in North America. It is a service organization with a vision to serve the needs of the communities in North America and be a force to bring about the unity of purpose and all the benefits that such a unity confers. Its mandate is to complement, support and strengthen its member organizations in North America

Our Vision
To be a forward looking Shia-Ithnaasheri umbrella organization for North America that exists to serve and guide its constituent members with a view to foster unity and brotherhood and promote the religious, educational, social and economic upliftment of the community.
Our Mission
NASIMCO will seek to achieve this unity of purpose By coordinating requisite policies and functions, By facilitating exchange of ideas and experiences, By channeling resources in support of individual and joint member initiatives, By liaising with other Muslim organizations within North America and beyond.

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