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Patience Strengthens Willpower

Prof Jan Ali Kazmi

The second best act to make the willpower strong is patience. Whether, it is the achievements (attainment) of the world or those of the hereafter. Patience is fundamentally (basically) important and necessary. The reasons for the many failures of a man lie in impatience and intolerance. At times, during the worldly difficulties, man is denied great successes, because of his impatience. Moreover in the world only those achieve great successes, one who strengthen their habit of forbearance (self-control). By not showing patience the human life is filled with many problems and difficulties. Because of impatience, a husband and wife are separated by divorce; sometimes a man cannot perform well in his studies. A man wastes away a good job because of intolerance; at times people suffer great loss in their trade because of their intolerance. Therefore it is very important for every man to cultivate (develop) the gem (treasure) of the habit of patience.

Fruits of Patience
For instance if a person abuses two people, among the two, one person shows patience and passes quietly that this rudeness (impoliteness) should be answered with patience, but the other person shows impatience and, he similarly abuses in return. As results they both fight with each other, both are hurt, one of them looses his eye while the nose is broken and both spent six months in the hospital. But he who showed patience at that time feels happy over his habit, that the fruit of patience is very sweet.
The reality is whether it is the life of the world or the hereafter the end product of patience and tolerance is very sweet and very peaceful.
People who fail to show patience they get caught in many problems and difficulties in the world, for instance those who do not show resistance in their appetite (desire), they fall prey (victim) to different illnesses and disease.
For every aspect of life, the fruit forbearance and patience is very sweet and it is equally important. Now let us see how this element of resistance (struggle) and patience can be inculcated (beaten) in ones life.

Develop Patience
To cultivate patience, it is important to perform certain acts. For example, people who write or work with their right hands, they have a strong right hand, on the other hand people who work with their left hand, they have a strong left hand. In repeating a certain act the habit is strengthened, you showed patience for the first time and then when someone insults (abuse) you, you show the same resistance and patience. In the same manner, people who work hard in any field, it might be the field of studies or practical work, gradually and slowly because of patience. For them to study continuously for eight hours and more become a part of their habit. However a person, who does not show resistance in his studies, or his work and feels, tired after working for one hour or so, he cannot be very successful in the world.
Then how can endurance be cultivated? To show compliance (fulfillment) in hardships, for example, on the death of a son … now, if a man does not show patience in a situation like this and he would mourn (grieve) and scream, then is it possible that the son would come back to life again? No… but on the other hand by crying and bewailing the suffering increases manifold (multiplies). Every one has to die one day, some early and others later, death is an inevitable (expected) reality, and no one can escape death. A son dies, a daughter might die, a wife may die, and man should show patience and forbearance (self-control) that everyone has to die one day or the other. Therefore it is useless to show impatience in such situations. On the other hand man should learn a lesson from this, that one day he also has to die, and question himself, “am I ready for death and prepared for it myself?” Here also the fear of death and the lack of readiness to face death are the result of a weak will power and resolve. Thus a man should learn a lesson that great kings have died, the Prophets had to leave this world.
Death is an inevitable reality and if, there would be patience and the ingredient (factor) of forbearance, then a man would be able to show resistance on the death of his loved ones and also on his own death. Otherwise he would increase his suffering ten thousand times by his impatient attitude.

Factors effecting Patience
People, who have the element of patience, appear more committed because of this good habit, as a result you see that people who are more resilient (tough), their will power is also strong. They are able to achieve great success as a result of this quality; they conquer (overcome) high mountains and pitch flags on them, although to climb high mountains is not the ambition (goal) of human life, but these people have greater patience and greater will power. And those who lack patience their resolve is also weak and these people fail to undertake very minor tasks in the world. Therefore if patience is extricated (untangle) from human life then the poor man becomes destitute (needy) and low; patience enables a man to attain the highest excellence. Thus a man should repeat those acts which can strengthen the element of patience in him.
For patience a man should test himself, to see how much patience and resistance he can show, for example the most favorite food can be avoided for one week. Food, which is delicious, is available and is ones favourite, it can be avoided for one week and if a person succeeds in doing so then certainly his willpower is strengthened by this act. Furthermore he becomes more resilient (tough). Then he can repeat the same act for two weeks and in this way the willpower is further strengthened, and a man can set himself free from the slavery of his bodily wishes and desires. Then if a man can repeat the same act for a month, then in this manner man can control his self-desires, and become more patient and resilient (durable). Similarly if a man suffers from the illness of the stomach, for example his cholesterol level has increased. So through fasting a man can control his diseases. Then a man can test himself further, by determining to eat nothing for the whole day, then when for sixteen hours or more a man can control his own stomach and body parts and if he repeats this act for one day then for a week then for a month then through this act, not only the willpower is strengthened but he becomes patient and his physical diseases are controlled. And from this act of fasting, the body parts are refreshed (recharged) and they become more energetic (active) thus through this act a man can develop patience and this patience or resilience is very important.

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