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What are the Good Habits?

Prof Jan Ali Kazmi

Thanks giving and gratitude is one of the best of all good habits, which leads to wisdom and knowledge, this knowledge if it is about his Creator and this wisdom if it is about the cause of human creation then the human reflection is also rightly guided. If a man gets to know the cause of his creation and where is he to go after death, then with this knowledge, reflection and contemplation is guided towards the right path.

Closest person in Paradise to Prophet Jesus
This story is about, where Prophet Jesus meets a woman. Once, Prophet Jesus questioned his God, “O God who will be closest to me in Paradise?” To this God replied that there will be a certain woman with you in Paradise, her name is such and such and she lives in such and such city. Prophet Jesus questioned got curious about this woman to see who this particular woman is, who has been given an equal status as the Prophets. He wanted to go and see for himself that because of which act she has reached a status equal to the Prophets. Prophet Jesus questioned inquired from God if he could go and meet that woman, to which God assented (agreed). When Prophet Jesus questioned reached the village of that woman to meet her, he saw that there is a woman who is lying on an old and worn out mat. She is deprived of both her hands and feet, and the mosquitoes and flies are biting her, she is so helpless that she cannot even shun the flies away. But in that same position she is praying, “O my God, the way you have blessed me and the graces you have bestowed upon me, in the whole universe you have not blessed any one else in the same manner.” She said this though she had no hands and eyes, had no house and no money.
Prophet Jesus was surprised to see this, he went to the woman and said, “ My God grace you with peace” and the woman replied without seeing any thing and without her sense of sight, “May God have peace upon you O Prophet Jesus Soul of God ”.
Prophet Jesus was again surprised as to how she could recognize him without looking at him, but he first questioned her, “O lady, you have said that you have been blessed by God with such benefits and grace which no one in the whole universe has been blessed. Though you neither have hands or feet, or eyesight, you are so helpless that you cannot even shun the flies off yourself? The woman replied that “O Jesus I am telling the truth that God has favoured me better than all the others in the whole universe.” Prophet Jesus said “O lady explain it to me so that I may understand, what special favour God has given you, though you have nothing special that I can see?” To this the woman replied,
“O Prophet Jesus, how better could God have graced me and favoured me than the fact that he has not given me those parts of the body from which a man might commit sin and evil deeds. Had God given me eyes then it is most likely that I would have committed an evil act, or an act, which was against the will of God. Then if God had given me hand then maybe I would have hurt somebody and robbed. God has not given me feet and if I had feet then maybe I would have trodden towards sin. God has not given me those body parts with which human beings commit sins and evil deeds; on the other hand God has given me a pure heart and has illuminated that pure heart with the light of His love. But God has given a tongue to converse with Him, and whenever I wish, I can talk to Him, and He has given me the ecstasy (delight) of prayer and I keep myself busy in the act of prayer and his remembrance.”
This is reflection and contemplation, which is attained after knowledge and wisdom, but not every person, is granted this reflection and as a result a man does not thank his God and is ungrateful, and as a result of this ungratefulness he is caught in mental restlessness and psychological uneasiness (discomfort).

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