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The Sacred "al-Hadith al-Qudsi"

THE WORD OF ALLAH ...As Divinely Communicated to the Holy Prophet Muhammad(S.A.W.)
Some Notes by the translator Maulana S. M. Baqri

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful
(I humbly dedicate this effort to our beloved Imam Hadhrat Mahdi (A.T.F). May Allah (S.W.T.) hasten his reappearance! Ilahi Amin )
"A fact of this world life" is an expression, which is unknown to the majority of us. One who has knowledge of this life is in fact the smartest and the most successful of all people. On the one hand, worldly life is a fact that nobody can deny. On the other hand, it is extremely difficult to acquire a comprehensive knowledge of it.
Almighty Allah(S.W.T.) poses us a basic question:
"What! did you then think that had created you in vain and that you shall not be returned to us?" (Al-Qur'an 23:115)
In this Divine question two points are clear: One is that "life is a fact" and the other is that "it has a purpose". In many places the Holy Qur'an has made this point clear by giving us examples of past historic events. The wealth of Shaddad and Fir`aun (Pharaoh), and persons of such categories, perished. They left this world ;with nothing but their own deeds and they are tasting the punishment for the evils they committed.
Some of the verses of the Holy Qur'an have make it clear that this worhtless world is nothing but play. For example:
"And this life of the world is nothing but a sport and play: and as for the next abode, that most surely is the life - did they but know! "(Al-Qur'an 29:64) I think we should strive hard, by using whatever means and sources we have, to understand this worldly life.
HADITH AL-QUDSI (Sacred Hadith) is one of; the sources which opens up our eyes, shakes us up, and awakens us so that we may think. For example:
"O Son of Adam! obey Me to the extent of your deeds towards Me. Disobey Me to the extent of your ability to tolerate the Fire of Hell. Collect wealth in this world according to the length of your stay here. Collect for the Hereafter (Aakhirah) according to the length of your stay here. Do not think that your death is far and that the Bounties (you receive from Allah) will always be available, or that your sins are hidden." (Al-Hadith Al-Qudsi, Hadith No.13)
The materialistic world has dragged humankind into a race of unlimited desire. This mad search for pleasure, excitement, new sensations and the accumulation of material wealth, results in a disgracerful life. This drive to experience more and more is the direct and root cause of all family and social problems and manifests itself in genocide, homicide, substance abuse, child abuse and violence towards women. The so-called "civilized" countries of our time have failed to understand this, although they possess sophisticated weapons to defend their values as well as accurate computers. In my view, Islam is the only solution to all of these problems. Not only does it teach that we should be achievers in this worldly life, but it also teaches humankind to have God-consciousness (Taqwa). THE THREE WAYS OF COMMUNICATION OF ALMIGHTY ALLAH:
As Mawlana Sayyid Akhtar Rizvi expresses in his book The Qur'an and Hadith:
"According to the Muslims, the Revelations from God can be of three kinds:
a)Al-Qur'an: Where the words and meanings both are revealed from God, and it is meant to be a miracle in itself. Such Revelation is the Qur'an. No other Revelation was meant to be a miracle, challenging the antagonists to bring its 'like' if they can, and prophesying that they can never do it.
b)Hadith Al-Qudsi: Where the words and meanings are both from God, but it is not intended to be a miracle. It is found in the Books of Traditions and generally begins with these words: "The Holy Prophet said that Allah said".
c)Hadith: Where only the meanings are from God, but the words are of Prophets. Inspirations, and also Traditions of the Prophet of Islam come into this category."
The Hadith Al-Qudsi is scattered in the Books of Tradition. Some of the scholars have made attempts to compile them. This presentation of Hadith Al-Qudsi has been taken from the book Kalimatullah by the great scholar Aqai Sayyid Hassan Shirazi. As a child I would listen to my father's speeches and his daily communications. From time to time he used to mention these Hadith Al-Qudsi. Consequently, I have been reading them over and over again. This completion of Scared Hadith has been translated into Urdu by the late Maulanay sayid Ali Muhammed Ijlal Lakhnavi of India. I hope that readers will benefit from this translation, and pray for me and for the entire Muslim Ummah for their unity.
Was Salaam.
S.M. ZAKI BAQRI Second edition 10 Rabi` al-Aakhar, 1414.
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Chapter 1
Almighty Allah says:
I wonder how a person can be happy, who is certain of death.
I wonder at a person who is certain of reckconing (the Day of Judgement), but still accumulates wealth.
I wonder at a person who is certain of going into the grave, but still smiles without concern.
I wonder at a person who is certain of this worldís doom, but still has tranquility in loving this world.
I wonder at a person who is certain of the Hereafter and its Bounties but he still rests.
I wonder at a person who is knowledgeable in his speech, and ignorant in his heart.
I wonder at a person who cleans him/herself with water, but does not cleanse his heart.
I wonder at people who look for bad points in others, but is unaware of the same in themselves.
I wonder at a person who knows that Almighty Allah is aware of his actions, but still commits sins.
I wonder at a person who preaches to the people, but does not preach to his own soul.
I wonder at a person who knows that he/she will die alone, go into the grave alone, give accounts alone, but is still totally engrossed with people who will not be able to help him/her.
Allah says: There is no god but Me. Thus Mohammed (SAW) is My servant and My messenger.

Chapter 2
Almighty Allah says:
My Essence witnesses My Being that there is no god but Me alone, without any partner and Mohammad (SAW) is My servant and Messenger.
A person who is not happy with My orders, not patient with my afflictions, not thankful for My bounties, not content with My gifts, then he should look for another lord other than Me and he should get out of My universe.
A person who does not get what he wants in this world and becomes sad by it, is as if he is angry with Me.
A person who complains to another of calamities which has befallen upon him is as if he has complained about Me.
A person who goes to a rich person and humiliates himself because of his wealth, one-third of his faith is lost.
A person who hits himself in front of a dead body is as if he has taken a sword to fight with Me and he has ruined Kaíba with his hands.
A person who does not care about what he eats (whether Halal or Haram), I will not care from which door I will make him enter Hell.
A person who is not trying to improve faith (by doing good deeds) is in loss. The one who is loss; death is better for him.
A person who practices according to his knowledge, I will increase his knowledge towards his acts.

Chapter 3
Almighty Allah says: O, Son of Adam! one who is content, is independent. One who is not jealous has tranquility. One who protects himself from unlawful (Haram ), his faith becomes pure. One who does not gossip, will be loved by people. One who separates himself from people is safe (from their mischief). One who reduces his talk, increases his wisdom. One who is pleased with whatever little he has, has full trust upon Allah. One who is pleased at a little bounty from Allah, Allah is pleased with his little obedience. O, Son of Adam! you do not practice according to whatever knowledge you gain. Then how could you be a seeker of knowledge when you do not practise? O, Son of Adam! if you spend your whole life acquiring wealth, when will you be able to acquire the hereafter (Akhirat) ?

Chapter 4
Almighty Allah says: O, Son of Adam! a person who starts his day with greed for this world, finds no increase (in wealth) from Allah, and he is far from Allah. From this world nothing added to his wealth but struggle, and for the hereafter he has added exertion. Almighty Allah has added grief in his heart that will never end. Almighty Allah will add to his poverty which will never change into wealth, and increase his wishes and leave them unfulfilled. O, Son of Adam! every day of your life is getting shorter, but still you do not understand? Each day I send down to you My bounties, but you are not thankful to Me for them. You are not content with little nor are you satisfied with much. O, Son of Adam! not a single day misses but that your provision comes to you from Me; and not a single night passes, but that My angles give Me accounts of your bad deeds. You eat My provision, and you still disobey Me; but still when you call Me, I still answer you. From Me, good bounties descend upon you and from you. And from you, sinful deeds come up to Me. How good a master I am and how bad a servant you are! I give you what ever you ask Me, but still you go on sinning. I hide these sins, one after another, one evil deed after another. I am ashamed of you, but you are not ashamed of Me? You forget Me, but I remember you. You are afraid of people, and you are careless of Me. You fear enmity of people, but you do not fear My wrath?

Chapter 5
Almighty Allah says: O, son of Adam! don not be like the one; who seeks pardon because of his unlimited desires. Who hopes for heaven, but does not do good deeds; Who speaks like pious person, but acts like hypocrites; Who has been blessed by bounties, but is not content; And if who is given (bounties), is not patient; Who advises others to do good deeds, but he himself indulges in evil ones. Who advises others to stay away from evil deeds, but he himself does not stay away from them; Who hates hypocrites, but is one of them. O, Son of Adam! the earth always says ďYou walk on me, but in the end you will be within my bowls. I am a dwelling where you will have to stay all alone. I am a dwelling which is full of ferocious things, such as serpents and scorpions. So, O, Son of Adam, do good deeds and thereafter enter me; only then would you be happy and without hardships.Ē

Chapter 6
Almighty Allah says: O, Children of Adam! I did not create you so as to: increase Myself out of poverty through you, or to seek companionship through you after being lonely, or to seek your help on matter in which I was inefficient, or for the sake of a benefit or for warding off harms. But I created you so you can worship Me constantly and thank Me a lot, and praise Me day and night. Were the first you of and the last of you: those of who are living and those of you who are dead, your youngesters and your elders, your slaves your masters, the human among you and the jinn among you, to join hand in hand, in order to obey Me, you would not be adding an atom to My kingdom. Were the first you of and the last of you: those of who are living and those of you who are dead, your youngesters and your elders, your slaves your masters, the human among you and the jinn among you, to join hand in hand, in order todisobey Me, you would not reduce an atom in My Kingdom. "Thus everything is perishable but He" (28:88). If you fear of Hell fire like you fear poverty, I would have made you wealthy to such an extent that nobody whould have been able to count your wealth. If you desire of heaven as you desire this world, I would have showered My blessings upon you in this world and hereafter. Donít make your heart dead out of love for this world. Indeed, this world is going to bring an end to you very soon. The one who struggles (in the path of Allah (Jihad) is struggling for his own soul. Indeed, Allah is self sufficient above any need of the worlds (3:97).

Chapter 7
Almighty Allah says: O, Sons of Dinars and Dirhams (Dollars and Cents)! I did not create Dinars or Dirahms but for you to eat your food, wear your clothes, and give alms in My way. You have taken My Book and placed it under your feet, and you have taken this world and placed it over your head. You have raised your house, but you have lowered Mine. You are attached to and enjoy being in your houses, but when you come to My houses (the mosques) you restless and feel uneasy. Thus, you are neither independent, nor good servants. Indeed your parable is like solid and decorated graves which appear beautiful, but inside they are ugly. O, Sons of Adam! just as a lighted lamp on top of a house, but darkness inside does not help, in the same way your good words with evil deeds do not help. O, Sons of Adam! purify your deeds and do not ask, for I will give you more than what you ask for.

Chapter 8
Almighty Allah says: O, Son of Adam! I did not create you aimlessly, nor did I create you in vain. I am not heedless of your actions. Indeed you will not get what I posses but with being patient on those things which you donít like (but you still do) in order to seek My pleasure. Patience in My obedience is easier for you than patience in fire of Hell. Punishment in this world is easier for you than punishment in the Hereafter. O, Son of Adam! all of you are lost except the one whom I guide. All of you are sick except the one whom I cure. All of you are going to be destroyed except the one whom I save. All of you are sinful except the one whom I protect. Thus seek pardon from Me so that I can be merciful to you. Don not try hard to hang up curtains in order to hide from the one from whom your secrets are not hidden.

Chapter 9
Almighty Allah says: O, Son of Adam! do not curse My creatures, because the curse will bounce back to you. O, Son of Adam! My Heavens are suspended in space by one of My Names, without any pillars. Your hearts are not going to be straightened except by My admonitions from My Book. O, you people, stone does not dissolve in water; in the same way admonitions wonít change your cruel heart. O, Son of Adam, why are you not protecting yourself from evil deeds? Why are you not protecting yourself from sins? Arenít you afraid of Hell? Why arenít you protecting yourself from the wrath of Allah? If it were not for Rukuí (the kneeling) of elders(in prayers), suckling babies, grazing animals, humble youths, indeed I would have made the sky of steel, the earth of copper and the mud of pebbles. I would not have send a single drop of water from the sky nor grown a single grain from the earth. I would have poured on you My worst wrath.

Chapter 10
Almighty Allah says: O, Son of Adam! indeed the truth has been revealed to you from your Lord. Whoever wants to believe in Him, let him believe. And whoever wants to disbelieve, let him be a disbeliever. Indeed you are not good to a person, unless he is good to you. And you are not kind to your relatives, unless they are good to you. And you do not talk to a person, unless he talks to you. And you do not feed a person, unless he feeds you. And you are not just to a person, unless he is just to you. And you do not respect a person, unless he respects you. No one is superior over the another. Indeed, the believers are: those who believe in Allah and His Messengers, do good to those who are bad to them, are kind to those who break ties of relationship with them, give to those who do not give to them, just to those who are unjust to them, talk to those who isolate themselves from them, respectful to those who donít respect them.

Chapter 11
Almighty Allah says: O, You People! this world is a house for one who has no house. This world is wealth for the one who has no wealth. One who is not have certaint of the Hereafter, collects wealth in this world. One who does not have trust in Allah, is greedy for this world. One who does not have knowledge of Allah, desires this world. So, one who takes of the exhaustible bounties in this short worldly life, and follows his perishable desires, indeed he has been unjust to his soul. That person is sinful to Allah and he has forgotten his hereafter. That persons life has deceived him!

Chapter 12
Almighty Allah says: O, Sons of Adam! call to mind My favors which I bestow upon you. Without a guide you cannot find the way. In the same way you cannot find the way to Jannat (heaven), without knowledge. You cannot gather wealth without struggle. In the same way, you cannot enter heaven except with patience in My obedience. And you can get closer to Me by practicing supererogatory acts. And seek My pleasure by pleasing the poor.Indeed My pleasure never separates from you even for a blink of an eye. O, Musa! listen to Me! what I say and what I say is the truth. Indeed, one who has pride and does not associate himself with the poor, I will raise him on the day of judgement, the size of an atom under peopleís feet. The one who disgraces a Muslim, I will disgrace him 70 times. The one who humbles himself before an Aílim (knowledgeable person) and his parents, I will raise his dignity in this world and in the hereafter. One who insults a Muslim and Moímin (believers) because of his poverty, indeed, he is calling me to fight with him. The one who loves a Moímin (believer) because of Me, Angels will greet him in both the worlds. In this world, secretly. And in the Hereafter, openly.

Chapter 13
Almighty Allah says: O, Sons of Adam! obey me to the extent of your needs towards Me. Disobey Me to the extent of your ability to tolerate the fire of Hell. Collect wealth in this world according to the length of your stay in this world. Collect for your Akhirat (hereafter) according to length of your stay there. Do not think that death is far and that the Bounties (you receive from Allah) will always be available, or your sins are hidden. Everything is perishable but He. If you would fear the fire of Hell as much as you fear poverty, surely I would have made you free by giving you countless Bounties. If you would desire heaven as much as you desire this world, I would have made you happy in both worlds. Love of this world makes your heart die and this world is going to be destroyed very soon.

Chapter 14
Almighty Allah says: O, Sons of Adam! how many candles have been extinguished by the wind? How many worshippersí worship have been corrupted by their pride? How many poor people have been corrupted by their poverty? How many wealthy people have been corrupted by their wealth? How many healthy people have been corrupted by their good health? How many scholars have been corrupted because of their knowledge? O, Sons of Adam! cultivate for Me and get benefited from Me. Ask from Me and do business with Me. Indeed, your benefits are from Me; they have not been seen by any eye, nor heard by any ear, nor thought of by any human mind. My treasure is endless. There will be no reduction in My Kingdom. I am the Most Generous Provider. O, Son of Adam! your religion is your flesh and blood. If you purify your Deen (religion) you have purified your flesh and blood. If you have corrupted your Deen (religion) you have corrupted your flesh and blood. Donít be like a candle which is a light for people and burns itself out. Remove the love of this world from your heart. Indeed, I will not join My love and love of this world in one heart, as water and fire cannot join in one pot. Be moderate when you collect your provision. Indeed, the provision is already divided. Bounties are not permanent. Everyone knows of death. The greatest wisdom is fear of Almighty Allah. And the best of wealth is contentment. And the best of belongings is piety (taqwa). And the worst of your weapons is lies and the worst of your advice is gossiping. Allah is not in the least unjust to the servants (37:82)

Chapter 15
Almighty Allah says: O, you who believe! why do you say that which you do not do ? (61:2). Why do you forbid that which you do not forbid yourself ? Why do you command that which you do not practise ? Why do you collect those things that which you do not eat ? Why do you put off doing Tauba (seeking pardon) day after day, and you wait year after year ? Have you gotten protection from death ? Do you have the power in your hands to keep you from fire of Hell ? Do you have certainty of entering Heaven ? Have the bounties given you a period of grace ? Have you become proud due to fulfillment of some of your unlimited desires by Almighty Allah ? Thus, do not become proud of your good health and safety. Indeed, your days are known and your breaths are counted. Your secrets are open, your curtains are removed. So, fear Allah. O, you wise people! be careful of (your duty to) Allah. To protect yourself from the future, use the power you now have in your hands. O, son of Adam! look at your actions before you act. Indeed you are tangled in ruining your life. From the time you get out of your motherís womb you are getting nearer to your grave. So, donít be like wood which burns itself in fire for the sake of others. Indeed, indeed, there is no god but Allah. Mohammad (SAW) is my servant and my Messenger.

Chapter 16
Almighty Allah says: O, Son of Adam! I am Ever-living. I will never die. Act on what I have commanded. Protect yourself from what I have prohibited, so I can make you eternal. O, Son of Adam!I am the king whose kingdom will never perish. When I say to a thing Be! it becomes. Obey what I have commanded and stay away from those things I have prohibited, to the extent that when you say to a thing Be! it becomes. If your sayings are sweet and your deeds are bad, you are the leader of the hypocrites. If your appearance is beautiful and your inside is disgraceful, you will be worse than those people who have been destroyed. O, Son of Adam! no one will enter my Heaven except: One who has humbled himself in front of My greatness. One who has spent his day in My remembrance. One who has safeguarded his soul from lust, for the sake of Allah. One who shows brotherhood towards traveller. One who takes care of poor. One who is merciful towards the afflicted. And one who respects the orphans and acts as a kind father to them. And for the widows he is like a tender husband. The one who has these qualities, if he calls Me I will answer him at once and if he asks Me (for anything) I will give it to him.

Chapter 17
Almighty Allah says: O, Son of Adam! up to what extent will you forget Me? Up to what extent will you deny Me? I am not in the least unjust to the servants. Each and every day you get your sustenance from Me. Up to what extent will you keep on denying My bounties? And up to what extent will you deny My Master-ship? You donít have any other Lord besides Me. And how long are you going to treat Me rudely? I have never been unjust to you. When you are sick and require the help of a doctor; who is going to cure (intercede) for your sins? Indeed you complained and you are displeased with My decree. If you donít get food for three days then you say ď I am wicked I wasnít piousĒ. Indeed, has he denied My bounties? And the one who did not give Zakat (alms) from his wealth, indeed he has condemned My Book. And when he knows that it is time of payer and he does not pray, indeed he is careless about Me. And when he thinks that good is from Me and evil is from Satan, indeed he has denied My Lordship and made Iblis (Satan) My partner.

Chapter 18
Almighty Allah says: O, Son of Adam! be patient and be humble and I will elevate you. Thank Me and I will increase your bounties. Seek pardon from Me, and I will forgive you. Call upon Me, I will answer you. Ask of Me, I will provide for you. Give alms in My way, and I will bless you with bounties. Be kind towards your relatives, and I will add to your age by delaying death. Seek from Me good health as long as you are healthy. And while you are alone seek safety from Me. Seek sincerity in purity. Seek piety in repentance (Tawba). Seek worship in knowledge. Seek independence in contentment. O, Son of Adam! how can you be curious of worship when your stomach is full? How can you enlighten your heart by sleeping a lot? How can you have fear of Allah with fear of poverty? How can you seek the pleasure of Almighty Allah by degrading the poor and the beggars?

Chapter 19
Almighty Allah says: O, You people! without thought there is no wisdom. By annoying others there can be no devotion. Family status is not higher than ethics. There is no intercession like Tawba (repentance). There is no worship like seeking knowledge. There is no worship without fear of Allah. There is no poverty without patience. There is no worship like Tawfiq (heavenly guidance). There is nothing nearer to a person than his intelligence. O, Son of Adam! by worshipping Me be independent from this world. I will fill your heart with independence and your hands with sustenance and your body with rest. Donít neglect My remembrance or I will fill your heart with poverty, your soul with difficulties, your body with sickness, your world full of afflictions.

Chapter 20
Almighty Allah says: O, Son of Adam! death will reveal your character. The Day of Judgement is going to be a test of your deeds. Your book of deeds will reveal your character. When you commit a minor sin, donít think of it as little but think towards whom you committed the sin. If you get little sustenance, donít think of it as little, but think from whom you are getting it. O, Son of Adam! donít become peaceful of My deceptions because My deceptions are concealed like the movement of an ant on a stone in utter darkness. O, Son of Adam! have you ever completed the commands which I have commanded you? Have you ever been nicer to the poor than you are to yourself by giving you wealth to them? Have you ever been good towards the people who have been bad to you? Did you forgive those who were unjust to you? Have you been kind to relatives who have broken off their ties with you? Have you ever been just towards those who are treacherous towards you? Did you talk to those who have left you? Did you teach your children good manners? Did you ask learned ones (Ulamas) about your world and your Hereafter? Indeed, I will look at your beautiful faces and good appearance, but I will see your hearts and deeds, and will be pleased because of these characterise.

Chapter 21
Almighty Allah says: O, Son of Adam! look towards your soul and towards all My creatures. If you find one of them more honorable then yourself, be generous to him. Otherwise increase your honour by doing Tawba (repentance) and with good deeds (if you honour yourself). O, You who believe! remember the bounties of Allah bestowed upon you. Fear Allah before, the day of judgement: the great event (Waqia), the day of calamity, the day which measures 50,000 years, the day in which all are speechless, the day when excuses wonít be accepted, the day of predominating calamity (Taamma), the day when the deafening cry comes (Sakha), the day of stern and distress, the day when no soul wil have power over another another soul, the day of destruction (Damor), the day of earthquake, the day of terrible calamity (Zilzala). Thus: Fear Allah for the day when mountains will perish because of the earthquake; The day of horror that turns children into gray. Donít become one of those people who will say we heard and we disobeyed.

Chapter 22
Almighty Allah says: O, you who believe! remember Allah abundantly. O, Musa Son of Imran! O, Master of expression, listen to My different kind of words: Indeed, I am Allah the King who gives reward. There is no need of any interpreter between you and Me. Warn the one who takes Rebaí(interest) and the one who is disinherited by his parents (Aaq al-Walidain). Warn him of wrath of Rahman (the beneficent) and flame of Hell. O, Son of Adam! when you find that your heart has hardened and there is disease in your body and you donít find sustenance, then you should know that: Indeed, you have said something which has not benefited you. O, Son of Adam! your religion is not going to correct you until you straighten your tongue and your heart. And your heart is not going to be straightened unless you straighten your tongue. And your tongue is not going to be straightened unless you are humble towards your Lord. When you see the faults of people and donít see the faults in yourself, then indeed, you have pleased Satan and angered you Lord. O, Son of Adam! If your tongue is (like) a lion and if you leave it alone, it will destroy you, your destruction is because of your tongue.

Chapter 23
Almighty Allah says: O, Son of Adam! Indeed Satan is your open enemy, therefore regard him as your enemy. Do good deeds for the Day on which you will be present in front of Almighty Allah in groups. In front of Allah you will be lined up and you will read your book of deeds, word by word. You will be asked what you have done openly and secretly. Then pious people will go towards Heaven, group after group. And the sinful people will go towards Hell. Sufficient for you are the promises of Allah. And I am Allah you should know! Me!I am the Sustainer, thus thank Me. I am the Forgiver, thus seek forgiveness from Me. I am the final destination, thus turn towards Me. I am the Knower of your secrets, thus fear Me.

Chapter 24
Almighty Allah says: Allah bears witness that indeed, there is no god but He. The Angels and those who posses knowledge are maintaining (His creation) with Justice. There is no God but He, the Mighty, the Wise. Indeed, the true religion with Allah is Islam (3:19). Give good news of jannat (Heaven) to the benevolent people. And warn all sinful and ruined people that they are the losers. The one, who knows Allah and obeys His orders, has attained salvation. The one, who knows Satan and disobeys him, he is safe. The one, who knows the truth and follows it, is safe. The one, who knows falsehood and keeps away from it, has succeeded. The one, who knows this world and discards it, has purified himself. The one, who knows Akhirat (Hereafter) and seeks it, has achieved it. Indeed, Allah guides whoever he wishes and towards him is your return. Oh, Son of Adam! if Almighty Allah has taken the responsibility of providing your sustenance then why are you struggling for it (in an unlawful manner)? And if it is true that all creatures are mine, why are you cruel towards them? And if you know that Iblis (Satan) is an enemy of Mine, then why are you careless? If the account on the day of judgement and passing the Sirat (bridge to paradise) is true, then why do you collect wealth? And if recieving the rewards of almighty Allah in Heaven is true, then why are you relaxing? And if all fortunes and misfortunes are from Me, then why are you impatient? So you should not be disappointed when you lose something and you should not be so happy when you gain something from this world.

Chapter 25
Almighty Allah says: O, Son of Adam! collect provision (by doing good deeds) more and more. Indeed the way is long, very long. Steer your ship carefully - because the ocean is indeed deep, deep. Purify your deeds - because indeed, the Examiner is all Seeing. Lighten your weight- because indeed the path is thin, very thin. Delay your sleep for the grave and your pride towards the scale. And delay your enjoyment till Heaven.And delay your rest till Hereafter. And delay your pleasures till you meet Hoor (female angles) with big eyes. Be for Me and I will be for you! Seek nearness towards Me by hating this world. Keep away from Hell fire by forsaking the wicked people and by loving pious people. Indeed, Allah will not waste the reward of the benevolent people to be lost.

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