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The Teaching and Educational Trend of the Western Colonialists

By: Muhammad Baqir Qarashi
The Western teaching carried the signals of terminating and devastating all of the genuine values from which the nation drives its conceptual and social aspects. It also targeted this nation’s vital constituents so as to take it away from its factuality. Furthermore, the Western teaching doped this nation totally to make it unaware of the excruciating strikes that drove the elements of disintegration and collapse all over its parts. The following are the most hideous effects of this teaching invasion:

Exclusion of Islam:
The Western teaching systems spared no efforts for excluding Islam and eradicating any of its trace in the teaching entity. They tried to expose a brief picture that does not denote its goals or betrays its factuality.
Teaching has neglected the affairs of this great religion that treated all of the problems of mankind and posed sound courses for the reformation. Teaching did not refer to the procedures that were applied during the reign of the Islamic State. The constructive policy, which was grounded upon the pure right and sheer justice, was the distinctive feature of those procedures. They are surely the honorable all over history. The Islamic policy granted people the extensive freedoms in the fields of doctrine and ideology as well as deeds and words. It also presented that fantastic equity in which prerogatives and patronage had no place. All people are equal before the law and the right. Furthermore, the Islamic policy rendered justice in its entire concepts and enormity and burdened the government with the liability of protecting and guarding it since it is a personal human right that everyone should enjoy.
The Islamic economy had no single gesture in the Western teaching. As a matter of fact, this economy appeases the development and achieves the general economic life as it eradicates poverty and deprivation. In the Islamic economic system, it is the governments’ responsibility to wipe out poverty and its ghost, which is the equivalent and the match of atheism. Governments are also asked to get labor and prepare its opportunities equally among people. They must open the doors to the social security the mission of which is supervising and meeting the needs of the sick, the handicapped, and the poor whose daily income is insufficient. The monition on markets and the eradication of monopoly and exploitation are the governments’ duty according to the Islamic economy. The Western teaching neglected also the rules of the Islamic education that achieve the social coherence, development, disciplining, cooperation, and protection against irregularity and aberrance. Besides, it neglected the Islamic great activities in the fields of the individual education and reformation and being endowed with high traits and noble ethics. It also neglected the Islamic social systems that care for the comprehensive unity of Muslims. This unity comprises the unification of feelings, emotions, fate, and trends.
The Western teaching has neglected all of the Islamic opinions in the life aspects. Moreover, it threw dense screens on the Islamic illumination and guidance, and showed it in a shape and frame other than that revealed from God. The Imperialist systems confessed that their teaching methods tried to loosen the Islamic ties. St. Wales says, “The Western education is a means of releasing the Islamic ties.” Steward Grover declared, “The Western education made Muslims quote from the Christian principals and be ready to convert to Christianity inadvertently.”
The imperialist powers made use of all of their teaching and political media for the purpose of expelling Islam out of the life factuality since it threatened their interests and cupidity. The following is quoted from the decisions of the German Imperialist Conference: “The development of Islam threatens an immense danger on the maturity of our colonies. The conference recommends the government of multiplying the supervision and monition over the phases of this movement. The imperialist conference recommends resisting any activity that leads to the expansion of Islam, removing the obstacles that lie in the paths of Christianity, and benefiting by the missionaries’ activities that distribute the principals of civilization. Yet, it confirms the necessity of maintaining the plan of extrinsic neutrality in the religious affairs,”
William Geofford Balcard says, “When we see the Quran and Mecca go away from the Arabs, only then we can make the Arab individuals slip in our civilization from which Mohammed and his book have taken him away.”
Anyhow, the imperialism has been ceaselessly plotting against Islam for eradicating and expelling it.

Imposing the Imperialists’ Language
The colonialists imposed their language in the teaching systems and made it a part of the studying programs on which success and failure depend. The French made their language the pivot of the total lessons. They said, “First of all, schools should be acting as institutes for learning French.”
The English also imposed their language in their colonies and gave it a specific lesson. They opted for their language as the main tongue in the institutes of medicine, chemistry, and physics in addition to the Arabic literature and the Islamic history. Each Muslim who desires to obtain a certificate should study in the European institutes or their graduates. Mohammed Saeed Al-Urfi comments, “It is definitely the ugliest, the most terrible, and the nastiest shame that the Arabs receive the arts of their language of that glorious honor and ancient civilization from the enemies of their religion and language. This is surely the evident deviation. We have never heard that the arbiters and references of any elevated or humble language are other than its sons. Unfortunately, the present Arab nation is excluded. History has never referred to a nation receiving its language from its waylaying enemies.”
Imposing the imperialists’ language in schools and institutes serves only their nationality, language, interests, and cupidity, and establish a permanent relation between those scientific institutes and the imperialists. Mohammed Saeed says, “These foreign languages are the main reason beyond the publicity of the foreign propaganda and the vile part of their civilization. They are the paths through which the West could seize the Arab countries as well as those in the east. It made this nation forbear the traditions and lose the religion, language, fashion, and everything related to the past. The most unfamiliar matter is that the foreign languages are dissatisfied in equating the Arabic in the shares of studying, consideration, and success. They excelled it in all these shares. Mastery of one foreign language is sufficient for obtaining a certificate even if the Arabic is unmastered. Therefore, the governments are highly concerned with teachers of European languages by picking the most masterful teachers for this mission even in primary schools. Hence, pupils are brought up on cherishing the foreign languages as they notice the governments and nation care for this manner, and notice the teachers’ ability, authority, respect and distinctive payment. All these make pupils waste their national spirits.”
The grand intellectuals and educationists denied imposing English languages in schools and institutes since it hinders mental growth and impedes the general course of studying in the country since students are not familiar with it. Ghandi says, “English language has stopped against conveying plurality of knowledge to the masses. The increasing interest in English language has burdened weighty things on teaching and interdicted children’s mentalities from enjoying natural life. Moreover, it has made them strange in their lands and homes.”
Ghandi forbade English language in Indian schools for its great damages. He issued a decision that; “We will not permit teaching English because we realize that most of children’s time are wasted uselessly in memorizing English words and statements. Even if they are permitted to memorize and repeat these words and statements, they are unable of translating them into their mother language. They are also disable of benefiting by lessons of their teachers.”
Islamic and Arab countries are able of expelling this language, which is one the imperialist residuals, and translate the textbooks into Arabic for the purpose of making the students’ tasks easier since this foreign language is overexerting them. Likewise, this process may enliven the Arabic that the imperialists attempted strenuously to kill and enervate. At any rate, mastering of more than one language is preferable and required according to doctrinal instructions. The Prophet (s) ordered Zeid bin Thabit of mastering the Hebrew. As an Arab proverb, it is said, “He whoever master a language of a people, will secure their evils.” Therewith, demanding with expelling the English languages from our scientific institutes is not an encouragement on restricting to the mother tongue. The solicitors of Islam are more required to master foreign languages than others so that they will broadcast solicitation to God and refute the suspected matters arisen against Islam.

Debilitation of the Arabic
Imperialist cadres use their powers entirely for enfeebling the standard Arabic, in which the Quran was revealed, and enlivening the colloquial. They aim at dragging the Muslims away from the huge conceptual wealth and masking the marvelous eloquence that draws people’s attention towards the Quran. Mohammed Saeed says, “The most important purpose beyond the colonialists’ opposing the Islamic education and preventing the new generations from reaching it, is their intendment to construct barriers between the generations and the Quran. They want these generations to misunderstand and misstate the Quran and its eloquence. Then they would affirm that the nowadays generations refute eloquence and heaviness of the ancient heritage; therefore, they need renewal and simplification. This renewal and simplification is the very hole from which the imperialists intend to push their daggers into the body of Arabic language. Hence, the last hope of this generation’s return to the Quran and its guidance would be unattainable.”

Satti al-Hissari poses another reason:
“The imperialists conceived that the standard Arabic has been the only means of the Arabs’ communication through which ideas and tendencies are transferred among the Arab countries. They also though that when the movements of publicizing the standard Arabic in the Arab countries are aborted and supplanted by others supporting the colloquial accents, only then each country would have its own accent. This would remove the idea of independence or any notion calling for unity of the Arab countries. English and French assemblies favored this thought and began to broadcast colloquial accents in the Arab countries especially the independent. A good number of famed personalities and Orientalists supported the thought that incited some Arabs on publicizing it ignoring its origin source and intendment and menacing consequences.
Some European individuals called for this idea and claimed that wireless radiobroadcasting, parties of singing, theatre and the cinema would sustain centers of colloquial accents all over the Arab countries since they communicate more than the standard. They also claimed that plays of colloquial accents attract more audience. All these elements will finally give victory to the colloquial accent to overcome the standard.”
This is the teaching and educational trend of the Western colonialists who have spared no efforts for executing this nation and eradicating its conceptual and mental constituents.

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