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Reward for Caring the Parents

By: Jan Ali Kazmi
There lived two brothers among the community of the Israelites (people of Israel). One of the brothers was a great worshipper and devotee of Allah, while the other brother was a common believer with no great claims of worship and vigils (watchful) to make, but this brother used to look after his parents and serve them. Once the devotee prayed to Allah for something but his prayer was not being granted, and he was disturbed over thinking that who should pray for him that his prayer is granted on his account. That night he saw an angel in his dream that said that he should ask his brother to pray for him so that his prayer is been granted in the court of Allah. The devotee was greatly surprised that he himself was a great worshipper still his wish would be granted through his brother! Thus he went to his brother and requested him to pray for him.
On hearing the request of his brother, the younger brother felt shy and said,
"You yourself are a great worshipper and I am but a common man should it be you praying for me?" the brother said that it has been conveyed (transported) to me that my wish will be granted only when you pray for me. The brother raised his hands and prayed for his brother and Allah granted the wish. Now the devoted wanted to know the reason behind this and he prayed to Allah that He might help him. Thus he saw another dream, in which angel of Allah addressed him and gave him the message of Allah (God).
"O My man, the reason for this is that you worship me day and night, but I am not dependent on your prayers, I do not need your services. On the other hand your parents are old they need your help and your brother helps them."
Now you can decide for yourself the great blessing, which is involved in showing respect towards the parents and serving them. And the Prophet (PBUH) stated that,
"To look at the parents face with love carries the blessing involved in looking at the Ka'aba (House of God)." At this, a companion of the Prophet (PBUH) questioned that,
"What if we look at them twice?" and the Prophet (PBUH) said,
"Then the blessing is two fold (as many) and then the companion asked
"What if we look at them thrice?" The Prophet (PBUH) replied,
"Then the blessing is three fold".
In the modern world, we find cases that children are heedless (careless) to the service and care of their parents. This is a sad plight because the service of parents is one of the easiest ways of winning paradise. If we have our parents with us, they become a source to please Allah and thus gain the blessings both of the world and the hereafter. But people are so greatly engrossed (absorbed) in the blind imitation (copy) of the western secular life that they.
We as a Muslim society should perform Amar bil Maroof with each other so that our youngster will give respect and honour to the parents, no longer care for the rights of their parents. However, it must be understood that the presence of ones parents is an opportunity provided to man by Allah to seek the expiation and atonement of ones sins and evil deeds. This opportunity should not go begging and it should be availed (helped) before it is too late.
Thus, all the Muslims whose parents are living by the grace of Allah should serve them and please them. Some people whose parents have died should not be disappointed they can pray for them and give alms and help the needy in their name, thus please them in this way. May Allah grant us the power to serve our parents and please them as much as is in our powers.

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