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Events after the Battle of Jamal

He said: Abu Bakr Muhammad b. Umar al-Je'abi reported from Abul Abbas Ahmad b. Muhammad b. Saeed, who reported from Abdullah b. Ahmad b. Mustawrad, who reported from Muhammad b. Munir, who reported from Ishaq b. Wazir, who reported from Muhammad b. al-Fudhail b. Ata, the client of Mazeenah, who reported from Ja'far b. Muhammad (AS), from his father, who reported that Muhammad b. Ali, Ibn Hanafiyya said:
"The standard of the army on the day of the battle of Jamal was with me, and the worst casualties were suffered by Bani Zabbah. When the people retreated, Amirul Mo'mineen (AS), accompanied by Ammar b. Yasir and Muhammad b. Abu Bakr, may Allah bless them with His Pleasure - came to the howdah (of Aisha) which looked like the spike of a porcupine because of the arrows which had pierced it, and he hit it with his stick and said: 'O, Humayra, you wanted to kill me the way you killed the son of Affan (i.e. Uthman). Is this what Allah has commanded you? Or is this the pledge which the Prophet, peace be upon him and his progeny, took from you?' She said: 'You have conquered, so be forgiving.'
Then he (i.e. Ali {AS}) said to Muhammad b. Abu Bakr: 'Find out if she has been hit with any weapon.' He found her safe, except for an arrow, which had pierced her attire, and grazed her a little. So Ibn Abi Bakr said: 'O Amirul Mo'mineen, She is safe, except for an arrow, which has struck her clothes and bruised her a bit.'
So Ali said: 'Convey her to the house of the two sons of Khalaf al-Khuzai.' And then he ordered an announcer to announce: The wounded should not be killed, and those running away should not be pursued. And whoever shuts his door, he will be in peace."

Al-Amali: The Dictations of Sheikh al-Mufid

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