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Description of the Historical Event of Andalusia

Hojjat al-Islam Hashmi Rafsanjani
Former President of Islamic Republic of Iran

In the present century, Iran's Islamic Revolution is a unique revolution which lays ample stress on moral, heavenly, and Divine values. It has exactly hit the life vein of the arrogance and is taking the fundamental weapon out of their hands. A certain amount of alignment and severe conflicts on the part of Eastern and Western oppressive powers against the Islamic Republic of Iran, is because of this very matter. We are face to face with the world arrogance so far as military, political and economic dimensions are concerned. But these matters are transient for them, and they think these are not important and can be ignored. Today in the course of this khutbah (sermon) I intend to discuss a matter which is not ignorable for them.
This subject has two parts: ethics and education, knowledge, and technique which I will try to discuss in two of my khutab. In this khutbah, I will deal with ethics. Arrogant powers have not employed this weapon recently. They rather make use of their past experiences in this regard. You have surely heard that when the Muslims went towards the West and Europe and succeeded in crossing the Gibraltar straits and conquering Spain, they set up an Islamic government in Andalusia. At that time, a confrontation occurred between Islam and the Westerners. The establishment of the Islamic government in Andalusia led to a very massive activity in southern Europe and succeeded in paving a way for Islam in that region and bringing this religious movement into focus in Europe.
The Europeans did many things to take back Andalusia. One of the things which the Christians did was to make an inroad on the morality of Andalusia's Muslims. In the name of trade, they imported alcoholic beverages. They employed beautiful European girls in public places, parks, libraries, universities, and gatherings of Andalusia's people who were well to-do during those days, and made these girls available everywhere at the disposal of young men. By way of spoiling the morals of the Muslims, they succeeded in weakening the basis of Islamic sentiments; and then in taking Andalusia out of Muslims' hands.
It has even been recorded that a priest set up a vast vineyard of grapes and endowed it. In his endowment deed, he wrote: "Wine should be made of the yield of this vineyard and should be placed at the disposal of Muslim youth (to spoil them)."
Look! to such an extent they worked in a calculated manner and consequently succeeded. Even when one reads the history of the Crusades, one sees that the Crusaders, all along the two centuries of conflicts, penetrated into the areas which suffered from the weakness of morals of Muslims. The Crusaders' onslaught took place more successfully in the areas where the Muslims were weak in ethics. Basically, the Western world has always been weak in terms of ethics.
That is why among the Westerners there has always been the existence of a moral movement in the name of `preservation of moral chastity'. They have continually had this weak point. The widespread of impiety, debauchery, fornication, and moral weakness of the West is a matter which has its root in the past, and which has increased in the recent centuries. You would recollect that earlier, under the description of Tabuk War I mentioned that one of the pretexts which the munafiqun (hypocrites) used to abstain from taking part in the war was that they said if they went towards the West, the beautiful Western women would corrupt them. Thus you may see that this issue had a precedence even during the lifetime of Prophet Muhammad (S)

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