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The Sacred Wood Plate on Noah's (A.S.) Ark

This sacred wooden plate was hanging in Noah's ('a) ark. It contains the Vicegerent: Muhammad, Ali, Fatima, Hassan, Hussain ('a).
Noah pleaded to them for help during the great flood. It is written in the ancient Saamaani language.
During the month of July 1951, a team of Russian experts, were surveying the valley of Kaat. Perhaps they were busy in finding a new mine. They noticed a few pieces of rotten wood at a place. The group officer started digging the place. To his surprise he found heaps of woods pressed there under the earth. Experts by observing a few layers speculated that these woods are extra ordinary and possess obscure mystery. They excavated the place with deep interest. They found quite a good amount of wood and many other things. They also found a long rectangular wooden plate. The experts were surprised to observe that this particular plate and measuring 14 x 10 inches was in far better condition among other wood which were on the verge of decomposition due to aging. After investigation at the end of 1952 experts came to the conclusion that this particular plate to the Noah Ark which had rested on the peak of mount CALFF (JUDY, Soorah Hood). And the plate, on which a few words of some ancient language were inscribed, was fixed on the Ark.
After it was proven that woods found in the excavation are that of the Noah's Ark, the curiosity as to what is written on the wooden plate was aroused. A board of experts was appointed by Russian Government under its research department to investigate the language of the wooden plate. The board started its work from 27 Feb 1953. Following were the member of this board:
1. Prof Solonon Macow University.
2. Prof Ifa Han Kheeno, Lu Lu Han College China.
3. Mr. Mishaou Lu Farug, officer I/C fossils.
4. Mr. Taumol Goru, teacher, Cafezud college.
5. Prof De Pakan, Lenin Insititute.
6. Mr. M. Ahmed Colad, Zitcomen research association
7. Major Cottor, Stallin College.
So these 7 experts after 8 months of research came to the conclusion that this plate was of the wood used in making Noah’s Ark and that the Prophet Noah had put this plate on his Ark for the safety of the Ark and for receiving favour of Allah. In the centre of the plate there is a drawing of palm shape on which some words of ancient "Saamaani" Language are written.
Mr. N. F. Max, expert ancient languages Britain (Manchester), has translated the words written on the wooden plate, in English as follows:
"O my GOD, my helper keep my hands with mercy
And with your Holy bodies Muhammad, Ali, Fatima, Hassan, Hussain ('a)
They are all Biggest and Honourable
The world was Established for them
Help me by their names
You can reform the Right"
People were surprised to learn these writing. They were surprised as to how this particular plate after centuries of exposition to nature did not decompose and maintained its form. The plate is still preserved at the Centre of Fossils Research, Moscow, Russia.
IF you ever have a chance to visit the Soviet Union, you would be able to see the actual plate, and it will increase your faith in "Ahel-al-Beit"
The translation was documented in the following newspapers:
1. Weekly Mirror, UK Dec28,1953
2. Star of Britain, London Jan1954
3. Manchester Sunlight , Manchester jan 23,1954
4. London weekly Mirror, Feb 1, 1954
5. Bathrah Najaf, Iraq Feb 2,1954
6. Al-Huda, Cairo, Mar 31,1954
Taken from the book: Ellia-light, Knowledge, and truth by Sheikh Uddin honorary editor, Lahore. 101769 and by Hakeem Syed Mahmood Gailaini.
NOTE : All those who believe in Imam Mehdi ('a) shall recite "Aehad Nama" after morning prayer for 40 days. Anyone who completes this recitation will join the Army of Imam Mehdi ('a) even if he dies.

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