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Ammar bin Yassir: A True Companion of the Holy Prophet (S.A.W.)

Ammar bin Yassir was a true companion to Prophet Mohammad and Imam Ali.
Although he and his parents were brought up as idol worshippers, Ammar's heart was still pure enough to accept the Islamic message. He was extremely devoted to the Prophet and steadfast in propagating his teachings.
Ammar's parents, having observed their son's sincere belief in the Islamic faith, were also converted to the right path of the belief in the One God.
He and his family were amongst those who were tortured severely by the infidels of Quraysh. The severest form of mental torture that he endured was seeing his mother murdered before his eyes. In fact, His mother Summaya was the first woman martyred for the cause of Islam.
The Prophet's heart went out to Ammar and his family when he saw the pain that the infidels were inflicting on them. To ease this pain the Prophet would continuously say to them, "Patience O'family of Yassir, for you are destined for paradise."
The Prophet of Islam would always mention the merits of Ammar to the people. He would say, "Ammar is with the truth and truth is with Ammar",and "Ammar is all faith".
Every action of Ammar's was done in the name of Allah and for the sake of Allah. This was evident in the supplications he said before fighting against Muawiya and his lawless group, "Oh my Lord, you now that, if I knew your satisfaction will be gained by me throwing myself into this sea, then I will do it. Oh my Lord, you know that, if I knew your satisfaction will be gained by me putting this sword into my stomach then leaning on it till it comes through my back, I will do it. Oh my Lord, I only know what you have taught me and that is there is no deed this day more gratifying to you than fighting against these who have spread tyranny in the land. If I knew of any other deed that would satisfy you more than that, I would do it."
Ammar fought many battles with the Messenger of Allah. His last battle was to be at Siffeen with Imam Ali against the despotic Muawiya. On that day he said, "We fought the infidels with the Messenger of Allah under these flags that Muawiya and his army are now holding. Now the time has come when we have to fight the holders of these flags. Let it be known to you that today I will be killed. I will take the deeds of this transient world into the eternal abode. So let it be known to you that the Prince of the Faithful (Imam Ali) is my exemplar and that Allah shall judge between the righteous and the evil from amongst his subjects."
He then spurred his horse forward towards the battlefield saying, "Today I meet up with the loved ones, Mohammad and his group."
Ammar fought courageously that day until a blow struck him on the waist. As a result of that blow he was forced to return from the battlefield, where he then asked for a drink of water. One of the
companions came with a bowl of milk instead of water. When Ammar saw the bowl and it's contents he said, "The Messenger of Allah did not lie." They asked him what he meant by that
statement. He said, "The Messenger of Allah informed me that my last provision from this world would be milk."
Ammar drank the milk and soon after he passed away. He was ninety-one years old.
Imam Ali in eulogizing Ammar said, "We belong to Allah and to him shall be our return. Whoever does not feel grief over the death of Ammar is not a Muslim. O'Allah be merciful to Ammar during that time when the Angels will question him in the grave. I did not witness with the Prophet a group of three, without Ammar being the fourth, or a group of four, without Ammar being the fifth. Ammar was not deserving of paradise only once; he deserved it on many occasions. The everlasting gardens that await him are countless because he was with the truth and the truth was with him and as the
Messenger of Allah said, "It (the truth) accompanies him every which way he turns."
Then he said, "O'Allah torture the Murderer, the curser and the stealer of Ammar's weapon in hell." After that Imam Ali Prayed on his corpse then he lay him to rest in his grave.
May Allah bless him and grant him eternal life in paradise for he was a person with unwavering faith till the very last breath in his body.

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