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Traditions from Imam Hasan Askari(A.S.)

Do not dispute (with others) lest you will lose splendor and do not joke (with everyone) lest you will be disrespected.
To greet everyone you pass by and to sit in a place other than the first class of a session are signs of modesty.
Reasonless laughter is a sign of ignorance.
Anger is the key to all evil.
The worst servants of Allah are those who are two faced and two tongued; they praise their friends and backbite the absent. They envy them for obtaining graces and disappoint them when they suffer a misfortune.
The least comfortable of people is the spiteful.
The heart of a foolish is in his mouth and the mouth of the wise is in his heart.
To show happiness before the grieved is not a sign of good mannerism.
It is very ugly for a believer to follow a passion that causes him humiliation.
Modest is an unenviable favor.

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