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The Philosophy of Racial Discrimination Dominant over the Europeans

By: Hujjatul-Islam Ali Akbar Hashimi Rafsanjani
Tehran's Friday Prayer Sermon 1: (March 23, 1984)

In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent the Merciful
All praise is due to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds, and Allah's peace and blessings be upon the Messenger of Allah and upon his descendants, the infallible Imams. I take refuge with Allah (SWT) from the accursed Shaytan. The Almighty Allah says in His Holy Book:
"O mankind, surely We have created you ofa male and a female, and made you nations and tribes that you may know (deal respectfully with) one another, surely the most honourable of you with Allah is the most pious, God fearing, surely Allah, is Knowing, Aware.” (49: 13)
At the first Salatul-Jumu’ah (Friday Prayer) of the Solar Hijrah (H.S.) year 1363 (1984 A.D.) which coincides with the week commemorating the universal struggle against racial discrimination, we commence a discussion on social justice regarding different human races as well as struggle against racial discrimination in the modern world which constitutes one of the very significant subjects related to social justice. I hope that in a series of khutbas (Islamic sermons) delivered to this effect from the holy rostrum of Salatul-Jumu’ah, I could explicate one of the most important global issues by giving a detailed account of the viewpoints and attitude of Islam towards it, criticism on the stances of other schools, and the currents governing all over the world, to the Muslim people of Iran and to others all around the world.
Perhaps the introductory part of this discussion might not seem so important and vital for people who are less informed of the subject because in our country, no such issue as racial discrimination and clash of various races exists. And even the 'semi-different races' such as Fars, Kurd, Turk, Arab, Baluch, and Turkman living in Iran, have nothing like racial discrimination among themselves.
At present Islam is a subject of discussion all over the world. For instance, Africa, Asia, and Latin America have been the foremost victims of racial discrimination and have suffered a lot by this issue.
It will become clear from the elaborations I will make that the entire deprived and oppressed people of the world suffer with this problem before a group of arrogant oppressors. In the course of these discussions, you will realize that these discussions strengthen the worldwide basis of Islam.
This issue must be elucidated, since we aim at exporting or spreading the Revolution; and we believe that the worldwide basis of Islam is a fundamental principle, we endeavour to expend money or offer sacrifices for the other nations, and tolerate their difficulties; since we aim to support the Islamic and humanitarian movements; and our Revolution aims at combating the arrogant powers.
This is one of the discussions which specifies the abominable visage of the oppressors ruling over the world just as they are. It, furthermore, elucidates the decisive and equitable standpoint and attitude of Islam towards this universal issue which has forcibly afflicted mankind for long years.
It also determines why it is of prime importance to analyze this issue from the rostrum of the Friday Prayer (Salatul-Jumu’ah) as an Islamic rostrum. Of course, as I have already pointed out, the discussion on economy was accorded priority owing to domestic issues and hence we covered it in advance [1].
Discussion on government and people, differences, between a man and a woman, judicial problems of the world, and justice in the law courts are also among the salient issues related to social justice, which will be explicated later on after the discussion on racial discrimination. However, I do not know how long this discussion would take. But judging from my readings and from the notes I have taken in this regard when I was a student of Islamic theology, I think this discussion will be very lengthy.
So from today, we will commence a new discussion on social justice regarding different races as well as combat against racial discrimination all over the world.
History, the Best Criterion for the Recognition of the Schools of Thought
A point worthy of note is that in the discussion on social justice in economy, we briefly mentioned a significant issue which is the discussion on values; the genuine-values on which the Holy Quran and Islam rely, and which become the criterion for distinction and privilege for human beings. I have mentioned, in the intellectual and practical fields, the values which are the means of distinction and privilege, whereas the rest of the matters like the language, race, wealth, geographical location, class, and all the others which are presently used as the source of values in the world of today and in the society of the oppressors, have been declared null and void by Islam.
Therefore, you are familiar with what things (or acts) which Islam considers as values and virtues and depends upon, and what things (or acts) which it has declared valueless. These four or five hundred years in recent history of the world constitute the best testing base (experimental lab) for the recognition of schools of thought and trends or currents dominating the history, on which we will conduct a discussion. The issue of racial discrimination dates back to the early records of history, and to the time when history was placed at the service of world culture. Under the name of a superior race, a group, all through the history, endeavoured to exploit others and to be dominant over them, because its members had a firm belief in their own race.
We see this matter in ancient Egypt as to what miseries the Coptics brought on the Asbat - whose race is now no longer found. Then we see that when the sons of Prophet Ya'qub (Jacob) (A), with the uprising of Prophet Musa (Moses) (A), destroyed Fir'awn (Pharaoh), what miseries Banu Israil as `the superior race', brought on the Coptics as well as on all the other races living in that area. And what terrible crimes they committed under the name of `the chosen people', `the superior race', and so on, which still Zionism holds as an inauspicious inheritance and is after making a superior race.
In Greece, which is the birthplace of Western civilizations, we see the Greek cities which revolve around the axis of `the superior race' of the Greeks. We also observe that Plato too, falls into the trap of this superstition, and is compelled to confirm it as an inevitable dominant trend.
And then we see that though Aristotle is the student of Plato, but rebels against this social and human injustice and shatters this superstition. In ancient Iran, the Achaemenians classified the posts into various grades or degrees as clerical position, military post, teaching, management, trade, and industry. They considered the first post as holy, and made the next three posts exclusive to the Aryan race; wherefrom today, we have inherited the term Aryan. And they granted the other vocations to common people. Thus, we come to see that this issue had such deep roots in the past.

The Aryan Race -a Pretext for the Accursed Shah
In India, which is the birthplace of a grand civilization, we still see very abominable effects of classes. Despite the humanitarian efforts of the late M. Gandhi, still the "untouchables" are among the most oppressed people of India. Even though a new title has been given to them they continued to be with the same precedence, the oppressed people in the history of racial discrimination.
In China, Japan, and other parts of the world, where we find the root of a civilization and the birthplace of a great social movement, we see that the issue of racism, value of the blood, and effort to keep the integration of the blood, and to preclude the mingling of the blood of one race with that of the other races, has brought along these calamities. I leave historical issues to the specialists of history, for this discussion should be conducted in the universities and is a cultural work. There is no room for discussing it here.
About five hundred years ago and after the Renaissance, a new movement started under the so-called title "European civilization". It is a movement which must justly be called as the "European savagery and barbarism"; because the same crimes which were previously committed in Europe in the name of race and racism are presently committed against the people undoubtedly under the guise of civilization, human rights, preservation of peace, and the like.
When we study the history of world dictators, we encounter the fact that since these people could not rely on a sound correct school of thought, they set forth racism and nationalism as the main base. The diverse nations of the world are familiar with notorious dictators such as Hitler and Mussolini who flared the world war, whose signs of crime are still existent.
Our people too, are aware of them, and our children in schools may also know a little about their history.
Under the pretext of racism and nationalism, they perpetrated such terrible crimes against humanity. You might be surprised that the Aryan race, which had lately become a pretext for the execrated Shah and by which he tried to justify his dictatorship, was also the basis of the ideology of Mussolini and Hitler. They were of the view that the European people were basically of the Aryan race, and that the genuine Aryan race exists only in Europe. By no means did they allow the mingling of the blood of the Aryan race with that of the other races of the world. The philosophy established by Fascism in Italy and Nazism in Germany has roots in this matter; For instance, the Nationalist-Socialist Party, that is, they set forth together both the nationalist aspect, and the socialist one and the word `Nazist' is the contraction of this party name. Study the history of the war, look into the ideas of Hitler, and read their books, then see what main thing they relied on that made them shed so much blood in the world.
Mussolini, who perpetrated the most gruesome crimes in the world, and who used the poison gas against the Africans, instituted Fascism in the world and attracted numerous followers and caused tragedies all around the globe between 1922 and 1945; and Hitler, who from 1935 to 1945, turned the world into an inferno, also moved along the lines of this title. And recently, the case of Saddam also smacks of this issue. When he initiated the war, he called it "Al-Qadisiyyah" [2] and changed the truth regarding Al-Qadisiyyah which was an Islamic movement against the kufr (unbelief) at that time. He turned it into an Arab versus non-Arab confrontation, and branded it as an Arab movement against the non-Arab, he took pride in it.
Now that I have proceeded in the discussion and expressed the details of the issues in the entire world, you can realize that many present movements in America, Europe, and Russia bear the same meaning but under the guise of another name. The weakness of Jamal `AbdunNasir's movement was that, to confront Israel he relied on pan-Arabism rather than on Islam, and so he was never able to lead this movement to anywhere. This mode of thinking has many negative points. About five hundred years ago, when the European world left behind the `Middle Ages' and the `dark ages', and when it shouldered the world materialistic movement with the light of knowledge and skill of going ahead in progress, this issue arose in Europe along with this new situation.

The Philosophy Dominant over the Europeans
At that time a philosophy has become dominant over them that among the races in the world which are mainly manifest in the forms of white, yellow, black, and red races, the most genuine race belongs to Europe; whereas the red race which is found in Latin America and America, the yellow race which is in East Asia, and the black race which is in Africa are the inferior races. According to their previous and present interpretation, utmost effort to bring them up resembles the effort to bring up and breed a dog.
To the same extent that a dog can be looked after and brought up as loyal, these races can also be bred as such. This way of thinking became dominant over them. When they were mobilized with steam power, shipping industry and shipbuilding, and sailing, they moved from around the Atlantic Ocean to the West towards America. They circumnavigated Africa. And in Asia, they started from the Bay of Bengal and other places, and circumnavigated the entire region of Asia from Japan, Vietnam, Korea, the Indian subcontinent, Australia, Indonesia, and the entire Oceania. In all these places, they dealt with the people as coloured-skinned, since the people in these areas were either of the yellow race or half-breeds of black and yellow races.
Unfortunately, in this field they also used a very powerful weapon similar to their present hypocrisy; this weapon was Injil (the Bible) and Christianity.
Christianity, whose birthplace is in the East, in Palestine, and its leader is an Easterner, and belongs to the Middle East, was shifted to Rome and was placed at the disposal of the Popes and Christian leaders who had a profound prejudice in favour of the whites of Europe.
When the continent of America was first discovered in 1493, and when Pope Alexander VI learned of this discovery, he wrote an official document by which he granted the entire continent of America, from the South Pole to the North Pole, to Portugal and Spain as they were its discoverers.
They believe as if through Christianity, the Almighty Allah had given the whole world to the Pope that, by an official document, he could transfer entirely to Portugal and Spain the land belonging to millions of people, who were all living in its farms, villages, and mountains.
A combatant African thinker points out saying, "The Europeans have come to Africa and presented the Bible (Christian religious Book) to us. `We the Africans became highly influenced by it. But they (the Europeans) were not concerned with the African people. They had set their eyes on our lands which belong to all Africans. Now we the Africans have realized that the Europeans usurped our lands, and instead gave us the Bible. The Bible has brought nothing but superstition and slavery for the Africans, while our lands which belong to the whole Africans have given the Europeans everything."
That is to say, in the view of the thinkers the Europeans presented their religion to the peoples of African countries and elsewhere in such a way. Now we see a very good ground in Africa for the Islamic movement, and more than sixty or seventy per cent of the Africans are enthusiastic for Islam, despite the fact that most rulers of African countries are hirelings of the outsiders, the Europeans and the Americans. And if we see our embassies in Africa are put under the surveillance of the international police, the espionage network of the C.I.A. and the police of Israel, America, Russia, and Britain, it is because they greatly fear Islam. They started their work five hundred years ago. In future discussions, you will become familiar with the movements they launched all over the world in the name of Christianity, civilization, the white and Aryan race, and the race which, according to their ideology, possesses the right to rule.
I will discuss parts of their history successively throughout my overall discussion. You will be surprised at how strong they have been in propaganda which enabled them to hide their abominable visage in such a way. Now it is for quite some time that the issue of racism is excluded from the culture of struggles owing to the hypocrisy of these powers. Last week, which included the day of combat against racism, the event passed off very quietly around the world; whereas you see that about twenty years ago, John Kennedy (the then President of the United States) had become a victim of this very matter. Basically, they have endeavoured to divert the attention of the people by mischief-making, and with all the propaganda means at their disposal. I want to revive this issue. It must be revived and the world, as well as the oppressed of the world must understand whom they are facing.

Islam and Racism
See what Islam has done one thousand and four hundred years ago when racial discrimination was at its peak in Arabia, and when no genuine Arab was at all ready to have his blood mingled with that of the Iranians, Romans, Africans, and others. In the Quranic verse which I recited at the outset of the Khutbah (sermon) the holy Prophet (S) announced that Allah (SWT) says: "O You men! surely We have created you of a male (father) and a female (mother), and made you nations and tribes so that you may know one another; surely the most honourable (privileged) of you with Allah is the most pious God-fearing among you ...(49:13)."
Here taqwa (God-fearing and piety) is introduced as a pivot and main criterion, and the black, white, yellow and the red races are not different from one another. The Holy Prophet (S) ideologically directed the people quitely well. From the practical point of view, the Holy Prophet (S) went ahead so far that he appointed a person like Bilal Al-Habashi as mu'adhdhin (one who recites the call for salat), who was a pious God-fearing man but had a very rough African face and a quite bad voice.
When for the first time, the honourable Bilal, with such an appearance and a voice, went atop the minaret of Ka`bah and recited the adhan, the Makkan aristocrats stuffed their ears and said, "We ignored all the calamities which have befallen us by the Prophet himself. Now, who is this person?" Well, it was not so, that the Prophet (S) hated a melodious and good voice. We know that good voice has been commendable.
When Al-Imam As-Sajjad Ali Ibn Al-Husayn (A) used to recite the Holy Quran, the water-carrier who carried water to the house of the Imam remained listening at the door for so long that the water in the water-skin on his shoulder would leak drop by drop and be finished. In the Holy Quran, there is reference to the good voice of Prophet Dawud (A) as well.
It was also untrue that the Holy Prophet (S) wanted to welcome a bad voice, but he wanted to emphasize the values. He placed facial colour, superficial beauty, and a good voice as secondary criteria. He highly valued the personality, taqwa, and combatant spirit of Bilal. And Bilal became such a prominent figure of the Islamic State. This is the axis of the Holy Prophet's movement which, Allah (SWT) willing, I will take up in the other parts of my discussion. The Prophet (S) had resolved this matter at that time.
Salman Al-Farsi, who was a non-Arab, was considered by the Prophet (S) as one of the Ahlul-Bayt (A) (Members of the Household of the Holy Prophet (S) [3]. Al-Miqdad, who was the son of a negro woman, became one of the close confidants of the Prophet (S). Allah (SWT) willing, we will place these facts against the deeds of the Europeans who claim to be the advocates of humanity, democracy, and human rights. You will see, how Islam has resolved these very important matters, and has made them revolve around the axis of taqwa (God-fearing and piety).
And you'll see how the world is now suffering with this problem of racism.
Today the Europeans and the Americans commit all the evil deeds of the racists while changing their names into good ones.
[1] Discussion on economy entitled: "Social Justice: Economic Issues" has already been published in five volumes. Its second edition, with corrections and additions in the footnotes, is under print.
[2] Al-Qadisiyyah is the name of a place in the west of Iran where the Battle of Qadisiyyah took place. This battle occurred during the reign of Yazdgird III (the last Sassanide king) and `Umar (the second Caliph) in 14 A.H. (635 AD). It lasted four days and finally ended with the defeat of the Iranians. In this battle, Sa`d ibn Abi Waqqas commanded the army of Islam and Rustam Farukhzad commanded the army of Iran.
[3] The Holy Prophet (S) said: "Salman is from among us Ahlul-Bayt (Members, of the Household of the Holy Prophet)"

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