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Unfounded ideas of Europeans and Traitors Help to Them

By: Hujjatul-Islam Ali Akbar Hashimi Rafsanjani
Tehran's Friday Prayer Sermon 2: (April 20, 1984)

In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent the Merciful
All praise is due to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds, and Allah's peace and blessings be upon the Messenger of Allah and upon his descendants, the infallible Imams - I seek refuge with Allah (SWT) from the accursed Shaytan. Allah Almighty says in His Holy Book:
"Surely Allah rejoins the doing of justice, doing of good (to others) and giving to tire kindred, and He forbids indecency, evil, and oppression; He admonishes you that you may be mindful. (16:90)
Our previous discussion, which dealt with economy, had mostly a domestic aspect, and was less of an international and universal nature. This discussion, however, will mostly deal with the international policy of Islam, and will deal less with the domestic affairs. Though at first sight this discussion might not seem to be the burning issue of the day, you will realize, with the details I will present, that it is the most significant, and fundamental discussion of the world today. And in the universal mission of Islam, we must pay heed to this issue.
The subject which I dealt with is that the Europeans, the so-called white race, with their unfounded claims, have considered the majority of the people of the world as coloured-skinned, of low race and worthy of being enslaved. They consider themselves worthy of mastery, supremacy, and global governing. For this oppressive claim, they unfortunately used hireling scholars who established so-called theoretical and intellectual bases for it.
Undoubtedly, presently Europe (almost all European countries, be it the eastern or the western part) and the U.S.A. are ahead as far as the materialistic aspects are concerned. That is, these are the progressive countries; which have ample elbowroom in expending money, and taking giant strides in other materialistic aspects. This industrial and scientific progress has led to the creation of false fancy and feeling of mastery in the minds of their people to claim the right to ruling over others. They regard themselves as the superior race and the rest of the people of the world as barbaric, semi-barbaric, and thus they are to follow them blindly. Then they terribly expect to impose their own culture on the other people of the world, and to denigrate their ideologies and customs. Unfortunately, the condition of being inspired by the West as developed in the Westernized far-sighted thinkers and modernists of the backward world has also sparked this unjust expectation of the Europeans and Americans, and has become a means for imposing the Western views on the others. Presently, humanity incurs gigantic damage due to the matter. And irreparable acts of oppression are increasing everyday.

The Record of Domination
We do not intend to discuss the fact that today Europe, America, and the Soviet Union are ahead materialistically. But when we revert to the roots, we will see this difference in issues related to usurpation, something acquired at the cost of the utter ruin of the black-inhabited continent of Africa, of the total annihilation of Asia, and of the pillage of Latin America. The material, human, and cultural resources and honours of the overwhelming majority of three and a half billion people have been robbed, and at their cost, five hundred million people are living high in wealthiness, luxury and welfare. But this minority has, from the very beginning possessed the means to rob (other people) and still is in possession of these means.
Perhaps if we had made a film of these past four or five centuries showing the people of the world the transfer of the riches and resources, and letting them visualize for themselves the image of the big catastrophe which has occurred throughout this period, we could have, to some extent, attracted the sentiments of the uninformed people of the world to this historical tragedy. The torrents of gold, oil, sources of energy, human resources, and cultural treasures of all the world have been transferred by way of ships, aeroplanes, railways, and cars to the islands of wealthiness and welfare. In return, the majority of the people of these areas receive the discarded dead stock of the affluent countries. In future discussions, these will be mentioned with documentary proofs and in a classified manner.
Earlier, I have mentioned about the discovery of the continent of America. When Christopher Columbus reached there, he got the so-called great honour for the discovering of this geographical location. And when, following this discovery, the Pope, through a document he issued, transferred to Spain a part of both the continents of Africa and America (from the South Pole to the North), these hard events started. The European countries at that time set up special armies with several warships, some weapons, and a number of mischievous people, who were typically prisoners condemned to long imprisonments. Then they set out to go all over the world: the Russians towards Asia, the Portuguese towards Africa, and the Spanish towards America. Then Britain, France, Germany, and the Netherlands followed in the steps of the above-mentioned countries, and created the situation which we will elaborate.

The So-called Scientific Analyses of Some Scholars at the Service of the Colonialists
In order to justify for their own people all these acts of oppression, and to make these oppressive acts acceptable to the oppressed people of the world, they resorted to the unhealthy minds of some scholars to establish philosophical and ideological bases for their oppressive way of thinking. These created a strange and imaginary division for themselves under the title of the superior races and the inferior races. They have marked that the superior race is rooted in the Aryan race and its people have reddish brown hair, white skin, and a long skull, so its members possess the competence of being the masters of the world. The other group consists of the inferior race whose people have coloured skin and a round skull.
Over these several centuries, we notice that the Western laboratories and research organizations always tried to keep these divisions alive and perpetual. There are very repugnant interpretations in some of these so-called scientific writings, which make one disgusted with such sociologists and biologists. For instance, interpretations such as spending time on educating and training a man of the black race should produce most benefit or return amounting to that of training a dog which is useful for a man. Or marriage between the superior race and the inferior one obliterates the superior one, or mingling of the blood of the white race with that of the other races, be it yellow, black, or red, is a waste of the genuine resources and worth of the blood of the white race. Or a research organization started working (this was mainly done by the French) and, after thirty years of research, expressed the view that the black race of North Africa (the centre of French invasions) constitutes people who are criminal by nature. Or they expressed the view that an educated and mature African man ultimately possesses a brain resembling that of a white man with a part of it removed.
And when they want to liberally compliment, they say that the Africans are sentimental people whose movements are influenced by sensational excitements, so the best way to calm down their (spirit of) revolt is to engage them in scenes of fervent sports such as boxing, wrestling, bullfighting, and ram-fighting. Such were the types of thoughts dominant over the Europeans, Americans, and many of their scientists and research institutions. Practically too, they followed these deviant ideas. These were the evil actions which the Americans and Europeans did to the people of the different spots of the world. Of course, it must be borne in mind that the native Americans, i.e. the main and native owners of America, were at first inflicted with the same acts of oppression by the European immigrants. The Americans who are now ruling over the continent of America are in fact of English, French, Spanish, and German origin. It was their ancestors who invaded the newly-discovered continent of America and massacred the oppressed Red Indians, forcing them to migrate and then seizing their land by force. So, in fact, today the generation of Europeans is ruling over America. The interesting point is that for a long time they have been giving a human covering to these actions of theirs. They claim that they go to these countries to civilize and educate barbaric people, to enhance their level of understanding, and to free them from superstition and the like. Now they claim that they took our hands, and saved us from barbarism and are now abiding by it. They have written thousands of books on this issue, and now consider themselves more deserving than us in all respects.
Westernization and Tendency to the West Unfortunately, Westernization developed in many educated people of different countries, has led to a situation which you are witnessing in the world. Of course, we are less affected by this phenomenon (of Westernization), but in other countries, the situation is much worse. In many backward countries, there exists the problem that the educated and progressive class of people or as they so call themselves the clear-sighted and bright-minded intellectuals are so entangled with these Western ideas that they cannot understand the true feelings of their own people, and this problem exists in the world today. All over the world, these Westernized persons constitute one of the agents of practising such ideas which have greatly troubled humanity in these five hundred years. A scientist made a very correct and precise interpretation of the condition of istisba’, which means being inflicted by a savage (animal) such a condition usually befalls mice in the face of cats. When a cat attacks a mouse, the latter loses its control and personality and shuts its eyes because of its weakness, and the attack of the cat. The mouse thinks that since now it is not seeing the cat, the cat cannot see it either. Face to face with the cat, the mouse surrenders to it; as the mouse doesn't have will-power, and hence it cannot defend itself. So when a creature surrenders to a savage invader, the condition is called istisba’, and such a creature is called mustasba’, that is attacked by the savage invader.
Such a condition exists in many so-called intellectuals and actually thoughtless people of backward societies. They do not think at all that a nation can be independent. They rather believe that since Europe, America, and Russia have conquered space, their way of thinking must also be sound and correct. Since all the waters have been controlled by them their religion must also be right, and as they have excavated the mines of other countries by pillaging them, so their culture and thoughts must also be sound. They are not willing to lend credence and value to the independent views of their own people vis-a-vis their thoughts. A few English names, which they utter to people suffice in their view, to serve as documents for the credibility of their statements. Such a statement has been published in so-and-so British newspaper; this statement has been made by so- and-so European radio broadcast; this has been mentioned at so-and-so American university. So all these become the necessary documents for their ungrounded views. The condition of being Westernized and losing one's own identity could not enable the nations to stand on their own feet. If you are interested in reading, you would see that wherever in the world people have embarked on a revolution or uprising, the Western-inspired elements have appeared, and again enslaved the people with the above-mentioned thoughts. They do not believe that such a thing could happen. This is what the Westerners expect and they also encourage such an action. So far as the so-called white race of people is concerned such a state is prevalent all over the world. They too, have come to believe in such a state. As soon as the people want to realize it; they prevent them from doing so. For instance, in India, a huge subcontinent with a population of 600 or 700 million, we see that when a grand revolution was brought about by Gandhi and the Indian Muslims, after the victory of the revolution they were not allowed, for instance to abandon the English language. They still preserve it as a sign of civilization. Consequently afflictions were brought on them by the remainder of the colonialist elements there. Or, in African countries, a large number of people rise up trying to bring about a revolution. But when they take the reins of the affairs in hand, we again see that a Western-inspired colonel makes a coup d'etat and wastes everything, and then such incidents occur continuously.

A Sound Intellectual Base Must Be Provided for the People
You have seen how the constitutional government turned out. The people rose up and became triumphant, but again the Westernized individuals swarmed from all sides and took away all those blessings from the people. In this revolution, it is very clear for us and our young generation must find in history the statements which I make. The people brought about a revolution and, free from any foreign school of thought, performed a great task. You have then seen how those who had liberal ideas entered the arena, and what they attempted to bring on the revolution, be it of an Eastern or Western kind, because both of them are of the same type now. They believed that a revolution must depend on Russia, America, France, or other. You have seen also what befell these people at the hands of such elements. The gist of the matter is that a sound intellectual base must be provided for the people. Serious guidance and education should be provided for them, too. These (Westernized) fallacies must be fully effaced from their minds (if any). Dividing humankind into the superior race and inferior one has no reasonable meaning. For human beings are from one origin and from one couple of parents. Their hearts, minds, feelings, nervous systems, potentialities and organs of movement are not superior to one another. If they are treated correctly, if one or two generations take care, and if the inherent faculties which Allah (SWT) granted them are revived, they can equally acquire knowledge through education. They can equally become experts, gnostics, and religious people. Or they, on the other hand, can equally become mischief-makers. Allah (SWT) has not created such a difference and has not wanted this injustice, in the system of creation for humanity.
When the Americans and the Europeans realized that the `period of slavery' is over and that the slaves do not have an output more than the value of what they eat, they raised the slogan for abolishing the slavery and racial discrimination. They also mooted the issue of equality between the black and white races, red and white ones, and yellow and white ones. But they actually tell lies. Their policies, governments course and mode of their life are not compatible with such statements. Even at present too, the world deems these statements as mendacious. Even today if you look at the lives led by the blacks and the whites in America itself, you will see that they are not the same despite the fact that for decades they are raising slogans in this regard. Consider one of the scholars, as saying: "If the rest of the American people want to live as the negroes do, all the people can be accommodated in only one city like New York." Hence the difference between their life-styles is counted to such an extent. I am going to mention the strange events which have occurred in their universities with regard to these two races then you will see what is going on in the world. All over the world today, from the east to the west, there are numerous countries which are being blackmailed because of their people's skin colour as they do not belong to the white race, and the blood of the white humans does not circulate in their veins.

The Criterion and Value of Man Depend on Taqwa (God-fearing and Piety)
This is not an issue to be easily dispensed with. Exalted be mighty Islam, this liberating and humane religion, which has solved these issues much before such slogans and statements were set out. I mentioned a part of these issues in the previous khutbah and I will also make a reference to them today. From now on, while I am continuing this discussion, I am going to make a comparison between Islam and other schools of thought. During the period when these matters could not have been even expressed, Islam introduced its doctrine with a Quranic ayah (verse) which you have repeatedly heard:
"O mankind! Surely We have created you of a male and a female, and made you nations and tribes that you may know one another; surely the most honourable of you with Allah is the most pious God-fearing; Surely Allah is Knowing, Aware" (49:13)
If we condense all the books, their essence would be only this one word "taqwa", i.e., the criterion, virtue, honour and the value of a human being are not determined by colour, appearance, father, mother, family nor a geographical location, but are rather determined by the spirit of taqwa which can be developed in man. In the early days of Islam, we see numerous black individuals who used to move along with the Holy Prophet (S) Imam `Ali ibn Abi Talib (A), the Caliphs, and other personalities like `ulama' (Islamic scholars) and experts, and obtained such positions that the modern world today cannot even tolerate it after the lapse of 1400 years. We see today, that a (white) American finds it extremely difficult for him to sit next to a negro in a bus. He might sit by him, because it is the law, and because they have been forced to do so, but they lie, and the fact proves otherwise. In the U.S. Senate, when lots are cast and the result is that a negro is to sit next to a white, it is deemed by the latter as a bad luck. Whereas, a son and a black slave are equal for Al-Imam Al-Husayn (A). In Karbala, al-Imam Al-Husayn (A) had one of these black people along with him. History records his name as "Jawn" but perhaps it might now be pronounced as "Jan". This person was first the respected servant of Abu Dharr Al-Ghifari.
For them, the work of a servant did not bear the connotation of servitude, bondage and the like. When the servants entered into their job, they lived together like their masters. But only at the employment, they were called waiters, servants, attendants and the like. But later Jawn was like a brother of Abu Dharr. When Abu Dharr passed away, Jawn remained in the Household of the Holy Prophet (S) He went to Karbala with Al-Imam al-Husayn (A). On the Day of `Ashura' when some of the companions of Al-Imam Al-Husayn (A) were martyred, the Imam saw this black man moving forward towards him, having thrown a kafan (shroud) around his neck. He said the following to the Imam:
"My master, would you grant me permission to go for jihad (Islamic war)?"
The Imam stated:
"Throughout your life, you have taken great pains for the Household of the holy Prophet (S). It is enough for you. And our enemies do not intend to kill you. They want to kill me. It is not necessary for you to go for Jihad. You can also be of help to my children, especially the minor daughters and other small children, after my demise." When the Imam made this statement Jawn's heart was broken. Tears rolled down his black face. He lowered his face. The Imam said: "Have you become uncomfortable?"
He replied: "Yes, I am uncomfortable. I had vowed to go for Jihad, become a martyr, enter Paradise along with the members of the Household of the Holy Prophet (S) and your friends, and be the companion of the Prophet (S). You have taken this hope from me and it is difficult for me to tolerate."
The Imam said:
"I did not want to 'discomfort you. Now you deserve the spiritual reward of a martyr. You have sincerely come to embark on Jihad, but it is not necessary."
He said:
“I prefer to be a martyr while accompanying you. How is it that I was your partner in those days, which I spent with welfare and bounty at your house, but that now when your youths go forth to the place where they can sacrifice themselves, I should be separate from them?"
The Imam saw that with such explanations he could no longer deny him the permission. The Imam granted him the permission to go for Jihad. Ordinarily, on the day of `Ashura', the Imam reached out to the ones who were martyred and carried away their bodies to a specific location. This black man did not expect such a thing. When he fell on the ground, instead of calling on the Imam for help, with a loud voice, he took leave from the Imam and conveyed his final salam (greetings and farewell to him. He shut his eyes, and was thinking of martyrdom and passing away from this world when he suddenly heard the warm and affectionate voice of Abu `Abdillah Al-Husayn (A). He opened his eyes and saw that the Imam (A) had come and taken his head in his lap and was cleaning the blood off his black face. He was greatly embarrassed and said:
"Dear master, under such straitened circumstances, I did not expect you to take the trouble to come to me."
Then another scene came up, when suddenly Al-Imam Al-Husayn (A) put his face on the face of the black slave, as he had done when his dear son `Ali Al-Akbar was martyred, kissed him, and bid him farewell. This is the honour of Islam and religion.

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