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Human Rights as Implemented by Western Powers

By: Hujjatul-Islam Ali Akbar Hashimi Rafsanjani
Tehran's Friday Prayer Sermon 3: June 1, 1984

In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent the Merciful
All praise is due to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds, and Allah's peace and blessings be upon the Messenger of Allah and upon his descendants, the infallible Imams. I take refuge with Allah (SWT) from the accursed Shaytan. The Almighty Allah says in His Holy Book.
"O mankind! Surely We have created you of a male and a female and made you nations and tribes that you may know (deal respectfully with) one another; surely the most honourable of you with Allah is the most pious, God fearing among you (and not by pride of families and races); surely Allah is Knowing, Aware (of everything done by anyone whether bad or good) ."(49:13)
In previous discussions, we have mentioned that, because the Westerners and Europeans belong to the white race the have committed the worst possible crimes against the coloured-skinned people throughout the last five hundred years. In the forthcoming khutab (sermons) I will separately deal with this issue under specific classifications as it has both historical and humanitarian aspects. On the other hand, I thought that some of our listeners might feel that, this discussion is related to the past history. And they might believe that, since the human rights have been well-established in the world, and the Universal
Declaration of Human Rights [1] has regulated the rights of all the races, factions and the peoples, and since it has proclaimed justice, that such a condition of discrimination no longer exists in the world, hence, there is no need for discussing such issues related to the past. As this thought has occurred to some minds, I found it necessary to accord precedence to some sections which are related to the end of the discussion. I have decided to give details on the present situation, so as to inform you that even today the world is suffering with the worst oppressions due to the racial discrimination. Incidentally, these oppressions are committed by the same people who pretend to advocate the human rights, and who kill the human beings by the same weapon of human rights. And the head of those `champions' of human rights is the United States of America.-Of course, all the Westerners do the same, so do the Russians. But the Westerners are their leaders.

Human Rights and the Deprivation of Negroes' and Red Indians' Rights
So far as we know, in modern history, .the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was approved in 1948 (about 36 years ago) by the United Nations Organization (U.N.) with the participation of 56 countries of the world. A part of the `grand' Declaration of Human Rights, which is so-called a `great victory' as far as wording and claims are concerned, and which is an attempt to solve many issues on paper only, is as follows: "All human races are equal before the law. No one will be discriminated because of his colour, blood, language, religion, or other aspects from the others." Recently, all world countries signed this Declaration to mean that they have approved of it, and are to act on it. Some think that this is all what is needed with respect to this issue.
But from the viewpoint of those who can give a just judgement about the pages of history in these 36 years, nothing has been changed for the better and still a great deal of oppression exists. America, which heads this movement, has the most tragic pieces of human history after discovering it, when the white Europeans went there, and after they clashed with the coloured-skinned inhabitants, and with those coloured-skinned people who later went there. Until about one hundred and twenty years ago when slavery was official and legal in America, the black Africans were taken there in a pitiful condition, and were placed at the disposal of the landlords and `nobles' of America as slaves. A part of this catastrophe and tragedy has been seen by our children in movies such as Uncle Tom's Cottage or read by them in stories.
One hundred and twenty years ago, when Abraham Lincoln had abolished slavery, the abolishment was in name only and not in practice. Whereas the Negroes in America are stilt deprived of the most basic human rights. Yet, in America, it is not only the blacks who are faced with the problem of discrimination by the whites but also another race in America which comprises the `Red Indians'. These are the original owners of America, and their condition is the same as that of the blacks. When the Europeans went to America, they gradually massacred and physically exterminated the Red Indians in the most inhumane ways. In order to exterminate them completely and grab their lands, the Europeans used to arrange parties and invite them. The Europeans then used to pollute the bed sheets, blankets, tobacco pipes, and everything else with the microbes of smallpox or other deadly diseases, and in this way they exterminated a part of the Red Indians. These events have been recorded in the history. If we deal with the history and mention their oppressions all through the history, their indescribable crimes will then become manifest.
Even right now, there is a proverb among the Americans that the best Red Indians are the dead ones. That is, they principally do not want them to live. In America, the Red Indians have been driven and limited to some corners. They conduct an intense struggle against the American ruling- class but their protest cannot reach anywhere. Some time ago, a conference was held on this subject in which Iran's representative took part. He recounted things from it, then even an article was written about the subject, and published. It is mentioned that they are a people whose rights, land, right of existence, and identity have been usurped, and are treated in such a way.
We have a great deal of material on the Negroes, and I am going to refer to a part of it. In the year 1948, when the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was signed, this signature (approval) had no grounds. That is, after the World War II when Western countries had lost their power, and when the oppressed nations got awakened and set to rise, they issued this Declaration to deceive and narcotize the oppressed nations. It was the narcotization which only changed matters on the surface, but deep inside the same things are being continued.
In America, the same previous ill-treatment of Negroes is still continuing. For instance, we see that in the year 1951, i.e., three years after the ratification of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, eighty-eight combatant challenging personalities wrote a letter to the United Nations in favour of the Negroes. They complained that after the ratification of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the condition of the Negroes did not improve in any case, and it even became worse. In that letter which was circulated as an important document, 3,000 cases of inexcusable crimes of the white people of America against the Negroes have been specified.

The American Crimes against the Negroes
From the year 1948 onward, the struggle of the Negroes in America to obtain the rights specified in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights continues. During the period in which the newspapers report these issues, one can see that the life of the Negroes in America had no similarity whatsoever with that of the whites, Negroes' churches, cemeteries, hotels, cafes, trains, schools, and localities, were separate from those of the whites. Even if the whites wanted to experiment a drug or a surgical operation, they used to carry it out on the blacks. Their reason for doing so was that the Negroes are physically stronger and can endure the pains better. See, presently this nation is the `standard-bearer' or `champion' of the human rights, yet it acts in such a way.
In the year 1954, that is thirty years ago, the U.S. Supreme Court, under the pressure of the public opinion advocating the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, issued a verdict that these disparities (segregations) must be abolished, that is, the trains, cars, and everything else should be jointly used and the Negroes should also have the right to use these means (of transportation). Before that day; if a negro boarded the bus of the whites, they would try him, or if black ambassadors or guests from Africa went to America and entered the hotel of the whites, the whites would not let them in.
During the same period, in the State of Alabama, a university student called Atrin Lucy went to the university of the whites and had his name registered for admission. When he entered the university, one thousand students demonstrated against him and against the head of the university. They put so much pressure on the university that it finally expelled the Negro student. This was the culture of the Americans. Even the young university students could not tolerate this way of thinking (equality). Among the events related to Alabama and published in the newspapers, was the following incident. A negro who had shown boldness for having some deserving rights was severely beaten by the whites. While he was being beaten, a smartly-dressed lady, who carried along her dog with a gold chain and who had her child in a baby pram, came forward after she had seen the episode and got informed of the matter. The people wondered to see what she wanted to do. She took her child out of the pram and, before the astonished eyes of the on-lookers, rubbed the face of the negro with the child's feet, so that the honour of hitting a Negro could be obtained by her child. It has repeatedly happened that a Negro has been tried for having gone to a coffee-house of the whites. This law has been abolished some twentyodd years ago. Even when the buses for the Negroes and whites became one, if a white entered the bus while a Negro was sitting down, the latter had to get up and offer his seat to the white person. Even if an old Negro lady was sitting down and a young white person got on the bus, she had to get up and let the young white person sit on her seat, otherwise she would be tried.
Now the Americans, so-called advocates of the human rights are still behaving in this way. Only the appearance and surface of the things has changed now. It is not that people should think that the Americans have resolved the problem of racial discrimination.
This struggle continued until the year 1961 and climaxed twenty three years ago. The Negroes felt they were under pressure and so they resorted to weapons. Numerous reports were published that in Harlem District, Mississippi, Alabama, and some Southern States of America, the Negroes were procuring weapons. The slogan for establishing a, `Negro republic' was raised in America, because a large population of Negroes live there. About eleven per cent of the people are Negroes, that is, about twenty-five million Negroes, most of whom live in Southern States. These Negroes wanted to set up a `Negro republic'. But the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which was used to deceive the world, was also used as a political weapon in America to control the intense negro uprisings.
"Walter Liedmann", who is a powerful American analyst, wrote an article in which he made an analysis which suddenly moved America. In this article, he analyzed the history of India and said that it was the very racial discrimination in India which led to the separation of Pakistan from India. He added that he was repeatedly seeing the reminiscences of India in America. He made certain citations and influenced the public opinion of the conservative class. They decided to administer another narcotizing injection to the Negroes. At this point, the Democratic Party of America, headed by Kennedy, entered the arena to give rights to the Negroes. In the year 1961, the Negroes staged a demonstration of 200,000 strong moving from areas nearby towards Washington. Just see what happens when 200,000 Negroes set out for Washington! To bluff them, discussions on equality were carried out in the Congress. Kennedy made statements which are very expressive. He said: Statistics indicate that in our country today, when a negro child is born, as compared with a white child, he has half of the chances of the white one to finish high school. And he has ore-third of the chances of the white (when grown up) to enter the university, and one-third of the chances of the white one to find an appropriate job. This is the justice prevalent twenty-two years ago in the American society which treats the people of the entire world in this manner in the name of human rights. Apparently Kennedy put a lot of pressure (for the rights of Negroes). When his bill was passed several years later (after his death), the Americans called that day which was Monday "the Black Monday." A little later, an American research magazine published the statistics related to the mode of living of the Negroes and the whites. It proved that if the American people wanted to live under the same conditions, with which the Negroes live in Harlem District, the entire population of America could live in half of the city of New York. See, the magazine proved this with statistics, and if the reality had proved otherwise, it (the magazine) would have been put on trial. It indicated how many Negroes lived under one roof, and how much food and protein they consumed. It also showed how much clothing they wore, how much medicine they took, how many hospital (rooms) they occupied, how much area for education and athletics or sports they occupied. It made many acts of comparison between various things and cases, stating that this is the actual situation. In New York, there is a district called Harlem where the Negroes live. The magazine said this is the condition of how they lived in the capital and the centre of America. If the entire two hundred and twenty million population of America wanted to live in this way, the whole population could be accommodated in only one-half of New York city. These are the conditions of the Americans. The pressure of public opinion and Soviet Propaganda (of course, the soviets constitute another part of this discussion, as the white Russians commit numerous crimes against the republics under their rule especially Armenia, Georgia, and Azerbaijan and their peoples) is great in this regard. They have used the issue as a weapon and constantly set it forth until the situation has been a bit modified and has reached the state we are now witnessing.

The Crimes of the Americans All Over the World
In addition to the above-mentioned facts about the issue, America perpetrates crimes in Africa. In South Africa, four or five million whites rule with the law of the jungle over more than twenty million blacks. Or the regime of Rhodesia, for tens of years, committed all those crimes against thousands of blacks. Or in the continent of Africa, all these crimes are perpetrated. Besides, other crimes are committed in East Asia against the yellow race. The Americans are responsible for all the crimes committed by the white race all around the world. The fact is not that their crimes are limited to only America itself.
I want to say that the Americans, who have a human rights organization and a committee for human rights, immediately hold a meeting and issue a declaration whenever they want to suppress a country and a revolution and say such a number of prisoners exist and so much torture occurs in this country. They treat their own people and fellow-countrymen in this way. The crimes committed all around the world during these two or three centuries can be ascribed to these people of the white race.
Now I am saying a few words about Islam, so that you could see how much Islam differs from those white people. Let the world and the coloured-skinned people listen to these wards. The Islamic Republic of Iran which proclaims the right of the deprived, holds behind it the bright history and precious examples and precedents from the Holy Qur'an and from the life of the Holy Prophet (S) of Islam. It can truly claim justice. Let us go back to 1400 years when the Holy Prophet (S) during the last period of Jahiliyyah (ignorance), in 'the Arab society, had implemented certain principles and concepts which even today the White House and Washington do not have the power to carry out. Bilal al-Habashi was a famous Muslim figure. He was a slave and clerk to a well-off lady and was undergoing continual torture. The Prophet (S) ordered Abu Bakr to buy him and set him free. "Adam Metes", is a German writer, writes the following in his book: "The Holy Prophet was so successful in breaking the spell of racial discrimination when he chose Bilal Al-Habashi as a member of the six-or seven-man supreme council which he had established to run the affairs of the country."
Today, after the lapse of 1400 years, these men now want to claim giving (people) equal rights, but in the way you witness now.
Bilal Al-Habashi truly has a brilliant history. When he became a Muslim, he was severely tortured and told to give up the religion communicated by the Prophet Muhammad (S) (i.e. Islam) because Bilal was not from a specific tribe and had no support and refuge. They did this to create fear and instill terror into the hearts of others who had newly become Muslims. One of these types of torture was that the dignitaries of Makkah used to lay him on the hot and burning lands of desert around Makkah. They used to place large hot stones on his chest, and greatly heated iron wires on his body. Instead of screaming of pain caused by the severity of the tortures, this strong man cried out, "Ahad, Ahad (One, One)"calling to Oneness of Allah. Making use of the personality which Allah has vested in the nature of all human beings, Bilal, a black man from Abyssinia (Ethiopia), reached such a status and rank that the Prophet (S) of Islam made him the official mu'adhdhin of the country.
After the demise of the Prophet (S), when Bilal did not accept to become the mu'adhdhin for the first Khalifah (Caliph), a great political blow was dealt to the First Caliph himself. This speaks of the personality of a black individual which had elevated to such a high status.
This is Islam, and its criterion is taqwa (God-fearing, obedience to Allah, and piety) as it is emphasized in the Qur'an which says:
"O mankind! Surely We have created you of a male and a female, and made you nations and tribes that you may know one another; surely the most honourable of you with Allah is the most pious, God fearing and obedient to Allah among you ..." (49: 13)
Taqwa is the axis around which every value revolves, and on which superiority and honourability depend. When the dignitaries of Makkah protested to the Prophet (S) saying, "You have favoured this black man, Bilal with his bad voice, more than any of us, then how could we gather around you?" The Holy Prophet (S) said:
"I have not favoured him. Rather Allah has favoured him, for he has embarked on Jihad while you have not."
This is the glory of Islam and honour of Muslims. But we will not allow the false proclaimers of human rights, who have committed so many crimes, and who, beside their White House, shout the slogan that "the good Red Indian is the dead one", and who faint in the court while trying a white man on charge of beating a black one, to become the standard-bearers of human rights and to send the message for the observance of human rights to the Islamic Republic of Iran and to other Islamic countries.
[1] The complete text of the Declaration of Human Rights has been given at the end of the book.

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