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The Method Adopted by the Islamic Conquerors

By: Hojjat al-Islam Hashemi Rafsanjani
Just compare this policy with that adopted by Islam. Unfortunately, we cannot use as a basis the history of Islam in the Abbasid and Omayyad eras because they were not true Muslims. Still one could compare a little just because they bore the name of Islam. Firstly, you can use as a basis the period of the Holy Prophet (S) and the first four caliphs in the first forty or fifty years after the emergence of Islam. Nowhere in history you would see them enriching Madinah while devastating another part of the world. During the first forty to fifty years of the history of Islam, the financial position of the people of Madinah was always worse than that of the people of areas which they conquered. There is no such policy in Islam as to take away the possessions of others and to use them up for a particular people or region.
Once in these khutab I have mentioned that when they overtook the' 'Hawazin’, after the conquest of Makkah and obtained much wealth, the Prophet distributed all of it among the people of Hawazin and returned to Madinah empty-handed. He told the Ansar to let them return with booty, while they return having the satisfaction of Allah (SWT).
There is no such thing as enriching the centre of the Islamic government at the cost of plundering other nations. They deem this a sin. Even during the Omayyad era when they were only Muslims for the name-sake, you do not see such a pillage for Damascus. You do not see such crimes that the Westerners have committed to enrich Europe, even during the Abbasid Caliphate in Baghdad; although they were not real Muslims yet, even the name of Islam was itself a barrier against committing such acts. If the peoples and nations enjoy certain blessings, Islam wants them to continue having possession of these for themselves. Islam has condemned pillage, robbery, treachery, oppression, exploitation, and colonialism.

Today with Its Black Record, Europe Claims to Advocate Human Rights vis-a-vis Islam
This is Islam and that is the behaviour of Europe, which now advocates human rights, justice, and civilization vis-a-vis the Islamic movement. They impudently challenge the Islamic Republic and the Islamic movement. They believe that they can deceive and prevent the people from realizing the truth by using empty words and claims, which have been amply proven as lies in the course of history. The summary of my statements in this part of the discussion, is that in our approach towards other nations, we are far removed from the racist European ideology. We are even diametrically opposite to each other. Islam's social justice concerning materialistic and spiritual issues has been well laid down, and fixed by the Divine creation and Allah's will. The arrogant movement of the white race is a matter whose signs can be seen all over the world. Our viewpoint is that the only way to confront so much oppression, and to free humanity from the centuries-long historical injustice, is to revive Islam and to rejuvenate the spirit of taqwa, virtue, morality, and humanitarian Islamic principles, so that the foundations of people's lives would be strengthened. Then we could correctly approach other nations for the implementation of justice.

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