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Let the Church Bells Ring for the Deprived People of the World

December 23, 1979
Imam Khomeini gave the following message on the occasion of Christmas. In this message, the Imam once again seriously condemns the U.S. government’s policy of criminal interference in the affairs of other countries and particularly, Iran. The Imam, in quoting some verses from the Qur’an and the Bible invites all of the Christians of the world, especially the Christian leaders and priests to support the rights of the deprived nations.
In the Name of God the Merciful, the Compassionate
O ye who believe! Always stand up for God, bearing witness with justice, and let not hatred of a people incite you not to act equitably. Act ye equitably that is nearer to piety. Fear ye God. Verily God is aware of what ye do. (5:8)
Blessed are they who hunger and thirst for justice, for they shag be filled. (Mathew, 5)
Blessed are those who endeavor for justice for theirs is the kingdom of Heaven. (Mathew, 5)

On the blessed occasion of Christmas, the birthday of Jesus Christ, the most respected Prophet who was appointed by God to support the oppressed and establish justice and mercy and through his divinely inspired words and angelic deeds, condemn oppressors and tyrants and support the oppressed, deprived and abased people, I offer my greetings to all of the Oppressed nations of the world, Christian nations and Christians of Iran and the rest of the world.
Fathers of the Church, O Christian clergy, and followers of Jesus Christ arise! Rise up and support the oppressed and deprived people of the world who have been seized by the claws of the arrogant. Let your church bells for once ring for the Oppressed people of Iran and for the, denunciation of the oppressors so that God's will be done and the edicts of Jesus Christ be obeyed. Carter, the leader of the oppressors of the world, has demanded that church bells throughout America, ring for the sake of spies against the oppressed people of Iran. It would be appropriate if you rang the church bells by the command of God and the edict of Jesus Christ for the deprived nations whose existence has fallen under the boots of Carter's executioners.
Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for justice, who are trying to establish justice. Woe be unto those who, contrary to the edicts of Jesus Christ and all the prophets, labor on behalf of the oppressors and spies and trample on the rights of nations. .
Nations and disciples of Jesus Christ, the spirit of God, arise! Rise and defend the honor of Jesus Christ and Christian nations. Do not allow your enemies to misuse the divine teachings and oppose heavenly decrees and misrepresent Christian nations and Christian spiritual leaders to the oppressed nations of the world.
Do not be deceived by the presence of the super-powers in churches and their praying for spies and traitors, who oppose the oppressed and deprived peoples. Their only thought is greater power and attaining leadership of the world which is in contrast to the divine teachings. Our nation has for years suffered in anguish from the hypocrisy of oppressors.
Nations of Christ! Ask yourself why it is that Mr. Carter did not pray and did not ask that church bells ring for the massacres in Iran, Vietnam, Palestine and Lebanon and other areas? But now, in order to be re-elected as President of the U.S. and in order to continue several more years of oppression against weaker nations, he prays and asks that the church bells ring out.
Fathers of the Church, arise! Rise and release Jesus Christ from the claws of these executioners because that great prophet resents the oppressor who uses religion as a means of oppression, who prays to ascend to the throne of oppression, who oppresses humanity. All divine teachings, descended from Heaven, are to save the oppressed peoples.
All deprived people of the world, arise! Rise and unite. Push the oppressors off the stage because the earth belongs to God and the deprived are its inheritors.
American people! Do not listen to the propaganda of Presidents because their only thought is to attain power. Rest assured that our youth treat the spies fairly because Islam commands one to have mercy upon captives, even if they are oppressors or spies.
American people! Demand Carter to hand over the criminal, the deposed shah, to Iran. He is the key to the release of the spies. Christians! Pray and ring your church bells and ask God to render your Presidents with justice and equity. Blessed are those who seek and pray for justice.
Peace be upon you, and the Mercy and Blessings of God.

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