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Everything Related to Jesus Christ was a Miracle

December 27, 1979
Imam Khomeini met with six Christian priests who had come to Iran to visit the hostages. At this meeting, Dr. Thomas Ericks, Georgetown University professor of Middle Eastern history, thanked the Iranian people for their hospitality. He said they had gone to the Behesht-i-Zahra Cemetery in Tehran to pray for the late Ayatollah Taleqani and the martyrs of the Iranian Revolution. He went on to say that he prayed to God to guide them to find other ways to face the present crisis in order to turn the current confrontation into cooperation. While humanity is going towards violence and war, the way of God is pointed towards peace and forgiveness. The Imam, in reply made the following comments.
In the Name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate
Greetings to all the oppressed nations of the world, the Christian nations, and our Christian compatriots on the occasion of Christmas. Everything relating to Jesus Christ was a miracle. It was a miracle that he was born of a virgin mother. It was a miracle that he spoke in his cradle. It was a miracle that he brought humanity peace, happiness and spirituality. All the prophets were miracles, and they came to shape humanity. They all want humanity to take the straight, divine path, and for .everyone to live in peace, happiness and fraternity.
The people of the world are today afflicted by the great satanic powers who prevent the teachings of the prophets from being realized. The Christian clergy have many peculiarities, as the super-powers are Christians or lay claims to Christianity. In contradiction to the words of God the Almighty, the super-powers act against Jesus Christ's teachings. According to the teachings of Christ and Almighty God, the Christian clergy have a duty to wage a spiritual war against the superpowers who act contrary to the way of the prophets and the way of Christ.
You went to Behesht-i-Zahra and saw some of the martyrs’ graves. Wherever you go in Iran, you will see such graves. You have not seen our wounded. Everywhere in Iran you will see people who have lost their limbs or have been injured under the old regime and are unable to lead normal lives. I wish you Christian clergymen could stay in Iran for a while and travel to various towns, villages and hamlets to see the results of the crimes committed by the deposed shah who was Supported by American presidents. I wish you could go and see the crimes of those imposed on us by U.S. presidents.
But you can see what they did to our youths in underground cells just because our youth wanted independence for the country. Time is lacking now for even a brief account of the crimes they committed against our youths. Suffice it to say that they amputated the limbs of many of our youths, they charred or broiled many others, and cut off the limbs of many children in front of their parents so that the parents would confess. They did things which it would be shameful to tell. They did all this on the grounds that they were commissioned by the big powers, that they had a mission to fulfill in this country.
They committed crimes here and put the blame on the U.S. government for what they did. They did things to foul the name and holiness of Jesus Christ in the eyes of the people. Christian clergymen have a responsibility to rescue Jesus from this entanglement to which your presidents have brought him. Jesus looks to Christian clergymen and scholars. He is looking at you with intent eyes to see what you will do with these cruel people who acted like this towards others.
Have you ever brought up or discussed such crimes in your churches? Has the Pope ever done anything about these crimes? Has the Pope condemned us because we have kept the hostages? Does the Pope know what jobs these people had? Is it in keeping with the dignity of a clergyman to condemn an oppressed nation? Would it be justified to condemn a nation which was under the yoke of governments which only apparently adhered to Christianity? Did any person among the Christian clergy ever protest against the cruel crimes which were committed in Iran?
On the occasion of the birthday of Jesus Christ, we wrote an article about the crimes which had been committed in Iran, but to our regret we heard that the Pope would not approve the printing of our article. Why should the Christian clergy have such an attitude towards the oppressed peoples?
Why should the followers of the gospel of the Lord Jesus condemn us, and why should they be biased towards acts of cruelty? Are you not aware that they have plundered the wealth of this country? And that they have left behind a hungry nation? Do you not know that they subjected this nation to oppression and torture over a period of 50 years and that they robbed her whole wealth to pay the big powers? Does the Christian clergy not know that in blatant violation of the teachings of the prophets and of Jesus, Mr. Carter has frozen the assets of Iran in all banks? Do you realize how they want to exert pressure on an oppressed nation? Do you know that by his proposal for economic sanctions, Mr. Carter intends to kill a nation of 35 million by starvation.
Is the Pope aware of all this or has he been misinformed about events in Iran? If he is, it is a misery -for us, for the Christian world and for the Christian clergy, and if he is not, it is a disgrace for the Vatican. Why should you people who have come here not give an account of the issues here as you see them? Would the Vatican not rely on your words? Would the Vatican only accept reports from the big powers?
Are you aware of the U.S. mass media's war against us? Do you realize that all this propaganda in the United States is precisely against the demands of the oppressed people in the world? But you say it is not your responsibility to prevent all this misleading propaganda. The Pope apparently is not responsible for checking the acts of those who are waging war against us with their pens and by other practical means. If this is not his responsibility, then whose is it? Whoever on the earth should propagate Christianity? Whose duty is it to teach people the gospel?
But the sufferings here are varied and many and time is lacking for us to investigate the pains and afflictions of the oppressed nation. But I would like to send a message to the American nation, to the clergy in the United States and to the Christian clergy through you. I call on you all to save Christianity, to save the oppressed masses now, at this moment when the Messiah and Christianity are facing a challenge and so is the Pope.
On this holy day, which should be a day of peace, the U.S. president has started wars everywhere. He suppresses the oppressed while the Christian clergy are silent onlookers. May God Almighty save mankind from the evils of those who act against the Divine teachings, against the teachings of the Kingdom of Heaven and may God Almighty rescue the oppressed from the claws of the oppressors.
Peace be upon you, and the Mercy and Blessings of God.

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