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Mesum-e-Tammar who sacrificed his life praising Imam Ali (A.S.)

Janab Mesum-E-Tammar was a sahabi of Imam Ali (A.S). His Kunniyath was Abu Salem. He use to sell dates and on this account he was known as Mesum-e-Tammar (tammar means dates). He was a great disciple of Imam Ali (A.S). Imam Ali (A.S.) educated him with many secrets of the faith. At times , Mesum used to tell the people the deep secrets learnt by him.
It was predicted by our Maula that he (Mesum) would be hanged on account of his love for his master. He was told that he would be hanged in a farm next to the house of Amr lbn Huraith. The tree on which he would be hanged was the smallest of the ten trees existing in the farm at that time. Mesum was also informed that his tongue would be cut out because he would not stop praising his master [Hazrat Ali (A.S.)].
Mesum then went to perform Hajj and there after returned to Koofa. One-day lbn Ziad, the Governor of the place, called him and asked him in the Court, "Oh Mesum! I've heard that you're a companion of Ali! when Mesum replied in affirmative then Ubaidullah bin Ziyad said to Mesum to disown Imam Ali (A.S). Ibn Ziad then asked him. "Did your master tell you anything about your end?" Mesum replied, "Yes. He informed me that I would be hanged and that my tongue would be cut. lbn Ziad sent a roar of laughter and said, "I will see that your master did not tell you the truth. I will see that his prophecy is belied. Mesum said, "My master's words are true because he got that information from God. The Prophet was informed by Jibrael and Jibrael came with the message of Allah." Ibn Ziad ordered Mesum to be jailed. Mesum escaped from jail and joined Mukhtar. Mukhtar had risen in revolt to avenge the massacre of Karbala. Discussions took place between Mukhtar and Mesum. Revenge was planned. But Mesum was caught by the order of Ibn Ziad and was ordered to be hanged.
Mesum was brought to the same tree to be hanged as pointed out by Hazrat Ali (A.S.). Ibn Ziyad ordered the police to tie Mesum to the date-palm trunk near the house of Amru bin Huraith. He ordered them to cut off his hands and legs. Mesum began singing the praises of his master, and about a thousand people gathered to see Mesum being hanged. Even after being hanged, the tongue of Mesum went on singing the praises of Hazrat Ali (A.S.). Ibn Ziad was informed about this and the tyrant ordered to cut off Mesum's tongue. Mesum said: "Amirul Mu'mineen has told me about that". They cut off his tongue. and another man stabbed him with a sword. Thus, this mujahid's life was put out like a candle! and thus the prophecy of Hazrat Ali (A.S.) came true and Mesum died after his tongue was cut out.

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