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A Glimpse at Western World Disasters

Hojjat al-Islam Hashmi Rafsanjani
Former President of Islamic Republic of Iran
Friday Prayer Sermon 11: (December 14, 1984)

Two issues of the afore-cited magazine deal with inner family relations in terms of the conditions of children, and one issue deals with the conditions of women, who have run away from their families due to corruption or sufferings arising out of the family environment, and who have become entrapped in women shelters in West Germany. The statistics presented in these issues are really horrible. Regarding the conditions of children, Der Spiegel has made analyses and reached the conclusion that sexual relations and sexual morality have been on such a decline in the Western societies, America, Europe, and its satellites, that the search for a variety of sexual satisfactions on the part of the pleasure-seekers and on the part of those, who do not have enough money to benefit from the sources of pleasure for themselves, has led them to satisfy themselves by sexually manipulating their own children. The worst victims of this abominable sex activity in the Western world are the small children of the families of the Europeans themselves. The statistics which I will present are drawn out from Der Spiegel and show just a small fraction of the disasters in the Western world. With regard to the situation of children in America, this magazine writes the following:
"In every two minutes, one child is raped. Each day, 720 small children - mostly small girls - are subjected to this intolerable oppression through this corrupt channel."
The Newsweek, which is an American magazine, has put the figure as twice (this number) and has reported that 500,000 children are annually raped in America. The magazine cites an example noting that in ten years, some 125 two-year old kids have been raped by their instructors and teachers in a small kindergarten in California.
Now do we think that these people constitute a comfortable society? What I have pointed out has been extracted from Der Spiegel, No. 52, dated December 26, 1983 about America.

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